Christina Aguilera makes me proud

May 9th, 2006 // 101 Comments

Christina Aguilera has admitted she doesn’t like covering up with too much clothes, telling More magazine: “I wouldn’t feel right wearing clothes that covered my whole body.”

And that, my friends, is why Christina Aguilera is considered a hero. The real way to empower women isn’t to let them vote or enter the work force, it’s to dress them like blow up sex dolls and parade around their half-naked bodies. And anybody who says otherwise is a Communist.


  1. Akapee


  2. Lou

    The universe has smiled on me and I am first!!!!!

  3. boredmilf

    She looks a bit like a drag-queen to me…

  4. Lou

    I am so happy I think I will go touch myself now

  5. @ 1&3 And like all the tools who care, you waste it with fuck all to say.

    Wasn’t Christina looking hot just a bit ago? Did she get a wig from Jessica. Fuck chick, my dick can’t take much more of this, hard, soft, hard, soft………

  6. Proteon

    She looks like a man with a womans ass.

  7. Lou

    #6 Don’t be bitter because I take joy in the small things. If it wasn’t for women like me you’d never get laid.

  8. sweetcheeks

    What’s up with Marcellus Wallace and his band-aid? Where’s the ball gag?

    Better go get the gimp.

  9. SheasGirl

    #6 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. SheasGirl

    #9 I was just looking at that and gonna post about it… LMAO!!!

  11. sweetcheeks

    Isn’t that Ephraim’s long john shirt from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Bless your beautiful hide, Christina Aguilera.

  12. SheasGirl

    4th pic she does look like a blow up doll

  13. @8 – Damn Lou, I never would have taken you as an international supermodel, since those are the types I lay. Or was that some crack as to you being a big heifer, insinuating that I only sleep with chicks who resemble Edna?

  14. tits_on_snack

    Lookin’ like a scary tranny. If I saw that walkin’ down the street and I didn’t know what a Christina Aguilera was, I’d just assume the Gay Pride Parade festivities started early this year.

  15. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    She looks like a blonde Prince Valiant tranny. And what’s up with covering up with a long sleeved sweater, then wearing short shorts?

  16. Binky

    Glad she lost a few of the piercings – but I don’t think the Barbie-look has done much for serious careers or the women’s movement.(PC day for Bink) And I heard Ken is gay now.
    (I think that may be a wig)

  17. Caption for pic #2:

    Someone yells: Christina, how many orafices have you had a cock in?

    Christina: Uhhhh……….

  18. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Ew, and WTF is with the bandaid at the back of that guy’s neck. That always creeps me out when big fat guys with necks like bulls shave their heads, and they’ve got these nasty hot dog rolls at the back of their neck. That’s got to be one of the most unattractive things that guys do to themselves. If you’r regulary nicking the back of your neck with the razor, then maybe you’re too fat to be going bald!!!

  19. I think the guy in the leather jacket in Pic #1 might be Richie Sambuca. Wouldn’t that just be loverly.

  20. spatz

    let me guess. since she is like a 13 year old with an identity crisis, right now she’s into “the 1950s” she doesnt know much about them besides marily monroe. so somebody told her about this pinup called “bettie page” that they just made a movie about. because nobody exists until theres a movie made about them. and she though. wow what an interesting person. let me cut my bangs just like her!

    god dont people get over this “i am finding myself” crap when theyre 13?? youre 26 year old married woman and you have no fucking clue who you are. its so sad

  21. PapaHotNuts

    I’d like to fuck the stupidity out of her.

  22. Ez-EEEE

    ha in that last picture she looks like a blow up doll.

  23. Not just any blowup doll, MY blowup doll. I wondered what happened to it after Katrina when I got looted. Fuckers.

  24. xd

    I love Xtina!!! I feel the same way.

  25. BigJim

    So how come chicks like this can go around half naked in public, but when I do I end up getting arrested?

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Alexis Arquette is looking hawttt.

  27. BigJim

    My blow up doll is WAY better looking than that.

  28. Mr. Fritz

    She’s a poor man’s blonde Betty Page. That wig makes her nose look way bigger than it is. She is fugly in these photos.

  29. 86

    If you’re going to wear a wig, why not branch out with another color, texture, or length?

  30. 86

    She’s one of the few who actually has natural talent and is naturally attractive..why does she have to ALWAYS dress like a $2 whore? and try to sing out to the point of ridiculousness? She needs to chill the fuck out.

  31. PeteMcLochness

    What’s up with the blonde in the foreground with the peasant top? Christina Aguilera’s buxom chamber maid? And somebody call Frodo Baggins and tell him I found the “One Ring.” Christina’s chamber maid has it around her neck.

    False! Tricksy pop star cronies. They stole it from us. My Precious…

  32. Jacq

    Someone tell this bitch she ain’t Marilyn and she’s not doing the legacy any justice. I can’t stand her physically, boob envy, sharpie eyebrows, hair like straw but I have to give it to her that she sho’ can sing. I think she was actually LESS trashy during her drrrty phase.

    #8 – Let’s get one thing straight. I’M the fuckbag of fuckbags around here. My vagina has an agent.

  33. She could wear NO clothes and I’m not sure I could stop staring at that fucking ridiculous wig.

  34. PeteMcLochness

    #12–LOL, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers is a classic.

    P.S. I’m a lonesome Polecat, and I do it with sheep.

  35. Iambananas

    Hey all! Miss me? I think you did. Okay, christina used to be okay, but she’s too popish and her carreer is over! Plus, I kind of have the same outlook on clothes, but she’s making it skanky with the white hair… why would she purposly haev white hair? And THOSE bangs???

  36. MystressJade

    #33 Jacq….as your vagina’s agent, haven’t I told you that the standard answer to any inquiries is “No cumment” …..

  37. saltpeanuts

    Ahhh, pic #4, mouth agape to receive my throbbing pink cock, her hand in fist one foot away at the base of my cock. Wait, I think that was a pic of MeganHarris to which I am referring.

  38. PeteMcLochness

    Looks like we have a skank-off between jacq and lou. I have a steel cage and a duffel bag full of dildos I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.

  39. Lou

    # 14 I thought I was being pretty clear in saying that you have a small dick. But I’ll take the blame on this one. I know how you small dick having motherfuckers need things spelled out. Or maybe you just got all flustered when you started thinking of Edna pounding down on top of you. It’s understandable.

  40. ZiNgEr_24


    i fail to understand the lipstick..its so red and blinding…kinda makes her look like a transvestite..her husband must be proud.

  41. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Lame Bananas has crotch froth.

  42. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    popish? carreer? purposly? haev?
    Oy vey, you’ve started early today.

  43. mylene

    she looks like plastic. a chubby piece of plastic with a blonde wig.

  44. Lou, if you’re ever in New Orleans, let me know. I’d be more than happy to shove my “small” dick out the back of your throat.

    And you comment still doesn’t make sense. Must be me thinking about Edna, ohhhhh, burn. Good one.

  45. ZiNgEr_24

    i got it! she played one of the scary children in village of the damned.

  46. spammy

    There must be something wrong with me. It’s clear that her hair is unnatural-at best. Her makeup looks like a drag queens, and her tan is bordering on betadine orange-look at her face.
    All this, and yet I still think she’s hot. I might be a little gay for Xtina.

  47. Chrissy Snow called – she wants her look back. And for all of our sakes, Christina, please give it back!

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    46 – There’s a Mardi Gras in my pants and your penis is the Krewe. Some say 10 AM is to early to start drinking but to them I say “Shut up.”

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