Christina Aguilera may be giving birth – right now!

January 11th, 2008 // 95 Comments

Christina Aguilera is reportedly at the hospital today giving birth to her baby(s), according to E! Online:

Word on the street is that Christina Aguilera is already at Cedars awaiting a very special delivery–and we’re not talking ’bout the Domino’s kind.
She has allegedly been there since last night, but when Planet Gossip’s Marc Malkin checked in this morning, her rep said there was nothing to announce…yet.

Congratulations to Christina and her husband Eyebrows McGee. It must be exciting welcoming their new little Sasquatch brood into the world. But, no, seriously, I hope everything goes smoothly, no complications and the baby(s) come out alright. Yup, there is a heart underneath this chiseled physique of mine. A soft, sensitive heart that I’m hoping to share one day with a bikini model who has really nice cans.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. The Office Whore

    49- listen. Those are big fancy words. Please remember your audience…. but now I’m hungry!! Thanks.

    Frist, Strawberry margaritas?

  2. Fox News Watcher

    Gimmie a croissandwich with a side of freedom fries. What? Hell yeah, supersize it!


  3. miggs

    Amy Winehouse is the one you don’t want to wake up in the dark of night and find yourself face to pussy with.

  4. woodhorse

    @44 she’s fing ugly yes, but Amy Winehouse is the one you don’t want to sit up in the dark of night and find yourself face to face with – no contest.

  5. miggs

    fuckin time-warping Fishware…

  6. carly

    Aww, Christina Aguilera is one of the most prettiest pregnant gals around!

  7. Ok, WHORE (I love that name)…that sounds yummy, haven’t had one in a loooong time.

    Jimbo, and WHORE meet me at Dewey, Cheatum, and Haugh’s..

  8. I am there. Who is driving?

    Whats up Whore?

  9. “Jimbo and WHORE” …sob…I miss my mom!

  10. digitaldevil

    How did she marry him? Dude must have millions or a foot long dick.

  11. The Office Whore

    I’ll drive- first we’re getting a fucking croissammich though…beer battered and dipped in a shit load of ketchup..

  12. Andrew

    Let us pray together in our darkest hours with all our power and might !

    To prevent the coming of the Anti_Christ!

    Repeat with me :

    The Power of Christ Compels You. ! (3 times)
    I cast you out! Unclean Spirt! (7 times)
    Be gone ..Be Gone !(7 times!).
    Lick me, Lick me. (7 x7 times)

  13. GEEEEZ!

    Good, now she can finally get back to being hot

  14. #60, neither one of them are any kind of “prize”..

    Jimbo I’ll drive, but only on the way home. I like a challenge..

  15. Auntie Kryst

    I sort of feel sorry for her kids. They’ll never get to sleep when she sings them bedtime songs. “Whoooaaa now huuuooohuuusshh little baaaeeaabeeeee, now don’t I saya don’t I saya don’t say a word. Momma goin’ I saya I saya moma goin’ buy you a mockingbird, fly fly fly mockingbird OOOOhhhh HEEEEeeeee….

    I could go on, but you get the idea.

  16. Ted from LA

    I’ve seen less make-up on dead people.

  17. Alex H

    #42- he looks more like brandon frasier, not brad pitt

  18. Sauron

    Is it just me or is whole ballyhood pregnant?

  19. is everyone pregnant? i am thinking yes!!!
    i hope the baby comes soon because then i will get mucho points!!!!
    i picked her for my team on this online game

  20. woodhorse

    53 how did you post that? you weren’t there when I started typing…..

  21. aja

    Conceited, self important pregnant pig.

    Note to Christina – Your career is surely over now you cow.

    Your husband is ugly, and so is your clown beast face and body.

  22. aja

    I agree with # 72 ( and many others) Her face has morphed into a hideous beast, it is so weird….

  23. christinaUGLY

    what happened?! didnt christina used to be pretty hot? or was i hallucinating? cause in these pictures her face looks like a train ran over it its so UGLY

  24. Elephant Electrocution

    All I see is a post-op tranny.

  25. why?

    Why is everyone so anti-Christina? So what if she looks bad. She’s 9 months pregnant! At least she has talent, unlike most of the celebrities (and posters) on this site. For the love of God!

    To #41: you REALLY need to get a life.

  26. Anton LaVey's cat

    No, number 75 it is YOU that needs to get a life.

    It’s not the fact that she’s pregnant that makes her so ugly, it is the fact that “she” has a penis and is a dude. That is what makes her so hideous.

    That swollen stomach is undigested hot dogs and beer.

  27. woo, it seems this year is a best time to give birth, all the idols are preparing to do so, has a loy of pics abput these pregnant stars… mature and meaningful..OLO

  28. Will this kid be another lying and cheating FAGGOT or BITCH?
    …………………………..I THINK SO!!

  29. vicky

    She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club “” She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  30. Wow. That second pic has given me a new appreciation for Bea Arthur.

    @32 – That’s the shit.

  31. Anonymous

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  32. FISTER


  33. Christina… Strong voice..

  34. Do you become a little more than lip makeup …_?

  35. better birth..

  36. masa

    I think beautiful lips

  37. masa ve sandalye

    I think beautiful lips

  38. Hi Guy’s,
    I’m going to send her a leash for a baby gift. I hope she has twins.

  39. she is yuck and does look like a tranny with all the makeup. and a rat with alopecia without all the makeup.

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