Christina Aguilera reveals her bra size (Hint: Size HUGE)

May 22nd, 2008 // 107 Comments

Admittedly, I give Us Weekly a lot of shit, but every once in a while they come across an exclusive that knocks my socks (and pants) off. This time the crack reporters have the inside scoop on Christina Aguilera’s bra size. I tried to beat them to the punch, but Xtina’s team took evasive action – by sending Jordan Bratman out to talk to me for five hours about why Kyle Raynor is just as cool as Hal Jordan. (Note: He’s not. Please kill me.) Anyway, here’s the exclusive details on Christina’s jug straps:

In the interview, she also finally addresses the famous growth in her chest that came from breastfeeding.
“It’s kind of hilarious! I’ve never fit into an E-cup before,” she tells Us. “I look at my husband and go, ‘Guess what size this bra is?’ And when I tell him, he’s just amazed. We keep the tags that prove it, to look back for memory’s sake!”

Other things that Jordan Bratman is amazed by:

1. A real live girl actually touched his ding-dong – and he didn’t get cooties.
2. Guillermo Del Toro is directing the Hobbit ZOMG!!
3. That magic lamp he found did have a genie it. Sure, the third wish yielded him a bride, but he regrets wasting his first two wishes on a working Batmobile and a pristine copy of Action Comics #1 – which he foolishly had Dean Cain sign in a Starbucks. Smooth move, Ex Lax!

Photos: Splash News

  1. Coffeebean is a real man

    You sir, are driving with all lights on! I commend you as an honorable gentleman that plays the game like an althlete. Hats (condoms) off to you!

  2. michael

    Why do people act as if sex is the most mind-blowing thing on the planet? Sure it feels good, but it’s not worth hurting the person you’re with just for a little while of pleasure.

  3. #50 – So you have morals? Does that mean when you use your vibrating pocket penis you think about your limp dicked love? Or do you imagine 50 Cent pounding you like a jackhammer?

  4. Mistress


    Nice try you big fake!

  5. jacy

    @53-his dick has nothing to do with it-it’s perfect…I just can’t orgasm that way. And plus, I don’t like dark chocolate. Forgive me for not being like everyone else who says to hell with love, let’s just all fuck fuck fuck everyone we see.

  6. #55 – Yes, the perfect penis can’t make a woman climax? Yea, ok… I stand by my original comment… either you’re extremely fat or too young to have ever had your toes curled.

  7. jacy

    No you fucking idiot, not every woman can gave g-spot orgasms. I have had my toes curled plenty of times, but only by oral. And I wouldn’t be fucking at all if I were fat.

  8. jacy

    *can HAVE

  9. Sexy Sadie

    #55 and #56

    Try doing it doggie style so his cock can get deep into you and hit your G spot so perhaps you can have an intercourse orgasm. Most women cannot orgasm by intercourse, but I sure can! Also try getting on top of him and this might help too. If his cock is less than 6 inches then you may never get an orgasm by intercourse. Good luck.

  10. jacy

    No, that’s not it. We have did every possible position there is. He is about 7 1/2 but that doesn’t matter to me. Besides I like only being able to orgasm through clit stimulation b/c I hear g-spot orgasms are messy.

  11. #57 – Tsk tsk my young and apparently round friend. Shouldn’t you be waiting until your parents are asleep to post such vulgarity?

  12. dude_on_a_wire

    @55 – Any woman who can’t have multiple bucking quivers via the perfect penis – is so deep in denial that even I probably couldn’t help. However if the individual would take ownership of the issue and seek help – I would then reccomend repeated rage thrust therapy until the subsequent response resulted in soft murmurs of delight mixed with intermittent throbs of joy. Cooing and light moaning optional.

    – Please – unless you are a professional do not attempt this at home.

