Christina Aguilera shows off her belly

September 14th, 2007 // 156 Comments

Christina Aguilera was spotted grabbing dinner in Brenthood with her ogre of a husband last night and showed off her very pregnant belly. That’s right, her big beautiful bouncy bellies. Mmmmm. Wait, what? I mean, uh, she looks smart. I respect her for her mind.

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  1. Jimbo

    do you know anyone who dresses in a maid outfit. NO! not a woman. a man/it/thing. lookin for some seriously distrubing events to happen tonight….

  2. vItaly

    looks like she’s gonna be breastfeeding the child ’til he’s twelve or more

  3. Well, I’m a bit conflicted here.
    There’s # 43 Oink. Oink. As they say in the industry.
    But then there’s # 46. The eloquent ‘BunnyButt”s profound treatise on the conflict involved with modern day society’s relationship with modern day pop culture.
    To quote Bunnybutt
    ” Antonyms of superficial:
    discerning, penetrating, in-depth, deep, profound, 9-11 was an Inside job”

    Public at LARGE : Binky – that last quote seems to have been edited.
    Binky: Hummmm…reads ok to me….

  4. Veggi

    TT – u are a disgusting piece of shit. what is wrong with you. your myspace page is obscene. so are you. you are going to burn.

  5. Jessica

    It’s ridiculous how biased everyone is concerning certain celebrities. Everyone decided long ago that Christina is a tramp, so even when she is looking beautiful and has long ago cleaned up her act, people still can’t find anything nice to say.

    She doesn’t wear any more make-up than anyone else in Hollywood, yet for some reason she always gets picked on for it.

    Personally, I think she is a beautiful woman and will be a great mom :)

  6. natalieeeee(:<3

    awh shes soo beautiful. im happy for her :}

  7. Binky

    New Feature – Binky’s Cheat Sheet.
    (#44 Dan Aykroyd is probably an inside Canadian joke – for those of you keeping score at home.
    There was a story in the Globe and Mail ( Canadian newspaper) from a woman in Ontario who got a ride in the rain from actor / comedian (?) (!) Dan Aykroyd.
    She wrote she that didn’t want to get in his car when he identified himself.
    She didn’t know who Dan Aykroyd was – because she never read about him on ‘the superficial’)
    Cheat sheet over.
    Feel free to continue on with your lives.

  8. Binky

    You owe me a beer Dan

  9. Chauncey Gardner

    I wonder how much Bratman paid for her?

  10. bob

    47, she already bought a pair. get with it man.

  11. bob2

    49, i’m pretty sure you shouldn’t go tanning pregnant or not, so i’m confused as to what uv exposure would do to a fetus, that is under layers of tissue and organs.

    and 22 sounds a lot like victor.

  12. Hot Nunnery

    Why are these pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker? You’d th… oh. Oh my God.

  13. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    say what you will about her but at least she isn’t wandering around Las Vegas schnockered out of her gourd in a wig and no underpants with Cris fucking Angel!

  14. Mandy

    Her breasts have veins showing because of the increased blood flow her body is sending there in order to produce milk for the baby. I’m sorry that us women have that horrible habit of enabling life. Instead of bitching about something that allowed you to be a part of this world, why don’t you go than your mother for giving up her body and allowing changes like stretch marks, weight gain and “neon green veins” in order to bring your bitchy ass into this world.

    I think Christina looks beautiful. Always has been.

  15. Super Obvious

    It’s funny when you can see the outline of the implants….

  16. Riotboy

    DAMN, THOSE ARE BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. pj

    I love the boob veins!!!

    @54 piss off, TT makes me laugh

    @64 can the lecture, I’m busy whackin’ off; too many distractions and I might lose my tee tee

  18. um

    haha, SHUT THE FUCK UP # 64. Seriously, shut up.

  19. mr right

    #64 – that’s so weird, because the stripper I saw the other night had the same type of tit veins, and she said it was because of her giant implants. In fairness, she said pregnant women sometimes get them, and bitter 300 lb bull dykes always do.

  20. pj

    Come on Bitches, Gimme More!!

  21. christina has got a pair of humongous boobs!

  22. Mandy

    ha ha ha… are you trying to call me a bitter 300lb dyke? Give me a break! I’m 5’2″ 108lbs. I’ve been with another woman before, but I’d hardly call myself lesbian, since I prefer dick (especially my husband’s)… I have implants, but no veins. I only had those when I was pregnant.

    As far as me shutting the fuck up… not a chance.

  23. starscanfrighten

    She must make him unhappy. Look at him in pic 8.

  24. Mandy's Husband

    @72… Those are implants???? I thought it was the headboard!!!!

  25. starscanfrighten

    @72 – Mandy, you’re a superficial fucking retard.

  26. Mandy

    Where do you get that I’m superficial? Because someone called me a 300lb dyke and I defended myself? ha! But, hey… that’s okay. Whatever you want to think… You’re entitled.

