Christina Aguilera may be giving birth – right now!

Christina Aguilera is reportedly at the hospital today giving birth to her baby(s), according to E! Online:

Word on the street is that Christina Aguilera is already at Cedars awaiting a very special delivery–and we’re not talking ’bout the Domino’s kind.
She has allegedly been there since last night, but when Planet Gossip’s Marc Malkin checked in this morning, her rep said there was nothing to announce…yet.

Congratulations to Christina and her husband Eyebrows McGee. It must be exciting welcoming their new little Sasquatch brood into the world. But, no, seriously, I hope everything goes smoothly, no complications and the baby(s) come out alright. Yup, there is a heart underneath this chiseled physique of mine. A soft, sensitive heart that I’m hoping to share one day with a bikini model who has really nice cans.

Photos: Pacific Coast News