Christina Aguilera makes Ellen glad to be a lesbian

February 21st, 2008 // 114 Comments

These are stills from Christina Aguilera’s appearance on Ellen yesterday. For those of you who couldn’t sit through the video, here’s the highlights. And by highlights I mean her boobs. I don’t know why I felt the need to spell that out. It’s pretty much a given on this site. I guess sometimes I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. And by the same page I mean her boobs.

Photos: Splash News

  1. deacon jones

    I have to set a couple things straight here people, since I consider myself a tit expert.

    1. Yes, you can breastfeed wtih boobs, whether you get them above (cheap) or below (expensive) the chest muscles.

    2 And yes, they are ABSOLUTELY fake. She used to be flat as a board, size b, MAYBE. Now I know tits get big when you have a kid, but only so much, and they dont get that big, especially since she was walking around like that when she was 4 months in, the human body does not need to start producing milk by then people.

  2. Robin

    Holy Milk Jugs Batman!

  3. lila

    #48, umm yes you can breastfeed with implants…I have a friend who does.
    AND I am sure alot of these comments are coming from people who thought pregnant women were gross and are the first to stare at them when they are pushing a stroller and looking friggen hot!!! SHAME ON YOU!! Yes, the haters are usually women who have push up bras and no man or one who likes knockers like those…and they have NONE!!

  4. CS

    I’d say something lame like I wish I was her baby, but I’d rather be her douchbag husband so I could play with and suck on those mammoth massive mammaries. Delectable Delights. Big Boobs. Heavenly Hooters. *drool*

  5. sam

    #18 – Or you can find two big rocks, put them together, and try motorboating that – either way you’ll get a black eye and a chipped tooth. She’s obviously on her second set of implants. She was an A cup before her first set and there is no way they would grow very much during pregnancy.

  6. Auntie Kryst

    @30 You mean that spic is married to that heeb? That was like waaaayyyy IMMATURE of me to assume they were not married. I had no idea, thanks for clarifying. I’m sure when you READ my note you registered a “oh no he idn’t!” Did I get a snap too? Anywaaaaayyyyy didn’t mean to “hate” on married couples. I really didn’t know, hence the bastard comment. Thanks for the correction and I appreciated the vocabulary lesson. Now go back to the kiddie table, the grown-ups want to chat.

    @34, good one thanks.

  7. GOT MILK ?




  8. Donkey Ass

    My wife went up two cup sizes, from a nice C to huge DDs. So yeah…they can get that big. People are stupid.

  9. Donkey Ass

    Then they deflated down to C- (half grade taken off due to stretch marks)

  10. Racer X


  11. Sidney

    #8 Anna

    Yikes! I cannot imagine eating the pussy cat. There is nothing like a sausage and women do not have sausage. She got implants, got pregnant, and gained weight. I do not understand why people make a big deal out of cosmetic surgery. She looks like a porn star with her unnatural looking blonde air, heavy makeup, and implants.

  12. baby

    Mommy, why does your milk tastes like silicone and clown makeup?

  13. people like boobs

    I was barely a C cup when I got pregnant…. then they got bigger, then bigger, had the baby… and then huge-mungous when I started to breastfeed. Very large, painful at times, and almost 10 times the size one would expect. At one point I said to a friend of mine, ‘I think they’ve gotten as big as they are going to get’. She saw me a few days later and laughed. Not quite there. Not long after, I had bazoongas. It was pretty awesome, but now… somewhat like Donkey Ass’ wife… they are Cs, but not as perky.

  14. ew

    she is ugly behind all of that base and contouring bronzer, bimbo weave, saline and new fat and milk glands.
    her body will age not so well as she is shaed like a pear and prob has never been to the gym.
    she has a rat face and bowed legs

    if you like her voice or music you are stupid and not in my social class.

  15. ew

    she is ugly behind all of that base and contouring bronzer, bimbo weave, saline and new fat and milk glands.
    her body will age not so well as she is shaed like a pear and prob has never been to the gym.
    she has a rat face and bowed legs

    if you like her voice or music you are stupid and not in my social class.

  16. Ms J

    “Cuz I am beautiful, no matter what they say…”
    C’mon she just had a baby.

  17. lg

    Oh, I knew there is baby boobage involved; I do read this site several times a day, after all. I just forgot to mention the baby part in my previous comment. Doesn’t change the fact that implants + baby = ridiculous beachballs.

    Also, whenever I leave comments here, I have always been polite and never called anyone names, so I’d appreciate it if you fucktards who love to flame people would do the same. (I just changed my commenting policy.)

  18. Chip Douglas

    The implants certainly make her breasts bigger than normally would when post-pregancy.

    Her husband is a lucky bastard.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    @68 Ig you fucking reta…Oh sorry I didn’t read your policy. Mea culpa.

  20. aja

    When they deflate it WILL get ugly abd saggy. Probably end up drooping around her knees…nasty crusty nipples. What a tacky spic.

  21. Netsurfer

    Good lord! I didn’t know they made implants that huge anymore. Ellen must one of those who likes silicone. A LOT.

  22. Flavio

    I’m would like to reassure #53 that as a male, I find any lady who is already hot remains just as hot while pregnant. have never had the chance to do a pregnant girl that I know of, but I so totally would, over and over. and yeah, then I’ll stare too after the baby’s out. I like to be well-rounded about these things.