  13. A 7.5 inch cock can’t get past 12 inches of ass cheek on each side… I’m just sayin’…

  14. jacy

    @61- There is more to life than sex. Since you seem to not think so, you are probably even younger than I am. To you and anyone else who thinks life is indeed just a giant fuckfest, you are pathetic. If people fool around on their spouses, they must be unhappy, and I am not. So say what you want, but I’m great.

  15. My cock curves to the right and I’ve never failed to get a woman off when I fuck her.

  16. will

    So all faithful people must be fat? What is this country coming to…

  17. janex

    G-spot orgasms are messy? My garage is messy. My orgasms, while not without some damperage, are far from messy.

  18. Jackson


    There is a high probability that a lot of faithful people in the US are fat because 70 percent of Americans are 30 pounds or more overweight like Kim Kardaskank.

  19. jack


  20. LXI

    Is there anything better than milk-filled, implant tits? Everything is better you say? I agree.

  21. Dilawar from Bangalore

    37- hi my frend. I am like the blonde, but paint on lips not good, no? Might she be cold, she shall try jacket, yes? I am love the internet! (happy face)

  22. laaaaame

    Fish-do you really think you are funny? Your writing makes no sense at all, hell half the people that post to your stories have funnier shit to say than you do.

  23. Fish Fan


    Perhaps Fish could ask the posters for help like fill in the blanks.

  24. LoveXTinasBoobies

    Every time I see Xtina boobies, my dick gains 5 pounds immediately. Her boobs are the bomb.

  25. kitty_kat

    Big friggin’ surprise. I don’t get why she’s always showing off about her chest. Does she think no one knows she has breast implants? Ugh. Sorry, but she gets on my last nerve.

  26. Lola1

    Is that knock-off Pucci ?

  27. bootlips


  28. Turd Ferguson

    Chrsitian Aguilera wears about a gallon of spray paint on her BARELY AVERAGE mug a day,,,,,she has fake jugs and her hair is thinning. I also heard her attitude and personality make her one of the fucking most intolorable and rotten people ever.

  29. Dr. R. D.

    omg, dude, it’s rayner, not raynor.

  30. amanda


    Haha. Don’t be jealous.
    I’m no stick, but I sure as hell ain’t anywhere near 300 lbs. either.
    Nice try, but F for Failure.

  31. Hetero-Curious-Twink

    Hey, all you girls who are talking about the size of your goodies are actually making my weenie wiggle…how about posting pix of your boobs or links to pix so this non-breeder, who is considering switching teams, can see what REAL women look like.

    I’d be ever so grateful!

  32. Bag Lady

    This just proves that even if you’re rich, you can still get some effed up implants. She could’ve at least done her research first, before she got this hack job. Hopefully she’s not breastfeeding. Poor kid. Silicone + breast milk = not a good idea.

    Daily Necessities:
    morning cup of coffee

  33. Ha

    you idiots. you can’t have implants if you are breast feeding.

    whether or not you think she is ugly, her boobs are real. they are full of milk. go read some books or just go back to saying that she’s ugly. you’re dumbing everyone down.

  34. The Teacher

    To…83. Ha – May 22, 2008 9:50 PM

    Who are you calling idiots, idiot? Perhaps you ought to do some research before you go calling people names and make gross generalizations. To wit:

    From :


    It’s likely, but it depends on the kind of surgery you had. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn’t cause any trouble. The most popular method, making a “smile” incision around the areola, puts you at greater risk for problems.

    If the nerves around the areola were not cut or damaged during surgery, you may be able to nurse fully or partially. Nerves are vital to breastfeeding because they trigger the brain to release prolactin and oxytocin, two hormones that affect milk production. Your chances of breastfeeding also improve if your milk duct system is intact.

    There’s no evidence that silicone from silicone implants leaks into breast milk, but even if it did, it probably wouldn’t harm your baby. Silicone is very similar to a substance used to treat babies’ stomach gas.”

  35. are you blind?

    83 – you idiot, she got implants during the stripped tour. she confirmed it.

