Christina Aguilera is cleavagey

September 2nd, 2008 // 64 Comments

Christina Aguilera took her breasts out for a walk today while visiting in New York City. Last night she cleverly used infant son Max Liron to ward off paparazzi. I feel sorry for the kid but not because he’s a human shield. The little tyke must sit around all day staring at his parents, thinking “How the hell do I even exist? These two? Intercourse? Ha! I’m adopted. Oh, shit, she’s trying to suffocate me with her chest balloons again. For the last time I’m lactose intoler- help! Oxygen low… Brain cells fading… NASCAR suddenly more interesting….”


  1. britney's ham sammich


  2. rough daddy

    Fugly dudes get all the hot chicks! shes so annoying with that baby…

  3. sissy

    she looks like an insect with those shades

  4. John McCain

    Oh lordy lordy this one’s go even bigger bazooms!


    Whoops, I just crapped my pants again…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. ritzy

    jevus lmao. those are fkn hugee

    aww her child is so cutee :)

  6. Bigheadmike

    My likey to licky…. All over…

  7. MeLikee

    Wow. Perfect to play slip-n-slide with a pearl necklace as the prize!

  8. bigSTEAMYone

    oh man , i need some cookies to go with all dat milk .

  9. rough daddy

    yeah superfish id like to know the motive behind her bangang that jordan barffman!

  10. havoc

    Nice tits.


  11. Ted Mosby

    I wonder if Christina heeded the peditrician’s warning: A glass of silicone a day and there will be hell to pay.

  12. cyelsm

    you men are so jealous. maybe if you got off the net sometimes you could hook a beauty…… then again maybe not.

  13. JM

    She’s slowly turning into bizarro Elvira.

  14. Racer X

    She looks like she’s done a Brazzers scene.

    /I’d it it

  15. CaptainMorgan

    Anyone seen her WITHOUT makeup? Holy shit, it’s disgusting! Ruined her forever! WOULD NOT WANT TO WAKE UP TO THAT!!!

  16. Ted from LA

    If she had big red shoes on she’d be the perfect clown.

  17. Solaera

    Ugh. I am so over ridiculously huge fake tits.

  18. Sarah Palin

    Christina needs to wake up, drop that baby off with his dad, and return to 100% commitment to her career above all else.

  19. Christina is “cleavagy” thanks to the help of breast implants…weeeee

  20. Deacon Jones


    there’s a photo making the rounds of Palin dressed in a short leather skirt, open blouse, holding a glass of wine, with 6” pumps on. It looks legit, see if you can find it.

    The McCain campaign must be shitting their pants right now

  21. Miss Kitty

    Orange face…. white body?!?!?!?

  22. One-hand Rand

    #21 – I’ve seen it. Very obvious photoshop. People need to be much more patient. I’m sure we’ll see swimsuit stuff soon enough.

  23. X

    the pics with her hold her son with the TONED down makeup is such an improvement, but the first pics of her alone in that skankey dress doesn’t suit her.

    WHY does she wear so much makeup anyways? What is she hiding? You would think with the money she has should would invest makeup lessons or something. I’ve seen no name losers who were on a budget wear their makeup so much better than her.

    She would get so much more respect if she didn’t wear so much actually like in the older days when she was bubbly.

  24. Jebus, the chick behind her in the purply shirt can’t even look at her, she’s going to walk into a potted plant or fall into a manhole if she doesn’t open her eyes soon.

    Though they both look like they’ve fallen in a few before..

  25. She looks like something that Tex Avery might have created but she didn’t buy those chest ballons to keep them hidden. I can smell the burnt rubber all the way over here.

  26. Yea - blah blah

    what a great mom she will be………..and a bright and shining example to young tramps everywhere

  27. HankTheDwarf

    I think I see some blue veins. Gross.

    Hey girls, veiny tits = barf.

  28. the real deal

    what i would do to those titties

  29. britney's weave

    ew ew EW look at her leg in pic four!!! and how did tara reid get into pic five?

  30. Jess

    I LOVE Christina….she seems to be such a good mom, and really down to earth…but she is also smoking hot!!!

  31. Both_candidates_suck

    She looks gorgeous in the bottom pictures, with less makeup and lack of cleavage on display…she is so pretty, I don’t understand why she insists on looking like a tranny 99% of the time, like in the top pictures.

    But she has already weaned off of that ridiculous red lipstick, so maybe her new role as a mom can inspire some more beauty changes!

  32. ldsqtbea

    whats wrong with her legs .. and why do girls insist on parting their hair straight down the middle … ewww

  33. witchbitch

    that’s right SUPERFISH, NASCAR is for retards.


    Personally speaking I hope she breast feeds until the kid hits college…

  35. LL

    She looks like the anti-Elvira. Not necessarily a compliment. The giant hooters are compelling, though. I’m a chick and almost can’t look away. Almost.

  36. Teknicl

    OMG!!! Christina is a goddess. She is definitely the type of women you start a family with because she obviously loves skin deep and not by appearance judging by her mans strange looks.

  37. venomhed

    God she is hot! What a rippin’ body for a MILF!

    Too bad she likes ugly Jews. Wait, that’s a bit redundant, there is no such thing as a good looking jew or black guy.

  38. dreamns

    She is so hot . Seems I still saw her on the celebrities-club……last week.

  39. Brandi

    She looks so pretty in the last two pictures, how rare to see her without full makeup on. I’ve been a Christina fan for almost ten years and those last two pics remind me of her look when she released her first album :)

  40. jesus christ

    I’d like her better if her implants weren’t so hard-looking! Meh.

  41. dany

    What is with the hair color she looks so cheap I guess she needs something to distract from that little rat face she has.

  42. JM

    #36, please refer to #13.

  43. LL

    RE 43. JM – September 2, 2008 11:08 PM

    #36, please refer to #13.

    Eh, great minds and all that. Mine’s funnier. IMO.

  44. Bob White

    Great body but whats up with the overdone make-up, fried hair and godawful red lips? She looks hard and mean.

    As for as the face is concerned she is an equal with her husband….they both resemble rats.

  45. Narcissist

    I like the minidress on Christina better than those fugly stretch pants she was wearing, and even that sack in the lower pics, but she still has wardrobe problems. Seems likeshe always has.
    Her friend back there just needs pants, tablecloth, anything that will cover those legs.

  46. poor kid looks like his dad…

  47. tc

    She knows she looks like a prostitute, right ?

  48. Sexx

    I loved it when Christina sexualized her baby boy’s circumcision on the Ryan Seacrest show and talked about having penis-shaped balloons at her son’s circumcision. (If you don’t believe that something this sick could actually exist in pop culture, look it up.) It made me look at my own penis scarline and imagine her licking around it and talking about how glad she is that I have a big clipped dick just like her little boy. I imagine her sucking my big circumcised mushroom cockhead and talking about her clit getting hard as she watched her baby boy getting strapped down and getting his dick clipped without anesthetic. Christina obviously thinks this is very hot, and I definitely agree with her.

  49. joey budumeos_cakca


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