Christina Aguilera is probably pregnant

June 8th, 2007 // 163 Comments

In non-Paris Hilton related news, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman stopped by a maternity center yesterday, fueling rumors that Christina is pregnant. TMZ reports they stopped by New York’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Association, known for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies and state-of-the-art ultrasounds.

Notice that Christina Aguilera is covering up her stomach in every single shot here. Also notice that she looks pissed as hell. Which doesn’t make any sense, because the father of her baby is so incredibly good looking. Oh, no, wait, that’s a mirror. Man, look at him. They’ll be lucky if this kid isn’t born with hamburger meat for a face. Or isn’t a damn Mr. Potato Head.

christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_01-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_02-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_03-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_04-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_05-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_06-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_07-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_08-thumb.jpg


  1. hahhahah

    It’s not a child, it’s a heron.

  2. elle

    he looks like shane mcgowan.

  3. tonycatman

    For the fourth time – he looks like Shane McGowan.

    Good on her for not being so superficial as to care about what he looks like.

  4. great_sphinx_42

    It’s pretty awful that most of you are either woman-bashing or entirely superficial. She’s absolutely crazy about that guy, so what does it matter to you what he looks like? Okay, I kind of hope the kid (if they are having one) looks more like her and less like him. But I’m not going to bash the poor guy for it! And Christina has quite possibly the most powerful singing voice in pop today, so how is anyone going to call her untalented?

  5. hyped1

    Oh well, I always liked her better than Britney Spears but I guess she will now also become a disaster?

    Look how perky her breast look under that bra less shirt! Say goodbye to those Christina..I know I am !!

  6. tonycatman

    Pregnancy – some education for the bizarrely ignorant.

    You can wear as much make up as you like. It hasn’t been lead based for over a hundred years. You can also dye your hair.

    You can drink coffee.

    You can, and should excerise, avoiding any high-impact exercise only in the last few months.

    No drugs, smoking or alcohol.

    Importantly if you are famous. Your kid has to live with the image you portray.

  7. fred

    Hmmm, looks like puffy nipple syndrome…that means preggo to me….(and before ppl ask, yes I a fully qualified inspector from the AEN -Academy for Erect Nipples)

  8. 1MILFhunter

    How the hell did an ugly SOB like him tear off some of that?? Is this a real life “Knocked Up”?

  9. mabbo

    My bet is she just got fat again. I just read that her “Back to Basics” album isn’t selling very well: it’s been in release for almost a full year and it hasn’t had any number 1 hits and the US sales are a paltry 1.5 million with only 4 million WORLDWIDE. Ouch! A music star of her caliber should not be doing such mediocre sales on what is ONLY her third studio album. She may have the better voice, but sadly she will always trail far behind Ms. Spears.

  10. I thought guys looking like that were less likely to survive and to reproduce. But judging from her choices in clothes and make-up, Christina is most definitely deprived of selectivity.

  11. ph7

    Honey, I promise I pulled out in time!

  12. captain obvious

    um, tonycatman (is this a man speaking on pregnancy???) person…you’re not so edumacated yourself…women are recommended not to dye their hair during the first few trimesters. And all you people complaining abt people being superficial for judging the way Christina’s hubby looks (and come on,he is ugly; maybe he’s a nice person, maybe they are in love, good for them, thats nice, really)But…well, ah, the site is called the superficial. So people’s comments are going to be just that, superficial…duh.

  13. Lenina

    wtf is up with her eyebrows.

  14. the midnight nambla

    no jokes…that woman uses a ton on peroxide to lighten her hair. there are warnings of all types that say do not use while pregnant. if she is pregnant she may be going to that particular clinic to prepare for or (hopefully) to avoid any complications.

  15. Jenn

    OMG!!! A MARRIED woman got pregnant! What is this world coming to! What ever you do, Christina don’t breastfeed your baby! We all know how sick and perverted that is!
    Worse of all–she picked a husband for who HE is–not what he has or looks like. I imagine he will also be a loving father. Guess he better start brushing up on being a deadbeat dad so he fits in!

  16. carsten5577

    If you just found out that you were impregnated by a jewboy, you’d also be pissed.

  17. tonycatman


    The first few trimesters? Are you serious?

    Exactly how many trimesters do you think there are?

    Pregnant women should not dye hair. Says whom? On what authority? In which medical study was it concluded that there was a causal relationship between hair dye and teratogenesis? According to which pre-natal advice pamphlet? Find me a single credible source (not simply someone who can’t be bothered to discover the facts and instead errs on caution)

    Are you a midwife, pediatrician, doctor, subscriber to the BMJ, or otherwise involved in medical research?

    Yes, I am male, which means that I don’t spread old wives’ tales.

    Incidentally, don’t cross on the stairs when pregnant either, in case you have ginger twins.

  18. getoutofmygalley

    I wonder what kind of whacked out name THIS celebrity is gonna give her rugrat? Aguadilla Aguilera?

