Christina Aguilera looks interesting

March 28th, 2007 // 112 Comments

Christina Aguilera was spotted leaving the Mercer hotel in New York over the weekend looking like some sort of crazy bag lady. What the hell is going on in these pictures? She’s got her face covered, her hair is done up like a 60-year-old cafeteria lady, she’s walking her dogs, and she’s got a pillow, just in case she needs to take a nap on the street. I’m trying to come up with a scenario where all of this would make sense, but all I can picture is her trying to fight crime and beating people with her pillow as she’s yelling, “Beware criminals! Bag Lady fights for justice! And knitting!”

christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-05-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-06-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-07-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-08-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-02-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-03-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-04-thumb.jpg

  1. FRIST!!!

    even better as a party of 3 and naked. i’m typing one handed so i don’t spill my martini

  2. Truthseeker013

    Again, *leave my future ex-wife alone*…

  3. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    It’s because she probably looks even more horrendous without makeup than she does with it.

    I like how in the last 3 pictures you can see two orange sticks, presumably her legs, coming out the bottom of her giant coat.

  4. Laura

    she covering her face because she doesnt have any makeup on, and her hair is in the process of being done. Shes obviously hasnt had her makeup or anything done yet and doessnt want to be photograped looking anything less tthan perfect. I know this because xtina is very vain in this way. If u watch any documentaries on her or anything, she wont let the camera film her w/o makeup on, or if shes in the middle of being beautified. This might sound stupid, but i dont blame her. Does she really want the embarrasment of her no-makeup face plastered on the cover of every gossip magazine in the country? And u all know that if u saw her w/o makeup, even tho she looks perfectly fine, you would all be like “EEEEWWWWWWWWW! XTINA LOOKS HORRIBLE. SHE SOOOOOOOO UGLY!”

    So I dont blame her at all. (Plus she’s fucking beautiful.)

  5. nina

    i dont know if anyone else sees this but she is covering her mouth in every picture, i but she got her lips done, and they look horrible???what do you all think.

  6. ew ew EWW

    hmm…i wonder why she is covering her entire face and wearing ridiculously oversized sunglasses…probably bc she’s not wearing any makeup and she’s ugly as fuck

  7. k naz

    is she trying to disguise herself? i can’t see someone actually wanting to be noticed right when they got out of bed, let alone if it looked like they took all the bedding with them.

    she looks like a grandma, but you cant see any ugliness here, i’m sorry her face is covered-so those ugly comment’s dont count.

    she’s a certified GILF

  8. imran karim

    she looks like she’s 102

  9. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    This is why she doesn’t want anyone to see her without makeup…

    There’s a reason everything on this bitch is fake.

  10. crazyotto

    COOO-KOOO (makes swirling motion with index finger around ear and whistles)

  11. Susieq

    She’s probably getting in a car or bus for a long trip. With all that stuff it looks like she could make a pretty cozy little bed. Maybe I’m just seeing that because I’m really tired right now.

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