Christina Aguilera may be giving birth – right now!

January 11th, 2008 // 95 Comments

Christina Aguilera is reportedly at the hospital today giving birth to her baby(s), according to E! Online:

Word on the street is that Christina Aguilera is already at Cedars awaiting a very special delivery–and we’re not talking ’bout the Domino’s kind.
She has allegedly been there since last night, but when Planet Gossip’s Marc Malkin checked in this morning, her rep said there was nothing to announce…yet.

Congratulations to Christina and her husband Eyebrows McGee. It must be exciting welcoming their new little Sasquatch brood into the world. But, no, seriously, I hope everything goes smoothly, no complications and the baby(s) come out alright. Yup, there is a heart underneath this chiseled physique of mine. A soft, sensitive heart that I’m hoping to share one day with a bikini model who has really nice cans.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Pretty red lips.

  2. Lasers


  3. D. Quaid

    “Cedars awaiting a very special delivery–heparin!!!”

  4. commish

    The baby(s) will probably resemble little Oompa Loompas.

  5. she looks like a rat in drag.

    she has one of the ugliest faces i have ever seen.
    her legs are also very disgusting..
    it will be a miracle if that baby looks good.

  6. Kathy

    Her lips already look like they’re bleeding out.

  7. Fat bitch.

    I mean, I’d still hit it, but damn girl, you done let cha self go.

  8. the twins will be sucking on those teets

  9. I bet the Cedars-Sinai jews are going to try to kill these babies too. What the fuck is this, some type of revenge for Passover?

  10. peppa

    can you breast feed with implants?
    maybe, i don’t know

  11. Pretty red lips for sucking my cock.
    I love it when a woman wears lipstick like this and gives blowjobs.

  12. Jaffo

    HOORAY!!! Everybody say ‘Hi!’ to ‘Skank Jr.!’….

  13. commish

    Solly Ponk.

    Oompa Loompa make me so piss off.

  14. p0nk

    damn you commish, i wanted to make the oompa loompa comment.

  15. The White Urkele

    #10…Implants!! I thought those things were real! Either way, she still looks pretty hot for being prego. Hopefully she won’t let her self go to shit like Britney did.

  16. Martha

    I’m saying a prayer right now that Christina doesn’t develop postpartum depression like poor Britney.

  17. girl ugly. look at dat nose from the side.

    she looks like hatchet face from cry baby.
    there is a midget drag queen, names Misty, at the rainbow cactus that looks just like her too.
    he tested pos for HIV :-(

  18. #9 shut up troll…

    So, is Cedars like the ONLY hospital in the world? If I were a pap, I’d just hang out there..

  19. Scary

    Where are the clowns? Send in the clowns.
    Oh there she is…

    Does she own a mirror? I don’t think trannies even feel the need to put on THAT much makeup.

  20. D. Richards (lame)

    People care what I think, that’s why one out of every 8 posts is from me. Yeaaahhh!!!! I am so cool and so funny. Did you know I am a PhD student. I am so cool and so popular. I post at all the trendy and hip websites!

    People really care what I think!

    They really do!

  21. Captain Fucktard

    I want to shove my cock in her piss hole…Wait! I mean Jesus Christ, pregnancy has been bad to her.

  22. Andy

    I hope to god they don’t videotape the birth. Imagine the moment when the baby’s head pops out – and it looks just like the dad. Hopefully they’ll have some spare organ grinders in the delivery room…

  23. Andrew

    The only thing Chrstina is giving us right now is head aches and nightmares of what horible mutated evil creature she will deliver us within the next 24 hours

    Switching to Defcon 4…..

  24. ugh

    shes like that weird white girl that trys to hang out with the black girls.
    i like white girls that look good all natural at the beach and stuff
    shes kinda ugly and always has been.

  25. Christina@Cedars

    “Nurse…nurse…NURSE! Give me that bottle and syringe, I need to check the label. Yes, this is a gun. Now give me the fucking medicine bottle.”

  26. Petrina

    Cedars-Sinai??? Are you kidding??? Maybe they don’t want the kid(s) after all. Couldn’t her husband book at delivery room at Auschwitz General Hospital?

  27. grobpilot

    Fish, I want to see some gooey, gross, slippery childbirth pics before the end of the day. It’ll make this otherwise boring fucking day a little more interesting.