  36. hmm

    oh and idiot 83, you CAN breast feed with implants, milk will still form.
    read about it here, idiot.

  37. Ewww, you can see those blue veins in her mammies!!

  38. joho777

    What a fake rack!

    Maybe she should have gotten implants for her legs.

  39. Doc


    Her and Tori Spelling must have went to the same implant quack!

  40. Those TITS are as fake as her person.
    Did she try to connect the TAP on them?
    Or maybe she’s trying to find work as a seven dollar fity-PROSTITUTE, who knows!!
    One thing’s for sure then: THE SEX IS DEFINITELY BETTER!!
    I’m sorry to say but her PUSSY-MAN is impotent!!

  41. NY Ted

    PUMP THEM UP…PUMP THEM UP…They look like they are ready to BLOW!

  42. Disgusting Tits

    Christina’s tits are so disgusting, they make we want to puke. Big, veiny, stretchy, fake globes of skank. Gross.

  43. gotmilk?

    15, do you have a clue? breastfeeding HELPS you lose the weight.

    83, don’t you mean “you can’t breastfeed if you have implants” and the answer is yes you can.

  44. claire

    Her veiny tits almost resemble the pattern on her shirt

  45. Fasc(ion)ist(a)

    She is NASTY. Those boobs are hideous– the implants were bulging out of shape before she got knocked up, now her knockers look like somebody cut a basketball in half and stuck them under her pectoral muscles. Big, nasty boobs, bad blonde hair, too much make up, ugly dress and ridiculously large sunglasses. She looks like my Aunt Estelle, and she’s 75 years old!

  46. OTMarine

    I love it. LOVE IT- when people knock pics on here, for, lets see, veiny mammaries, short legs, fake breasts, and yet- i dont care what you say- no amount of bullshitting can convince me if she was standing in front of you, and wanted to either a)throw some oral your way or b)request that you you would decline. STFU already. Jesus. If only there was some way to make it a necessity to have a self portrait when you post, so we could see all these ‘GQ’ guys with such high standards, who in reality are living out of moms basement eating sphagettios and playing Quake 3 all day (yes, still) while taking time out of their busy schedule to critique celebs.

  47. Sexy Sex

    #22. Fuck off.

    You obviously need to get your head out of your ass.
    You might as well call. Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell ugly too.

    This bitch, is the epitome of hot. She can dress like drag if she wants.
    She’s still hot with or without that make-up.
    She looks better without make up anyway.

    Then again you can call even the most beautiful person ugly.
    And a skinny person fat.
    Still doesn’t give you creditability.

  48. The Phantom

    The first pair of tits I saw during puberty were my older cousin’s. They were fucking huge (probably E cups), beautiful (hey, I was maybe 13), hanging about 3 feet away from my face, and mapped with blue veins with all roads leading to Rome…er, Nipple.

    That was in the early 60′s and I’ve been a big fan of blue-veined bodacious ta-ta’s ever since.

  49. sabrina

    why do u all hate on someone u dont even know personally…seriously grow the fuck up its annoying u act like little kids judging off looks and shit so wat u think u know the person by the stuff in the media in that case u know every military personally…i think not…grow up n stop with the hate comments cause i bet ur asses aint the best looking and mine sure the hell aint so no i dont think im hot shit im ugly actually…betting u are too

  50. sabrina

    as for the purple lipstick comments go back to pre k seriously its a shade of pink and i happen to think her legs look gr8 better then most ive seen and yea i can say tht for the guys too seeing as im bi so what if she has implants its her life not urs her decision not urs shes happy her husbands happy then who cares wat every1 else thinks!!!! if she didnt have those implants then b4 having a child yall would still be making rude uneeded childish comments calling her flat chested and everything else y dont u stop judging every1 else for once seriously and no im no huge fan of her she is pretty the gods/goddesses blessed her for sure she does have some good songs im just not a huge pop listener but i do like her as well as most of her music

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