Christina Aguilera loses clothing line

christinaaguileraelleuk.jpgChristina Aguilera’s been axed from a fashion label after slating celebs who push their own clothing ranges. The singer was due to launch her own line with company Basic Box, but her multi-million contract was terminated after she called celebrity lines “tacky”.

Probably for the best, considering Christina Aguilera’s strange taste in everything. Her clothing line would’ve probably been something along the lines of an eye patch and pirate hat. With a talking parrot. And treasure. Argggh! I’m a pirate!

And for no good reason, here’s a gallery of Christina Aguilera looking terrible with black hair. Unfortunately for her, only Black people and Asians can pull off having black hair. White people just end up looking like goths which, unless you’re an idiot, is a bad thing.