Christina Aguilera still has giant breasts

May 29th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Christina Aguilera performed for The Tonight Show last night and her breasts are still awesome which is extremely comforting to this writer. Sort of like when I was a small child and thought there was a monster under my bed until my dad would come in and say it’s just his girlfriend hiding from my mom so I should shut up or he’ll stab Santa Claus. Ha ha, dads.

EDIT: Because I’m so awesome, apparently these pics are from 2007. Last time I trust the British tabloids. But probably not.


  1. Aunt Jemima

    I’m a dude. -Christina Aguilera

  2. Krassy McKrass

    She could do with a smaller implant. When she was pregnant those babies made it look like she had an adam’s apple.

  3. Joe Fonebone

    Best news I’ve heard in a while. Huzzah!

  4. Whatever

    When women go to get implants they seem to lose control and always choose several sizes too large for their frames. Rarely will I see or feel a nice job that actually compliments the women’s body.

  5. Álvaro

    This pictures are from 2007…

  6. Is she offering free brest feedings? I’m thirsty…

  7. Jessica

    This is from 2007!! She was performing Candyman while promoting Back to Basics. Just saw the video on youtube. C’mon, a little more research please.

  8. Arska

    Still has giant plastic tits, to be more accurate.

  9. Well yes, when you pay a plastic surgeon to implant large silicon sacks into your chest, you’re breasts will continually be giant…

  10. Karri

    how do we know you’re telling us the truth when you give us pics from 2007??? hahaha

  11. I’ll say she does, my goodness

  12. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Why don’t you try watching The Tonight Show and you wold have known Prince was on last night you dumb ass. Tonight is Jay Leno’s last night as host after 17 years.

  13. Jim

    I wonder if she’s a reverse-racist Latina like Obama’s nominated token for the Supreme Court?

  14. She’s tastey. I’d make her legs go up like Lamborghini doors.

  15. Alli Watermelon

    Her implants weren’t even that big. It’s called a push up bra. They got HUGE and RIDICULOUS while she was pregnant…which she had no control of. She still has ugly upside down MEGAPHONE legs and wears enitrely too much make up. She looks better without it.

  16. CakeSnifferer

    How’d she sneak out of the house without No-Chin nipping at her heels?

  17. Randal

    Welcome back to The FISH Christina, for it’s been awhile since you made a post. Regardless of what folks have to say about you, it’s never been the shape of your body that caught the attention of the industry, but rather, your amazing and powerful voice. Keep singing those deadly tunes!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures this time with The FISH!


  18. CakeSnifferer

    Now that I think of it, it’s kind of funny that people knew in a flash not only that these shots were old, but also the source. Not that I don’t know a lot of useless crap too, just not this.

  19. Sport

    Nice rack but please bag the face.
    paper or plastic?

  20. It is refreshing to see that Christina’s talent is equally matched by her goddess like appearance.

  21. Lain

    I can’t tell. Looks like a new, small set of implants. Or they might be supported by a pushup bra. Judging by how tacky and trashy she is, they’re probably nasty implants.

  22. Tom K

    This is when she was hot!

  23. Sam

    She has wide hips and fat thighs now.

  24. mikeock

    Hey Christina – if you ever need an emergency titty fuck, call me.

  25. britneysucks

    Ugly worthless bitch who married a heinous Jew.

  26. jennie

    Remember this Christina….My favorite Christina.

  27. I'm gonna barf

    Her breasts are fake. Big deal. Now a days anyone can buy them. Just remember that there are little sacks with saline under her skin.

  28. blp

    Must be super drunk cuz I’d hit it

  29. Narcissist

    @ 19 – I would have known if it was from SNL 2000. That was a good one, but she looked about 13 yrs old.
    Cristopher Walken, Jenny Jones, More Cowbell.

  30. that’s why she chose a FAGGOT yo ne her husband.
    …………….THEY DO NOT CARE!!

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  32. Darth

    Is she still alive? Or has she retreated on a quiet Caribean Island with a bottle of booze?

  33. Gando

    Don’t forget the fingerless gloves!

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  35. Vanessa

    Her boobs don’t look like implants, they look like C cups in a push up bra. No big deal.

  36. Chery

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  37. yes it nice to see she still has her big breasts where did you expect them to go…except for being in my mouth?

  38. We’re working on it right now, trying to get me in more this season, get me on camera for some of the show.

  39. We’re working on it right now, trying to get me in more this season, get me on camera for some of the show.

  40. We’re working on it right now, trying to get me in more this season, get me on camera for some of the show.

  41. I refuse to tell most of what I know of intimate details about Christy and me. But let it be obvious she still can’t get through a week without calling either upon me or on me. I guess I still have it. I however branch out to other stars periodically. I’m open that way, and they love that in me. ‘m not conceeted seriously. Just honest about how I have it. Most don’t and I’m sad for those. But why waste it during my besg years.

  42. rocker

    Not only can she sing & dance, but look at her. The woman is captivating. She looks totally hot in the Candyman video.

  43. We’re working on it right now, trying to get me in more this season, get me on camera for some of the show.

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