  28. Sasha

    I wish her nothing but the best during her delievery. She was always content with who she is and want she wants. Hopefully she can set an example for those who aren’t capable of caring for their child. Her husband isn’t the most attractive looking man in the world but he makes her happy and they are obviously in love. If she were to marry someone who is decent looking like K-Fed she would probably end up like Britney, single mother gone nuts!

  29. Grace

    I hope giving birth doesn’t mess up her hips and make her legs look bowed.

  30. ugliest legs on the planet
    ( she is listed as a famous sufferer)
    one of the people that suffer is christina.

    im a leg man.
    she is yuck and does look like a tranny with all the makeup. and a rat with alopecia without all the makeup.

  31. BunnyButt

    Ooo, ooo! I’m on my way there right now with my shaver so I can make baby sasquatch look human when it comes out.

    #16, as long as you’re down on your knees praying, maybe you could do something useful. Not to me, I don’t want you anywhere near my parts, but maybe D. Richards or TT would be happy for some help.

  32. Sandy

    During childbirth they’ll tell her to push and some poop will come out (yes, it happens) and a nurse will blurt out “he looks just like dad!”

  33. D. Richards (Honey.)

    Please god; still birth!

    If not death, at least cerebral palsy?

  34. @34, why do you know that? creepy.

  35. woodhorse

    I’m going to send her a leash for a baby gift. I hope she has twins. It will be awesome to send her a leash with two collars.

  36. Haters will hate

    If her legs are so disgusting why was she voted #7 for best legs of 2007?

  37. FRIST, Cedars is real close to Hollywood and Beverly hills and that is where all the celbs go. They don’t let the poor and the homeless in there. They send them all to Harbor General or King Drew Medical Center..

  38. Mark

    #16 – I’m with you. I hope they’re monitoring Christina closely for signs of postpartum depression. Britney’s suffering is even more tragic if people have learned nothing from it, which seems to be the case at this point.

  39. p0nk

    #38 mark, Britney’s suffering is karma, not tragic.

  40. FRIST if you were a pap, I would want to be your pap smear.

  41. they are really ugly. that list is a joke

    36 -
    because she sucked the you know what of who made that list.
    they are the ugliest legs ever, this is a fact.
    she will develop arthritis by 30 because of this hiddeous deformity, and she hates her legs. the are mishapen, no calf muscle, and her knee is all fat. i can’t believe she even let them say that in whatever magazine, because she knows her legs are ugly too, she has spoken about this. they are her ugliest feature, number two being her ugly rat/witch nose.

    and her voice sucks. she has no control, and her range is less than she thinks.
    i have seen her live… awful.

  42. Why is a twenty year younger Brad Pitt the waitor?

  43. Andrew

    I just spoke with my doctor who mentioned that an abortion is still possible,
    According to him, surgicaly removing the unwanted embryo or so called . fetus of 9 months might be our last chance to prevent a disaster of global proportions
    Removing Christina at the same time would resutt in the best medical scenario for xucces…

  44. sorry but/

    she is all smoke and mirrors. find true dead on pics of her legs, and her face without makeup.
    she is the ugliest young celebrity to date.

  45. steve

    As her womb opened with every contraction, the sky darkened more, a filthy, sulphurous stench rose from the earth, herpes scarred crabs scurried out from between her scabby beef curtains, dread and fear arose in mankind, preceding the arrival of the antichrist.


  46. about the legs

    its like when magazines tried to say camryn manheim is beautiful and healthy.
    hollywood likes to point out a few uglies and make them feel good for being different.
    anyone with eyes can see her legs are ugly and bowed, but ugly is different, and different can be beautiful. get it?

  47. LL

    Come on…. is called pregnancy mask….. she does not look that bad for someone who is blowing up with baby… I would not leave the house, walk, take showers…. too much work when you are pregnant as she is… (e.g. SUPER BIG)…..

  48. Hey Jimbo, what’s up with comment #34?

    God I’m bored… this day OVER YET???

  49. Roberta S.

    It’s just sad that people think mental illness is somehow a manifestation of karma. American access to cultures from all over the world seems to have resulted in even greater debasement of moral and spiritual concepts. For example: the croissandwich.

  50. FRIST, I have no idea. That was my ADBM troll.. Where is happy hour tonight??

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