  23. killer

    Big fake tits are ugly. She spent all that money on her tits and look at what she got for it. The ugliest husband in the world.

  24. It’s so funny! Christina Aguilera makes Ellen glad to be a lesbian? Do you believe this? I don’t think so. Maybe Ellen like it lol…… I have saw many lesbian women on one date club These women are beautiful and hot. Come on! Check it now !

  25. me not u

    She’s a completely pathetic person. For someone with such great talent, she sure doesn’t think much of herself as a person if she has to present herself as such a whore all the time. Get some help with your daddy issues, Christina. And by the way honey, your kid’s nothing special – they all look, shit and puke exactly the same.

  26. Elk

    63. people like boobs

    Good luck trying to get these people to believe you. Most of them think only unattractive parts of a woman can get bigger naturally.

  27. Jen

    Um, I’m sorry but half silicone and half breast milk = not that sexy.

  28. Marie

    How stupid are you people who think she has a boob job! She had a BABY and she always had big breast. Don’t call her a whore because she’s fucking lucky to have that rack!

  29. Me

    Why does she look like a confused blow-up doll in 90% of her pictures? And #79, just because her boobs got bigger as a result of pregnancy doesn’t mean she didn’t already have implants, like someone said earlier, she used to be like a B cup when she first started out.

  30. kitty_kat

    @#14- Don’t worry. I think everyone except #30 got the joke.

  31. James

    Her boobs are fake.

  32. i think that christina is simply perfect..beautiful face..body..and most of all..a beautiful voice..FOR ME she is the sexiest person in show business..and i don’t know why alot of people care whether she has inplants or not..she still looks beautiful..and bdw just for d a girl..and i am sooo not jealous (as you can see from the msg i left)..why is it that when u see a picture of someone u ALWAYS want to comment on the FLAWS or if you see a pic of xtina and her big titties it becomes like a questionnaire: do you think she had inplants or not??”..come on give these people a break..u hate them..but you still listen to their music and watch their movies..they succeeded much more than u did..and success is the biggest revenge =)

  33. None of your business

    Her delight with her massive tits will change to sheer horror when she stops nursing the brat.

    They will deflate and droop to her belly button. And to add insult to injury, they will be covered in vile, untreatable stretch marks.

    But at least she has the money to get them overhauled via (more) plastic surgery.

  34. jimy2008

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  35. chrissy

    Does anyone else find it funny that she wouldn’t confirm her pregnancy “because she just isn’t that type of girl”, but she’ll go on “Ellen” and go on and on about penis balloons and her sex life with her husband while wearing a dress that accentuates her chest?
    Media. Whore.

  36. Alicia

    IMPLANTS + Pregnancy/milk=BIG BOOBS
    Why is she pretending they are ALL HERS???

  37. Alicia


    I wouldnt trade my naturally perky C’s for those FAKE tits for nothing!

  38. Mellow

    It doesn’t matter if you get married or have a kid, some people will always be tacky.

  39. ler

    i cant wait when the news reports her baby somehow getting lost in the vast valleys that is her boobs.

  40. Didymus

    Those could feed an entire jolie household.

  41. Didymus

    Those could feed an entire jolie household.

  42. jake

    christina is an ugly britney-wannabe! she is not attractive, or in any way appealing, at all! britney spears is always going to be hotter and way more attractive than christina no matter what’s going on in her life! i happen to know britney is looking great these days and she is taking dance lessons and will be embarking on a massive world tour that will take her back to the top of the charts where she belongs! also, ellen is a much bigger britney fan than a christina fan!

  43. Louie

    Britney is far sexier. Christina wears alot of makeup and always does weird things with her hair. Britney’s wholesome and she looks like a sexy version of the girl next door. Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba are the sexiest women in the world to me, but Britney comes in third. Christina really isn’t sexy.

  44. Maxine

    Christina looks even skankier than ever. I still say Britney is better looking.

  45. Sal

    I know both Christina and Britney had breast work done, but Britney kicks Christina to the curb because she’s one of the hotties of our generation. Christina can only pray to be nearly as scorching hot as Britney.

  46. Cole

    Oh, man….she is so freaking hot!! (Christina I mean…not Ellen) She can make any lesbian glad to be lesbian!! She can make and straight woman gay!! She can make any gay man straight!! God, she has gotten so hot over the years!! And stop all the Britney shit, because that idiot doesn’t even have a prayer anymore!!

  47. Jake

    Lots of guys still think Britney’s hotter.

  48. Remmy

    I sure as hell find Britney alot sexier than Christina only because she’s natural and we all know Christina’s “milk guns” were surgically enhanced several times, even before she had the baby, while Britney’s are 100% real. You can just tell. Britney also don’t be needing makeup and plastic surgery in order to be as beautiful as she is. Brit’s the last true natural beauty of our time.

  49. milf

    51: When a woman gets pregnant, her breasts start getting bigger right away. I can’t tell you how many bras I went through during and after my pregnancy. My breasts were at least as big as hers, if not bigger, when I was breastfeeding. I highly doubt she’s had implants. She was always skinny and small, as far as I can remember.

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