Christina Aguilera to grant Jordan Bratman second chance at intercourse

December 4th, 2008 // 34 Comments

Seen here at the Grammy nominations concert, Christina Aguilera reveals in the latest issue of OK! Magazine that she’s ready to have a second baby. Apparently, Max Liron is “amazing” which everyone knows is Mommy code for “God, this kid is boring. Let’s try again and hope it’s a tail-baby!”:

Any plans for a sibling for Max?
I hope so. We definitely want to have another child. Having Max has been an amazing experience. He surprises me every day. In a year, he has grown so much, now he crawls and is starting to walk.
What makes your marriage work?
I have the most wonderful partner in Jordan. We make it a priority to work on our marriage. You have to take it seriously and respect each other and be a team. We always have date nights as well — it helps to keep the marriage alive after you have kids. My husband and I love to play board games together!

CHRISTINA: Alright, here’s the game plan: You can either masturbate into a turkey baster while watching Lord of the Rings – or we can play Monopoly.
JORDAN: Will you let me be the race car this time?
JORDAN: Damn! …. Turkey baster.

Photos: WENN

  1. Fluffy Butt

    then she said, “you have to keep things interesting. i comb his back hair while he fondles my ta-tas”

  2. dave

    i’d hit it first

  3. Bob

    Who would play board games with her? Unless maybe strip monopoly…

  4. souris

    That poor kid. He’s gonna be in therapy until he’s 80 once he gets his hands on photos of her from her “Stripped” phase….

    I have to admit, though. I’m impressed. It appears that she’s actually managed to learn to use words with more than one syllable!

  5. yoohoo

    It’s a sad, sad day when you learn Christina Aguilera has better relationship skills than your husband.

  6. mungo the toad boy

    What the freak is a “tail-baby”???

  7. havoc

    I wouldn’t mind shoot her a little baby batter at all….


  8. Rob

    wow, she is fucking ugly from the neck up. crosseyed

  9. Richard McBeef

    She actually doesn’t look that bad here. Which isn’t saying much because she usually looks like a bow legged tranny with way too much makeup. In these pics, she looks like bow legged tranny with a stylist.

  10. Getting sloppy seconds after that moleman? No thank you…

  11. Balls McCoy

    Dee Snider looks different with his hair pulled back.

  12. Those eyes! Oh my, those eyes!

  13. Me 2

    This is the first time she’s looked pulled together since she had that baby – and wasn’t that over a year ago now??

  14. robbus

    @8 and you must be fucking ugly from neck down. I’m pretty sure you have more attraction to donkey than to some gorgeous woman.

  15. robbus

    @8 and you must be fucking ugly from neck down. I’m pretty sure you have more attraction to donkey than to some gorgeous woman.

  16. Love the title of this post… hilarious!
    @Fluffy: good one! haha

  17. Pathetic Worm

    That’s one of them new-fangled retro iPods. I wonder where she keeps the handle to wind it up.

  18. Shawn

    Man, everybody’s always hatin’ on the Brat-man. In a Hollywood/music world full of guys shooting up things, sleeping with every tramp that walks by, running cars into things while drunk and/or high, and slapping their women around, Aguilera found one who is apparently not an asshole. I say more power to both of them.

  19. Girlz

    She doesn’t look like a transsexual anymore! And her nasty implants are gone?!?!

  20. agentgirl

    She just wants to keep her big boobs.

  21. Pilatunes

    Is there one singly part of Christina that is factory original? Anything? I’ve seen mannequins with more realistic faces.





  24. TheMunger

    Is that a nip on her right side? I mean WAYYYY out there to the right as in…”what’s wrong with that nipple?”

    tell me I’m not the only one who sees it there.

  25. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  26. HeavenScent

    I actually preferred her “Dirrty” phase it somehow seemed more realistic, or I guess creative, rather than the whole let’s-rip-off-old-hollwood glam-marilynish kind of stuff….but ecchhh I can see streaks in the spray tan and def some patches/gaps in that bleached mane…

  27. Chris

    Christina added that she and Jordan both love soup and snow peas, the outdoors, and talking and not talking. They could talk or not talk forever and still find things to not talk about.


  29. Janine

    Another hollywood celeb with scar tissue under her armpit from breast implants-I think she has had them removed.

  30. Janine

    Another Hollywood celeb with scar tissue under her armpits from breast implants-I think she has had them removed.

  31. B

    With her fame and money, and yes, manufactured looks she obviously could have done better in the looks department with a mate. Which is precisely why they might have a chance – there must have had some connection, and it’s not visible to the naked eye.

  32. what is wrong with her bangs

  33. what the heck ? i maybe one of christina aguiler`s greatest fans but i certainly point it out whenever i see her with lots of makeup or a bad dress or style but come on….she is beautiful here and she looks more pretty and more femminine and natural without those enormous boobs she had b4…but now just Glowing !! really! what the hell have you ppl got to say about this pic? she`s stunning here…why dont you look at you`r own reflection in you`re bedroom mirror you jelous freak ugly humans.

  34. Jared

    You and I could also have beautiful children together Christina! I consider myself to be a male version of yourself, attractive, sultry, sexy, green eyes, clean looking, smart. I can just imagine beautiful our daughter would be.if we had one.But if you must have another child with…..Him, lol at least have a girl this time so in 20 years we can see a beautiful version of you ;) Btw to all the haters on here, you are obviously jealous of a woman because she was able to make a good living off of her outstanding talent and because she is very attractive. Instead of posting comments showing your jealousy tell the truth and just say you’re jealous of her and her husband because he has her and you don’t! It’s obvious!

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