Christina Aguilera looks interesting

March 28th, 2007 // 112 Comments

Christina Aguilera was spotted leaving the Mercer hotel in New York over the weekend looking like some sort of crazy bag lady. What the hell is going on in these pictures? She’s got her face covered, her hair is done up like a 60-year-old cafeteria lady, she’s walking her dogs, and she’s got a pillow, just in case she needs to take a nap on the street. I’m trying to come up with a scenario where all of this would make sense, but all I can picture is her trying to fight crime and beating people with her pillow as she’s yelling, “Beware criminals! Bag Lady fights for justice! And knitting!”

christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-05-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-06-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-07-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-08-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-02-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-03-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-mercer-hotel-04-thumb.jpg

  1. wickedesigns

    you can tell she has no make-up on…obviously she doesn’t want anyone seeing her without the infamous red lipstick….she might look somewhat normal.

  2. I have that same exact outfit at home….

    Looks better on me

  3. Mylene

    jeannie in the bottle, dirty, beautiful, super. the repetitious diary entries about your father issues sang repeatedly while wearing the 40′s garb-not so much. maybe she just got her mustache waxed? Her husbands ears can certainly be accurately described as protruding.

  4. loachcrulch

    can you say…….CHINJOB??

  5. Alayney

    Yeah, some kind of plastic surgery for sure! Not bigger lips, dear God! Maybe she got that red lipstick permanently tattooed on — I read that it gets on EVERYTHING! HAHA

  6. Jnicole28

    #27 i did the exact same thing…

    #30 HAHA damn that actually made me laugh, is that a sad thing?

  7. Jimbo

    FRIST what are you doing????

  8. Jnicole28

    #12 um, i think that scarf is a soft plush type of material…doesnt look a thing like fur..but i could be wrong
    now those things sticking out of the bottom of her coat/robe…yes those are carrots..

  9. FRIST!!!

    What am I doing? Well, what I always do. Sit here and pretend to be working whenever the boss walks by. Doesn’t everybody?

  10. zuzuspetals

    This bitch is nu-u-uts (yes, 3 syllables).
    I’m sure that if you checked the archives, you’d find a picture of Marilyn Monroe dressed in an identical outfit, including the ridiculous hairnet. The problem is that Xtina is delusional and thinks she’s Marilyn Monroe. There’s an obvious joke here that one can only hope she’ll take it all the way and overdose, but the most pathetic thing is that she is talented and beautiful enough that she really doesn’t need to spend her life imitating someone else. And she doesn’t need to paint herself orange every other day. And she also doesn’t need to spend every waking moment in a “hottie” pose. God, I hate that shit.

  11. Sassy99

    Someone had some surgery!!

  12. Jimbo

    I checked out your myspace page:)

  13. FRIST!!!

    Is it creepy?

  14. Jimbo

    No, I liked it

  15. Jimbo

    Do you want it to be creepy?

  16. whodatiz

    She’s hiding her face because there’s no make up on it. I was watching a TV special on her once and at a certain point when she was “lounging around at home” without make up she hid her face in the same way.

  17. FRIST!!!

    Yes, or at least a little disturbed, like me

  18. Jimbo

    It was disturbed, but then again so am I. I can see a can of whip cream could be put to good use

  19. schack

    what’s so disturbing about whipped cream? :)

  20. FRIST!!!

    Yes, whip cream is good, but my favorite part is inhaling the nitrous

  21. Jimbo

    FRIST Myspace page is disturbing and the whip cream goes back to yesterdays conversation. Remember you were not interested in it. Enven though I think you would

  22. schack

    you gotta have the stuff fresh. so delicious.

  23. schack

    i was interested. i just refuse to advertise falsely. what’s the point? if i get what i want, then i’m exposed! it’s like lying about the size of your dick.

  24. Lowlands

    #70)What’s maybe better for you is a yoghurtdrink with the name FRISTI.Sold anywhere throughout Europe.Do you know this drink?

  25. Jimbo

    It is not like you get a tub of two month old cool whip. You need the airesal can so it can be placed right where it is needed

  26. no1justminda

    She almost got away with her disguise…but her unaturally ORANGE SKIN gave it away! Maybe next time Christina.

  27. schack

    cool whip is vomitous

  28. no1justminda

    She almost got away with her disguise…but her unaturally ORANGE SKIN gave it away! Maybe next time Christina.

  29. Lowlands

    It’s a very tasty yoghurtdrink and kiddies love it.I love it too in the early morning.

  30. Jimbo

    Well I was not going to go there with the cool whip. Tell us what you like????

  31. schack

    meth and man ass on a sunday mornin’ :)

  32. Jimbo

    I can’t get to youtube at work. The bastards block everything!! Why wait until Sunday? Man ass is good 7 days a week

  33. schack

    okay- it’s yoghurt. we GET it. geez. i try to teach you some valuable american history, lowlands, and all you can think about is curds and wey.

  34. Jimbo

    I have a few thingsd to teach you:)

  35. Lowlands

    Canada ain’t bad,nice taxclimate…

  36. schack

    if you’re from canada, then why is your english so often complete nonsense. you’d sooner sell me pink fur, low.

    i have to go to class, jim. ttyl

  37. Jimbo

    Send me an e-mail later

  38. 2700

    100$ says she’s hiding a cold sore

  39. FRIST!!!

    Can you believe this shit??? I actually just had to WORK!!!! So what’s goin on now? are we still talking about whip cream? Or yoghurt? I have to type a letter to the city prosecutor really quick, I’ll be back….

  40. Jimbo

    I am more into whip cream. I was wondering what happened to you. Type the letter real quick and get back to the important stuff

  41. Lowlands

    I’m thinking about to have some plastic surgery done…Making me less handsome and in that way the girls are bothering me less what’s better for my job.

  42. Lowlands

    The nature in Canada is amazing,that’s one thing what i know.

  43. Ok, I’m back, did you miss me???
    What are we talking about now? Canada? I’m not allowed in Canada.

  44. Lowlands

    I like the Niagarawaterfalls,especially at new years eve…

  45. Jimbo

    Yes I missed you.

    I loved maiden of the mist. I like dressing up in those little blue rain coats and getting all wet

  46. Jimbo

    It is time to go home. Call me and we can discuss the best use for that whip cream

  47. FRIST!!!

    Fucking I still have an hour to go here.
    But all the bosses are gone so time to turn up the ipod and break out the vodka…woohoo! Party of one, just how I like it!!!

  48. Jimbo

    It is better if it is a party for two

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