Christina Aguilera makes Ellen glad to be a lesbian

February 21st, 2008 // 114 Comments

These are stills from Christina Aguilera’s appearance on Ellen yesterday. For those of you who couldn’t sit through the video, here’s the highlights. And by highlights I mean her boobs. I don’t know why I felt the need to spell that out. It’s pretty much a given on this site. I guess sometimes I want to make sure we’re all on the same page. And by the same page I mean her boobs.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Brittany


  2. Sara

    HAHAHA you’re funny. I wish I was a guy.

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    She was supposed to whip those puppies out if she really wanted Ellen to be a happy lesbo.

  4. robb


  5. wowsa

    those are ridiculously large. she could feed ten babies.




  7. wowsa

    if ellen is still with portia de rossi, then i doubt she’s a boob girl.

  8. Anna

    I’m a young woman, and straight, but I have to admit that I would go to bed with her in a heart-beat. No man can compare to THAT.

  9. shelley


  10. Say

    Why is her nose darker than the rest of her?

    Why am I looking at her nose?

  11. For some reason I have this desire to have a big glass of milk with my lunch today..

  12. those are Halley Berry-esque

  13. Clem


  14. Auntie Kryst

    I got nothing to say here. She looks like a happy mother…A happy whore of a mother to a bastard. Ahh there we go, better.

  15. notapc

    So very thirsty….

  16. havoc

    Those are some decent fun bags……


  17. God

    Fake boobs suck!!

  18. niles

    I’d motorboat the hell out of those……..

  19. bryan

    You Motorboating son of a bitch!!!!

  20. Al

    Meh. I suppose they’d be sexier if they weren’t FAKE.

  21. Al

    Meh. I suppose they’d be sexier if they weren’t FAKE.

  22. noneyobeezwax

    fake or not – i would still like to put my peepee in between them.

  23. The Office Whore

    @13- you forgot the r..

  24. audience

    When will the writer’s strike end? I’m tired of reruns.

  25. toolboy

    It’s a bruise from jogging.
    Wow. Tittays are what make the world go ’round, to quote the homeless guy at the Metro…I think they want out. The clown faced bigfoot kid is going to be one huge mouthed, smiling little bugga.

  26. Jumpin_J

    She must be a fan of The Superficial. She read that Jordan was having a breast reduction and thought, damn!, I need those! Say what you will about her her boobs (like she crack any man’s skull that get in that cleavage), but she’s frugal!

  27. Dick Richards

    Those are some massize breasts. Pregnant, purplish sand-dollar sized nipples! Hot!

    Frist?! I know your pussy’s wet. It’s okay: touch it.

  28. Mystress Jade

    Those are spectacular……

  29. #27 Obsessed much? I thought I told you to get help!!

  30. some people are so dumb...

    @14 – Do you even know what a bastard is?? Here’s a vocabulary lesson for you:

    Bastard = a person born of unmarried parents…

    So that would mean that since she is MARRIED (to the father of her child – thus proving that she is not a whore) her child would not be considered a bastard…


    you’re just mad because she JUST had a baby and is still waaaaay hotter than you!

  31. Haters!

    Why are most of the girls on here so damn JEALOUS of another woman who has bigger breasts? Christina looks hot. Too bad the other women on here are blessed with what I imagine to be Vienna-sausage nipples and not the knockers of X-tina ;)

  32. IKE

    #28 well put!
    Those ARE spectacular.

  33. The Beer Baron

    Those are only after one?!? I gotta start impregnating post haste!

  34. toolboy

    Stacie? Where’s my buffalo wings?

  35. Jordan Bratman

    Look you fuckers, stop making fun of me. Just because I have a Jew nose, hairy back, bad teeth, a beer gut, and bad breath, DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO CALL ME “SASQUATCH.”

    I prefer the term “Yeti”.

    Thank you.

  36. tom

    How convenient for her to have a baby…. she can use that as an excuse to have everyone stare and drool at her mammaries… mmmmmmmmm.

  37. IKE

    #31 you aren’t looking to make friends on here, I guess. :)
    Seriously, there are A LOT of negative comments on here…seemingly because she got those whoppers.
    Hey, if Lex Steele or Shane Diesel were on here with their wankers out, I wouldn’t wriite “hater comments.” Maybe it’s a guy thing.

  38. The Yeti

    #35-I so take offense at your comment. Meet me at my Matterhorn at 3pm, I’m so going to eat you.

  39. lg

    They’re ugly — as a woman I would never have such ridiculously large implants. She’s verging on looking like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife. And no, this is not jealousy. I just think too much is too much.

  40. sasha


  41. Juliana

    They are amazing.

  42. IKE

    #39, there are implants in there (somewhere), but that’s BABY. She didn’t just get implants….they grew to that size.
    mmmmm, the miracle of life.

  43. kay

    #39 — Yes her boobs are fake but they weren’t this large before. Do you know why they are so large now than before?? Thats because she was pregnant and had a baby.. As a women you of all people should know…RETARD

  44. Yep, Christina has had breast implants for quite a while now (5 years?). Breast implants + motherhood = extra huge knockers.

  45. Latin Spice

    I’ve got three words to describe those….

    De Li Cious

  46. OW

    FRIST!! What’s dick dick’s deal?

    and 31- you forgot the 8.

  47. #23 Office Whore, that was FUNNY!!!

  48. hoagie

    you can’t breastfeed with implants.

  49. some people are so dumb...

    Sorry toolboy… I’m not Stacie, so no buffalo wings for you :( hee hee

  50. Bob

    She needs a pearl necklace to go with those tities.

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