Christina Aguilera makes a shocking announcement


Christina Aguilera finally confirmed her pregnancy in the latest issue of Glamour. She will “enter into mommyhood” next year, according to People:

“I want to get it right,” she is quoted as saying.
Describing the reaction of the father-to-be – Aguilera’s husband, music executive Jordan Bratman, 30 – she says, “He’s thrilled! He’s just great.”
Aguilera also says she finds Bratman (who, like her, hails from New York) “so supportive and amazing through everything. He came with me on the last leg of the tour and he was my support system. … I gush. I’m a lucky girl.”

I would’ve never guessed. For a while there I could only come up with one explanation why Christina Aguilera kept getting larger and shopping at baby boutique stores. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I thought she was eating babies. Hence the extra weight. The boutique items she purchased were, of course, part of an elaborate trap to lure the little ones in. I just assumed she learned that from her husband who employed similar techniques during his time roaming the Pacific Northwest. Man, I was way off. She’s just pregnant – with that dude’s child. On second thought I like my theory better. Less gross.

Photos: Splash News