Christina Aguilera to perform at VMAs, possibly feud with Britney

September 5th, 2008 // 50 Comments

Christina Aguilera has been confirmed as a performer for the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. This will be her first major performance since giving birth to baby Max Liron, according to OK! Magazine:

“I’m very excited,” said Christina about the news, which was announced at a press conference at Paramount Studios in L.A. Refering to her 8-month-old son Max Liron, Xtina said, “This will be his first time watching me perform on television, but only for a little while because he’s not really allowed to watch television yet. I’ll make an exception for the VMAs.”

Britney Spears is opening the VMAs and, word has it, MTV tried to keep Christina Aguilera’s appearance a secret from her to prevent reigniting their long-dead feud. Then again, it wouldn’t be much of a fight considering Christina hasn’t been deemed legally retarded by the state of California, and Britney ate a bowl of wax fruit yesterday. True story.

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  1. Dave

    first oh yeah

  2. Spanky

    Maybe they’ll do a 69 on stage. That would be cool.

  3. Vote for me. I’m a radical Marxist.

  4. BadCopNoDonut

    She’s actually married to that greaseball?

  5. Hankster

    Remember when Britney was on queen, and Christine was the wannabee?

    Oh, how fortunes have changed…

  6. dianne

    she looks good!

  7. Has Christina even had a hit song since she was 16?

  8. ktb

    she’s always had more talent, and will be around long after Britney is committed.

  9. She’s so pretty, but sometimes her makeup is a bit much.

  10. Ted Mosby

    I just wish she weren’t with the Sasquatch.

  11. JJ Daddy-O

    Jeez, Christina is the original “Hot Chick With Douche Bag”. Does that guy own anything besides t-shirts and baggy-ass jeans? Is she that afraid of competition or something? It must be lurve, I guess.

  12. Skank fight! The only thing better than a good old fashioned white trash skank fight is a good old fashioned white trash NAKED skank fight! Weeeeeeeee!

  13. Lou

    She’ll crush Brit with her mighty boobs! Nhammmy!

  14. ew

    rat face tranny

  15. ldsqtbea

    the only thing i like are her shoes … that bag is hideous

  16. havoc

    Great tits…..


  17. rough daddy

    the kid is not allowed to watch tv? thats going to make a difference? why dont you stop biting off madona…

  18. AJ

    There’s the talented Christina looking like a man in drag with her big ugly hard breast implants, porn star bleached hair, and thunder thighs.

  19. LL

    Christina Aguilera can look attractive. Why does she insist on looking like a tranny (no offense to actual trannys, it works for them)?

    Whatever else happens, I can tell you one thing for sure: there will be a lot of fugly-ass skankwear on display that night.

  20. Mia

    It is sad to see a talented female dress like she has no talent.

  21. Right Fury

    She is the reward that frodo got for saving middle earth.


  22. Lola

    God she’s so fucking ugly. Her HUGE fake boobs are disgusting. Such a hypocrite while she’s married that that fucking down-wards mouth baboon. She’s a great singer with a great voice. That’s about all she has going for herself.
    The tranie look is old and I’m sick of looking at fake boobs. HUGE, disgusting, ugly fake ass boobs.


  24. @21 – You can say “fuck” online. No one will get mad at you.


    The Internet

    PS >> There’s only one “r” in Barack.

  25. tp

    Dear Christina:

    We want our lipstick back.


    The 80′s

  26. barf

    I HATE bow legged women!
    perfect bow for my arrow

  27. mike

    Why is her small waist all the way up to under her breast?
    Isn’t the waist suppose to be lower?
    Weird bod

  28. NY Ted

    Cripes…if she “pumps” up those tits any bigger…they are going to fucking explode and people will think Al Queda has struck again…!!

  29. jojo

    She looks like a two buck hooker! My god, What a cunt she is!

  30. Paolo Maldini

    Where is Christina? All I see is Brooke Hogan or her mom. Im not sure which one it is.

    Thank you.

  31. Taff

    she looks good…and Christina was never a wannabe…she was always a woman of certain style and nature of her own…I think Christina looks great and I can’t wait to see her perform Sunday…
    no beef, I think they should do a DUET?!?
    (we can dream)

  32. race

    LOL at #25. Why does Christina and Gwen insist on wearing 10 lbs of makeup? They have such naturally pretty faces and yet they wear clown makeup all the time. I don’t get it.

  33. Racer X

    She’s bow-legged.

  34. Right Fury

    @The Internet

    I’m so glad al gore invented you! Why don’t you use your own google and Buck Farak? While you’re at it Buck yourself.

    Forever yours,
    Right Fury

  35. michele20

    #32 I totally agree with Christina wearing way too much make up, but Gwen can pull off that red lipstick look.

  36. Fat Old Fake Nasy Sings like a ...

    …you know. Why did she marry that ugly unhappy looking fuck anyway?

  37. @ Right Fury,

    Don’t talk to my fucking kid that way.

    Yours truly,


  38. dew

    I’m guessing she’s decent looking under the 100lbs of makeup and franken-boob bolt-ons, but why does she think she looks good? She looks like either a tranny with no taste, or a street-walker.

    People here that comment she looks good must need glasses, or haven’t gotten “any” in a few decades.

  39. missywissy

    I’m thinking Donatella Versace look-a-like


    a sexy clown

    Hire a stylist, really.

  40. bitemebitch

    Bow-legged or not, she would STILL kick that skank Britney’s ass, and at least Xtina can sing!!!!!!

  41. Mykul

    Lame, making up false stories I see. Pathetic, really.

  42. McCain/Palin 2008

    She is just so classless. All that make-up and bleached hair. Blech!

  43. San Marco

    I like the American prostitutes you advertise here on this site very much. But why no prices ?

    How much you charge for fuck?

    How much for bottom?

  44. Schuey

    What a strange article…wax fruit? WTF?

    I wish Xtina would LOOK in the mirror b4 she walks out the door. Her makeup looks so FUG!!! She is such a pretty girl w/o makeup, but freakin FUG with it.

  45. biatch

    wow, it looks like her husbands ugly stick has been smacking her over the head

  46. Jennie

    Britney rules and Christina drools!!! End of story!!!

  47. paul

    man, that guy stinks like a jew, is fucking ugly, and he turned Christina into a fucking prostitute. She got jewed out of a career in hollywood, and now has playboy written on her fake tits. STinking jews turning her into a blow up doll.

    I guess her jewish husband wants to make up for having a 2-inch cock.

  48. Angelique

    Christina is awesome and gorgeous! Britney is a tranny, white trash has been with mental problems and NO TALENT. Period!

  49. hakar
    Commented on this photo:

    christina aguilera ilove you sexi

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