Christina Aguilera is probably pregnant


In non-Paris Hilton related news, Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman stopped by a maternity center yesterday, fueling rumors that Christina is pregnant. TMZ reports they stopped by New York’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Association, known for their expertise in high-risk pregnancies and state-of-the-art ultrasounds.

Notice that Christina Aguilera is covering up her stomach in every single shot here. Also notice that she looks pissed as hell. Which doesn’t make any sense, because the father of her baby is so incredibly good looking. Oh, no, wait, that’s a mirror. Man, look at him. They’ll be lucky if this kid isn’t born with hamburger meat for a face. Or isn’t a damn Mr. Potato Head.

christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_01-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_02-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_03-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_04-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_05-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_06-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_07-thumb.jpg christina_aguilera_pregnant_soho_08-thumb.jpg