  19. Vi

    Posted by shanipie on June 8, 2007 7:33 PM

    “you go, Christina!
    I have a little one of my own and I fully intend on raising them with Creationist beliefs.”

    Good. My kids will need servants in about 20 years.

  20. ForMeToKnow

    Well, That’s just so damn stupid. If you don’t want to look pregnant…wear a *gasp* sweatshirt*

    Drama Queen.

  21. Cynthia


  22. Felicia

    On the ‘hair dye during pregnancy’ thing, I think both of you win. Check this out:

    - According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, hair dyes are probably safe to use during pregnancy because very little of the dye is absorbed through the skin.

    - many health care professionals still prefer to play it safe — especially during the first trimester, when the most rapid and vital development is taking place

    Anyway, on topic: I think it’s great that Xtina is gonna have a baby. Maybe she’ll pay more attention to her family now. She looks quite pretty in those pics. (Except her hair)

  23. SodaPops

    Did she get her chin sawed down?

  24. #14 – I have a Kum Sock. I hide it under my bed

  25. pointandlaugh

    “Also notice that she looks pissed as hell. Which doesn’t make any sense, because the father of her baby is so incredibly good looking. Oh, no, wait, that’s a mirror. Man, look at him. They’ll be lucky if this kid isn’t born with hamburger meat for a face. Or isn’t a damn Mr. Potato Head.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is why I love you, superficial.


  26. JewelryDezignr

    Does anyone remember when she made fun of Britney’s weight gain during her pregnancy? I hope she gets a visit from KARMA!!

  27. Vi

    cum socks = male tampons

  28. woodhorse

    #40 I try to make these neer-do-wells on the Fish respect women but they refuse. Maybe it’s because I hate gypsies. Well, not all of them, just the ones I’ve met.

  29. nastya__xoxo

    when Christina was in Moscow she admited the gossip about her pregnancy.

  30. nagger please

    He looks like your typical arrogant Jew..

  31. crazy otto

    Dear Christina, My sperm has made three blue eyed blonde beautiful smart girls,if your interessted give me a call. yours truly,Otto

  32. Kevin Kunreuther

    Me!Me!Me!Pick me!I want the abortion!I want the abortion!It’s tastes so yummy with stewed tomatoes, mangoes and peaches, mmm, mmm, yummy, yummy,yummy! What? What? You eat chicken embryos don’t you? Hypocrites! Hope you choke on your dead cow sandwich!

  33. KAT


  34. Lowlands

    At the moment i’m feeling myself pregnant from this huge pizza.In contrary with Christina Aguilera i’m looking quite happy with this.Anybody needs an address of an abortion-clinic?

  35. Glitch

    Britney Spears wannabe. Rofl.

  36. Lowlands

    “Bad genes spread it self best”,that’s what a rabbi once told me on a Jewish wedding.After that we slapped eachother on the shoulders,danced the Polka and got drunk.True story.

  37. yeaaaaa@ #73

    i was thinking the same thing….i kept staring and her face looks diff…i couldnt put my finger on it.. my cousin had that surgery. yeck.

  38. lastangelman

    THIS JUST CAME IN ON REUTHER … PARIS HILTON IS DEAD … brain dead that is, but we all knew that, so cookies for trumpeting old news. Look a dragonfly …!

  39. Lowlands

    In mathematical point of view a baby with huge ears/nose=painful to give birth.Solution:remove the baby when the size doesn’t hurt yet.

  40. sucks for you


    coffee has caffeine. caffeine is a stimulant which is fact bad for a growing fetus
    coloring your hair won’t hurt the baby, but there is no gaurantee on what color your hair will turn out. blond coloring may turn a greenish tint

  41. How could you not feel sorry for this face:

  42. i,hi,hgyui

    Wow I didn’t know she had so many haters. You’re making yourselfs look like douchebags.

  43. mefirst

    i never liked her-she’s a nasty whore, but if she did miscarry or there is a complication, that is kind of sad.

    of course, i doubt she would want a kid because she would have to focus on someone other than herself.

  44. cosmetologist

    Just imagine how beautiful her baby will be. NOT.

  45. Big Mama

    I hope she has a girl. We need more strippers in the World!

  46. pudell

    In that other picture, off the “good looking” link, there’s a white scarf tied directly around her stomach, where that outfit didn’t really need that, so she probably is pregnant. If she wanted privacy, she has enough money to have a doctor come to her home.

  47. Seymour Butz

    On one hand, it’s sad to see that motherhood hasn’t stopped Christina from running around without a bra and generally dressing like a tramp.

    On the other hand… god bless her. Well, at least for a little while longer. By the time she’s 8 months I’ll be regretting my admiration…

  48. Waffleholic

    She doesn’t look very pregnant. But if she is, as long as she doesn’t turn out like Britney she should be ok.

  49. Ana

    she’s pissed because she won’t be able to bleach her hair for 9 months!

  50. shanipie


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