    And, 74, that really made no sense, but okay…

  27. Mandy's Husband

    @76….. so you lack imagination, big deal. Credit where credit is due; at least you’re here to play!

  28. Mandy

    Well… I’ve sat here trying to figure that one out. If you’re implying my breasts are hard like the headboard… they aren’t. They feel very natural. Other than that, I can’t imagine what you mean. LOL

  29. starscanfrighten

    @76 – mandy

    I got that you’re superficial based on the fact that it seems important to you to describe your physical characteristics such as your height, weight, the fact that you have implants, and the fact that your implants have no visible veins, to a bunch of strangers. Shit, just the fact that HAVE implants is a reason to call you superficial. Plus, you said “I” or “me” in every single sentence of your comment. And the fact that you don’t even recognize that you’re superficial.

  30. starscanfrighten

    @mandy -

    Don’t forget – I didn’t just call you superficial; I also called you a fucking retard.

  31. Mandy's Husband

    @78…..mmmm, feeling natural, I might have to join #67 in the wackin’.
    5’2″ and 108, not quite Mini-Britiney but I’m in!

  32. Mandy's Husband

    and #80′s retard thing just turns me on more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Mandy

    Yeah, noticed that… that was just too ridiculous to comment on. I mean, most 8 year olds like to use the “retard” insult, so I let that one roll right off my back. However, I just thought it was funny that you said superficial. I mean, yeah, I described myself, but that was because I had some idiot assuming that I was a 300lb dyke. So, ya know, I had to point out that idiot’s obvious mistake. If I was superficial, I would have included a picture… didn’t do that.

    And I had freakin’ A cups! 32A. I bumped it up to a 32C. I didn’t go overboard.

    Why in the hell am I even explaining myself to you! LOL You got me pretty good, I have to say. I’m wasting my time here typing this shit out. Alright, well, think what you want… like I said, you’re entitled.

    It’s not true, but… :o)

  34. starscanfrighten

    So a fucking stranger calls you a 300-pound dyke. And?

  35. Mandy's Husband

    Damn, y’all are gettin’ deep. What happened to good old insulting fun?

  36. starscanfrighten

    @ 83 – mandy

    Don’t need you to tell me that I’m entitled. It bothers you that I called you superficial because you know it’s true.

  37. gigi

    so hot…. wasn’t it a rule not to dye your hair or use nail polish when you’re preg tho? Hope the munchkin’s ok in there….

  38. Mandy

    #84 You’re right… it was stupid. That’s why I said, “WHY IN THE HELL…” not gonna type out the rest, but you get it.

  39. Mandy

    Even if I am superficial, which I don’t think I am, but whatever.. but, even if I was, so fucking what?

  40. Mandy's Husband

    That’s it! I want a divorce! I’m gonna find someone who pays attention to my fake avatar!

  41. starscanfrighten

    @Mandy -
    Right, so fucking what?

    Well, because your post #64 is so fucking self-righteous. Don’t come here and try to come off like you’re so much better than everybody else.

  42. Mandy

    #90 LOL I don’t feel comfortable calling you “Mandy’s Husband”, but… I’m sorry I’m not paying attention to your fake avatar… I’m too busy being superficial, didn’t you know?

  43. Mandy

    Sweetie… I never said I was better than everyone else. If I was a 300lb dyke, I’d embrace it, but I’m not. So, I embrace who I really am. If you feel that I think I’m better than you simply because of my height and weight, then maybe it’s you who has issues…. not me. I never claimed to be better than anyone at any time. in any of my posts. And, even though you are verbally attacking me, I still don’t feel that I am “better” than you. I am who I am. And, generally, I’m a pretty kind, caring and fun loving person… which is why I came to Christina’s defense, I suppose, because I can sympathize with mothers. I am one. But, if it makes you feel better to hate on me and attack me, well, at least I’m here to defend myself, ya know, so… and I say it, again, do it. You’re entitled. :o)

    And, while you’re at it, you have a super (not superficial) but VERY SUPER night, ok?

  44. Mandy's Husband

    It is all about being self-righteous; we are all superior to the others. The fact that you don’t get it means you are not one of us.

  45. starscanfrighten

    @ mandy-
    Wow, you’re REALLY messed up.

  46. Mandy's Husband

    @92….. Which is why we call each other @#s, to depersonalize our play.

  47. Mandy's Husband

    #94 was directed at starscanfrighten

  48. Mandy

    #95 Ya know, I’m really not and I bet you can’t even come up with one justification for saying that. Whatever… I’m done even talking to you.

    # 96 Ahhh… well, I’m new to this. I come here often, but seldom comment.

  49. rob zoomby

    That dude looks more like a troll than an ogre

  50. Well after trying to pick between Mandy and her husband – all I’d like to communicate – Are U Punny ? Maybe try harder.
    New here ? Was 9-11 was an inside job?
    Comments ?
    Please continue….

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