Christina Aguilera makes Ellen glad to be a lesbian

February 21st, 2008 // 114 Comments

These are stills from Christina Aguilera’s appearance on Ellen yesterday. For those of you who couldn’t sit through the video, here’s the highlights. And by highlights I mean her boobs. I don’t know why I felt the need to spell that out. It’s pretty much a given on this site. I guess sometimes I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. And by the same page I mean her boobs.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Miquel

    Christina is looking not so bad lately, but Britney’s really starting to hot up once again. Christina, be warned!

  2. MicroMike100

    #101. “Christina is looking not so bad lately, but Britney’s really starting to hot up once again. Christina be warned!”

    Uh…are you out of your friggin’ mind, dude?!?!?! You have to be gay, or plain old nuts, if you honestly think that rag doll, Britney Spears, is hotter than Christina Aguilera! True, back in 2001 they were both kind of going neck-in-neck as far as sex appeal and they were both outhotting each other…but for the past four years, there’s no comparison anymore! In the end, Christina won out, because she always looks good and she doesn’t act like a freaking loonytoon just so the media will keep talking about her! Christina relies on talent and class, while Britney relies on being a human circus because the only resource she could rely on she will never be able to get back! See, back then, Britney just had her looks…now she has nothing! Whereas Christina has her looks, but she also has talent to back it all up! She’s the entire package! And if Britney is “so much hotter” than Christina, than answer me this…why is it that according to FHM magazine alot of guys are thinking of Christina as the sexiest woman alive, while Britney was recently named one of the UNsexiest women alive by Maxim last year? Most men-most SANE men-don’t think a woman who shaves her head and puts her children at risk to the point of losing custody of them and repeatedly shows her filthy private parts to the world in any way sexy! That is why all us SANE men consider Christina to be the much sexier of the two! And I consider myself a pretty sane guy, and I consider all my buddies to be pretty sane guys as well, and we all agree that Christina Aguilera is the reigning sex goddess!

  3. Drea

    #102: Um…wrong. At their ‘hay day’ Britney was way hotter, and still is. Christina looks fake all over: hair, face, ass…yada yada. Britney’s looked the same, pretty much, her entire career. Mental state has little to do with the look, buddy. Not saying I’m a sane MAN, but I am a sane WOMAN.

    ^^^ Point in fact.

  4. dellino

    i agree and i’m a dude…a straight dude.britney will always be way hotter, sexier and better looking because christina has never been hot she tries too damn hard with all the makeup and costumes.britney’s just natural and could still be superhot even bald, or just lounging around with her hair extentions piled on her head.ask any straight guy.

  5. Steven

    Britney’s still very attractive and sexy, but Christina happens to be alot sexier and more attractive. Christina always outranks Britney on all the sexy lists. And at least Christina’s keeping herself on the right track…I just wish she’d cool it with all the makeup and try being more natural, like in the “Save Me From Myself” video, because she truly is a natural beauty. Britney, on the other hand, like I said is still attractive, but nowhere near as beautiful as Christina.

  6. Kirby

    Any guy who ever thought Christina Aguilera is hotter, sexier, or more desirable than Britney Spears has got some serious issues…or is just plain G-A-Y!!!! Britney will always beat Christina, because Christina is an ugly pile of shit who wears more makeup than a tranny, but Britney is natural and even looks hot beyond words when she was bald!



  8. Guest

    I think we can all finally draw the seemingly endless Christina-vs-Britney debate to a close because it is apparent from the VMAs that Britney is the prime winner. Christina looks like a middle-aged prostitute while Britney still looks like that wide-eyed virgin we know and love. Christina may be more talented vocally but she will always be second to Britney….actually, Christina is all the way at the bottom of the barrel.

  9. toddmeister

    i agree
    christina has nice voice
    but britney has nice everything
    brit knocks christina out in the looks department hands down
    christina looks too made up and skanky
    britney looks normal and more like a lady should
    christina is always trying to outdo britney in some way which could explain her brief but disturbing venture into the 1940s
    britney will always win out cause christina can never compare to britney’s sexy schoolgirl outfits and dancing half-naked with a snake
    christina still has to keep trying because no matter what britney will always be the hottest

  10. Sameera

    There is something special about Christina. She has this glow…she’s funny and sexy at the same time and she’s a shapely sexy woman who is not afraid to show her beautiful body. She talks sweet like a little kid but sings like an angel, that’s why she’s special…she’s a legend in Hollywood!

  11. Doug

    Damn, I just jerked off seeing these pics. Christina’s so sexy.

  12. Katherine

    Love her, she looks great, it’s impossible not to like her. I adore Christina with all my heart… I love her smile:x

  13. Anna

    I have a curious question. I have a body shape just like Christina’s. However my breasts are real not like hers. I know myself, when you have a body shape like this, no matter whether you’re pregnant or not, it is very impossible to have breasts that BIG!

    Breasts are made of fats, if we’re tiny, how do we get so much fat from?

    So, my question is does she really feed her baby with those breasts? Because I can assure you that those are implants. How can you feed your baby with implant chemical stuff???

  14. David

    Brittany looks like Corky that kid with down symdrome from that show Life Goes On as a transveestite. Christine is freaking hot!

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