Christina Aguilera shows off her belly

September 14th, 2007 // 156 Comments

Christina Aguilera was spotted grabbing dinner in Brenthood with her ogre of a husband last night and showed off her very pregnant belly. That’s right, her big beautiful bouncy bellies. Mmmmm. Wait, what? I mean, uh, she looks smart. I respect her for her mind.

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  1. veggi

    great. ending my day with the way it started. see ya fuckers.

  2. moyo


  3. um

    yay for her?

  4. veggi is it spotting or a heavy flow?

  5. I wish she’d show off her boobs.

  6. Tatiana

    Forth? xD

  7. Who ever thought Xtina would look saintly compared to her peers? It’s a sad herpes infested world
    For Brangelina haters

  8. ipa

    phew, so it’s not gonna be oj for the weekend .. but long-nose aguilera. lucky!

  9. bada bing

    She first caught her future husband’s attention by learning play the grinder organ.

  10. jrzmommy

    What was she thinking?

  11. rico

    When she has her postpartum nervous breakdown, it will be muy caliente.

  12. wolfie

    Her husband’s like a horrible cave troll! Look at that creepy stare of his in the eight pic! Like Gollum. o_O

  13. ipa

    pic #6: have a close look at her fingers .. see where the tan ends?? YUCK!

    also, her tits are going to burst. i hate it when you see those green veins on breasts … double ICK!

  14. n!gger

    Some spic with no talent, big tits, a big nose, and bushing eyebrows.
    Why should we care about her?

  15. huh?

    “i hate it when you see those green veins on breasts”???

    what exactly is the location of this alien strip club?

  16. Veggiflowbee

    Her husband looks very sophisticated, I can tell by his wacky rabbit shirt!

  17. lambman

    I wonder if she’s pregnant?!??!?!

  18. Trying to give her a tit-fuck would be like putting your dick between two rocks and fucking them.

  19. ssdd

    He’s a mouth breather ….. I bet he slobbers on the pillow at night… sick.
    Also pic 4 of her…. looks like a cross dresser ..she needs to stop shadowing the eyebrows …. the Joan Crawford look was over years ago……….

    HOwever … looking at these two when I bring up the Superficial Page is a HELL OF A lot better than seeing that gorilla Simpson staring back at me.

  20. Pregnant girls are fucking hot. Especially pregnant girls with T&A like her. And she can sing, zang!

  21. bob

    Christina Is hot even pregnant. why did she marry him. I would love to eat her tight pussy and fuck her silly. sucking those tities of hers would be a real treat.

  22. yolatengo


    damn, if it wasn’t for her FAKE ugly tits and FAKE ugly bleached hair she’d be so average.

  23. Hey Jimbo,
    Please go read post #65 in the Ice-T’s wife tits post.
    Thank you.

  24. ggg

    Christina’s tits aren’t fake…

  25. kelley

    i like the guy in the top left corner of pic one.

  26. cracked

    *dives under desk*

  27. Nicole

    I want to fuck her husband with my moose head.

  28. @25
    Maybe not, but with green veins on them I wonder if they injected kryptonite in those babys.

  29. Jimbo, then let’s together work on post #69 in my bedroom. We’ll thank each other.

  30. Don

    I love boobs!

  31. TT, promise you’ll teach me how to breath while we play uvula-tag?

  32. kathy

    that baby is going to come out looking like betty boop.

  33. p911gt10c

    A hot preggo blond, I so would tap that ass.

    oh, and #2, you’re a loser.


    Why would she want to create spawn with that husband of hers?? He is fugly!

  35. eat me


  36. wedgeone

    #22 – in 6 months, that pussy won’t be so tight now will it? Once a cantaloupe has come forth from it.

    Gotta like how pregnancy affect women’s boobies! Another example – Nicole Ritchie actually has boobies now.

    Mmmmm …. boobies ….

  37. memo monitor


    NEWSFLASH: fake titties and fake blonde hair IS average.

  38. For some reason I feel like having vanilla tapioca pudding tonight…maybe I’ll even add some salt…

  39. Jimbo,
    Look at post #24

  40. TT, look at post #33.

  41. Kelly

    You shallow, pig-headed fools. Ever think that maybe she’s actually in love with him? I admire the fact that, in Hollywood, someone would fall in love and not marry somebody for superficial reasons. I am extremely happy for her. Good going, Cristina!

    Who gives a shit if these people don’t find him attractive…as long as Cristina does, nobody else matters. Maybe, for the first time in her life, she’s met a man who respects and treats her like gold.

    You know what, my boyfriend is not the best looking guy I’ve ever dated and it doesn’t matter to me because he’s THE BEST man I’ve dated…treats me well, makes me laugh, GREAT sex, I love him and he’s the only guy I’ve met that I can imagine spending everyday for the rest of my life with….and I will.

  42. Dan Aykroyd

    Kelly, you ignorant slut.

    “You know what, my boyfriend is not the best looking guy I’ve ever dated and it doesn’t matter to me” – he just died a little inside. And you’re conceited.

  43. Jimbo's Brother

    Mommy is teaching me how to suck cock like Jimbo and Daddy says I’m almost as good as Jimbo, but I’ve got a problem keeping all that cum in my mouth.

  44. BunnyButt

    @43, why are you expecting depth on a site called “The Superficial”??? We’re here because we enjoy the shallowness and insignificance. People like you make me crazy. If you want profundity, go somewhere else.

    Definitions of superficial:

    1 lying on, not penetrating below, or affecting only the surface
    2 concerned only with the obvious or apparent : SHALLOW ; presenting only an appearance without substance or significance

    Synonyms of superficial:

    depthless, shallow, having or showing a lack of depth of understanding or character, facile, one-dimensional, haphazard, random

    Antonyms of superficial:

    discerning, penetrating, in-depth, deep, profound

  45. yukadoozer

    Better enjoy/exploit those pregnancy boobs before they deflate into 2 flappy skin tags post-partum…then she’ll be buying a pair.

  46. I think Nicole looks better pregnant and her boobs look better.

  47. just passin' through

    Off topic question, but aren’t pregnant women advised NOT to color (bleach) their hair and go tanning (either real or fake)?

  48. theShizaan

    when is this bitch gonna learn how to not wear so much damn makup ?!

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