Christina Aguilera shows off her belly

September 14th, 2007 // 156 Comments

Christina Aguilera was spotted grabbing dinner in Brenthood with her ogre of a husband last night and showed off her very pregnant belly. That’s right, her big beautiful bouncy bellies. Mmmmm. Wait, what? I mean, uh, she looks smart. I respect her for her mind.

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  1. BaldAsBritney

    I didn’t think manequins could reproduce.

  2. iPod

    sooo many comments on this one.

    BUT, oh my GHD are her breasts just not absoluly awesome.
    Like wow!
    Like really
    Like really
    Like nice
    Like to
    Like look
    Like at!!!!

  3. Voracious

    I hope she starts to cover up more. It is nauseating to hear some of the pervs on here comment about what they want to do to her breasts that are growing because SHE HAS A BABY IN HER STOMACH FROM HER HUSBAND.

    Is nothing sacred anymore?

  4. Xtina never learned a thing from Britney. Choose the career or the baby. Can’t have both in this line of work. No one wants their sexpots all stretched out.

    Party down and keep your youth, health and beauty:

  5. brandon

    i don’t think she’s pregnant. she’s just getting fat because that’s what britney did.

  6. Amanda

    very ugly whore but really nice voice that i really appreciate

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