Christina Aguilera looks interesting


Christina Aguilera was spotted leaving the Mercer hotel in New York over the weekend looking like some sort of crazy bag lady. What the hell is going on in these pictures? She’s got her face covered, her hair is done up like a 60-year-old cafeteria lady, she’s walking her dogs, and she’s got a pillow, just in case she needs to take a nap on the street. I’m trying to come up with a scenario where all of this would make sense, but all I can picture is her trying to fight crime and beating people with her pillow as she’s yelling, “Beware criminals! Bag Lady fights for justice! And knitting!”

christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-05-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-06-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-07-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-08-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-02-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-03-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-04-thumb.jpg