Christina Aguilera is probably pregnant

June 8th, 2007 // 163 Comments

In non-Paris Hilton related news, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman stopped by a maternity center yesterday, fueling rumors that Christina is pregnant. TMZ reports they stopped by New York’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Association, known for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies and state-of-the-art ultrasounds.

Notice that Christina Aguilera is covering up her stomach in every single shot here. Also notice that she looks pissed as hell. Which doesn’t make any sense, because the father of her baby is so incredibly good looking. Oh, no, wait, that’s a mirror. Man, look at him. They’ll be lucky if this kid isn’t born with hamburger meat for a face. Or isn’t a damn Mr. Potato Head.

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  1. terri

    Katie Holmes was photographed at Starbucks everyday of her pregnancy. There are non-caffeinated drinks available.

  2. Patricia

    I think that Christina always looks beautiful, she is the best singer I’ve ever heard. All of you who criticize her are just jealous of how beautiful she is, and angry because you can never be her. She is nothing like Britney, and honestly I don’t think britney’s a whore or skank either. You people make nasty comments about someone you don’t even know. You are the real skanks and whores!!!

    p.s. congratulations Christina

  3. mabbo

    #150: well from what I have seen, Britney’s last studio album In The Zone sold 4 million in the US and about 8 or 9 million worldwide. I have never seen the appeal of Xtina. She really isn’t that pretty, especially without ten layers of make up on; it must take the make up artists hours. Britney isn’t that pretty either. Both have mediocre music. Xtina has never had a nice body: she was too skinny, then she was too fat, and now she has fugly boob implants that look like halved grapefruits, and her Marilyn Monroe look really does not suit her. I laugh when people say she looks “classy”. Actually, with the short platinum curly hair, she looks like Jenna Jameson from the cover of Jameson’s book “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star”. Honest, check out the book cover and then look at Xtina. LOL.

  4. mary jane


    WHO IS that monkey dude ?!

  5. Ani

    Christina is so gorgeous.
    Why does she have to have a child with him he’s so uglyyy …liek how is she attracted to him.If she’s pregnant i hope the baby turn out like her lol

  6. leesa

    She is soo georgous and he is the right guy for her. I dont give a shit what any of you say and neither does she. He makes her happy and brings new meaning to her life. That, in the end is all she is gonna care about. Their baby is going to be the most georgous baby in the celebrity books, anlong with shilo. he/she is gonna be one damn lucky baby to have Jordan and Christina as parents.

  7. It could be worse she could be pregnant by a Catholic or by a Black guy.

  8. Christina Aguilera is probably pregnant…..”That happens…”

  9. Francesca

    Can you imagine how hideous and tacky that kid is going to be? The two of them really are an arugment for genetics.

  10. Francesca

    The thought of their “naked sundays” makes me not want to do anything but throw up on the weekend. Although the thought of Aguilera with a naked face (ie no make up) is even scarier.

    What kind of society allows such an ugly and retarded acting couple to spawn?

  11. 1. are u pregnant? 2. did you have a alergic reaction from the makeup from a long time a go?

  12. since she got pregnant the make-up has seemed to get worse as in more and more i think she is having some hormonal skin issues as many pregnant women do and using makeup to make herself feel more like herself.

  13. thanks for your post!!!!!!!

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