Christina Aguilera is pregnant – who knew?

September 13th, 2007 // 126 Comments

  1. anna

    @49 they are fake!!!

  2. joe

    As long as she’s married to that Jew, her career will never falter. She’s got that mafia protection going. Britney should take notes.

  3. BabyGirl


  4. Candycanez07

    Love the lack of red lipstick. Hope she keeps that up. :)

    Ever since she got pregnant she’s been looking miserable. :(

  5. Candycanez07

    I just realized Christina is a normal human skin tone when she’s out and about, but as soon as there is a red carpet event she gets that ridiculous orange color. Why?? Why??? Why???

  6. #1 wedge

    I don’t know…I’m not saying he’s attractive in any conventional way, but it was pretty erotic when he rubbed that rough-bearded chin on the back of my head.

  7. i like everything about her…except the hair! it’s so dull!

  8. pj

    @55 The lighting at the red carpet is bright for the videographers, then the photographers use flash to cut shadows (which reduces contrast). All that light can make a vain little celebutard look all washed out; many of them paint themselves extra dark (or extra clownish) to compensate.

  9. gerard Vandenberg

    She gave her TITS a boost, that’s all!!

  10. photography confuses and frightens me

    I preferred the monkey in heat/red ass explanation.

  11. How come these famous pop singers date ugly looking guys? also have babies with them. Cant they find people that are cute and know how to dress properly in the public.

  12. kelli-danielley

    61: probably because he’s a DECENT FUCKING MAN.
    You want Tommy Lee? Respect the Man.
    And Texas Tranny too… ’cause s/he makes me laugh.

  13. roughdaddy

    yea,,,shes smoking,,,with that small frame and those giant juicy jugz…even though the homeless looking hubby is in tow…

  14. Pauly

    Is it wrong that I want to smack those funbags with my dong?

  15. Holy shit. Ya. Breaking news. I’m the mother.

  16. vItaly

    I don’t understand. I mean, she’s famous, she CAN sing, her album’s going great, she now is pregnant… how come she always looks so pissed?

  17. hi. my husband Brandon posts on the superficial forums as “apotheosis”. I have a new blog about his online romantic and sexual relationships with female posters.

  18. cfunny95351

    WTF, ya all are just hating on the chick. Of course she always looks pissed, she’s got hella papparazzi up her ass all the time, well either up there or slipping down her ever so beautifull chest, capping on her man, damn, give a chick a break. If I were a dude I’d do her in a heartbeat…………….

  19. cfunny95351

    Oh yea, and she really has a great singing voice, one that doesn’t fade out and shit like so many other so called “artists”

  20. cfunny95351

    and another thing, are you all aware of the fact that when she is not touring and actually gets a chance to relax at home with her man, she cooks gourmet meals in the nude………..

  21. Kate

    #40 – Who cares if she’s having coffee? You can have coffee when you’re pregnant dumbass – 3 cups or less. Next you’ll be saying… omg is she walking while pregnant?!? GASP!

  22. djp

    hottest pregofuck ever.

  23. kitty_kat

    Isn’t it so weird that even though she’s pregnant, its still Britney that’s getting all the press? She’s been pregnant for a while but its as if no one really cared to pry.

  24. princelyking

    isnt she too short to be pregnant??

    and she may be pretty with makeup, but if u havnt, then look her up without it. she deserves whoever the hell her husband is. and dont say u wont look her up, cas i know u will. ur on superficial. i know u have time.

  25. kitty_kat

    That’s kinda true. She is pretty ugly when her face isn’t caked in makeup.

  26. Yeppers…………She still is pregnant.

    Don’t women like to fuck when their pregnant? Always horny?

  27. mannny

    that rat has big tits

  28. jimmyr

    shes def an ugly girl. look at that nose. she looks more trashy and wiggery than britney to me. britney is just like a hippy that cant dress and eats junk food. i feel like christina should have curly nails and a puerto-rican accent.

  29. jEnsmo

    Christina = yummy :)

    Kanye West performing @ the Emmys??? Why, why, WHY?!?!?!?!

  30. Madonna was seen leaving a hotel with a strap-on dildo. I wonder who she uses it on?

  31. #53 where are you from?

    take #74′s advice. but if you cant tell she looks like an ugly rat without make anyways you need glasses or you have LOW standards. her legs are f-ing hideous and bowed. she is short. rat face, no muscle tone whatsover. her singing is a poor imitation of a black woman in church.
    most beautiful woman??
    HAH ! im imagining her walking down the runway with victoria secret models… or in a miss universe pageant..
    rat-faced runt.

  32. jrzmommy


  33. Hello…………………….



    Is there anybody in there????????????

    WAKE UP people

  34. Hey Jrzymommy

    What’s up? I thought I was the only one awake this morning.

  35. Sexysback


    Christina has those gigantic, gorgeous blue eyes, lovely lips, and flawless skin. And wtf is wrong with her nose? It’s long but not beak-like like Paris.

    The pics of her looking bad without make-up were in the Stripped era when she looked equally horrible WITH the lbs of make-up. The last time I saw her without make-up was on the a.m. of her wedding day and she looked incredible.

  36. Sexysback

    And for future reference: when you say anything bad about this woman’s voice, immediately everything else you said before that is completely discredited. She may not be your taste physically, but if you can’t recognize unbelievable talent, then you are the moron.

  37. my comment

    Girl does NOT look happy about being pregnant.

  38. Fumus

    @2 I think the writer(s) for superficial probably look worse than amy whinehouse’s beach photos…and my eyes are permanently damaged from that….imagine never being able to see again…

  39. i like big eyes 2 BUT

    her eyes are really small i think. i used to compare her face to britneys… back in the day i liked britney’s a lot better cause i like the bigs eyes button nose thing. xtina looked more big nose beedy eyes.she doesn’t have eyelashes or brows naturally. eye lashes make eyes prettier. its cool when you have them in real life. her voice is better than most though.

  40. LadyJane

    guys… guys….. cavemen are people too. People with feelings.
    Well, not so much people as apes that can walk upright, but you know what I mean.

  41. nina

    she is ok, but i don’t like her style!!!

  42. feverish

    She’s not wearing a wedding ring.

  43. Flute Man

    I can find no fault with this woman. I pronounce you clean! Go forth, be a fruitfly, and multiply.

  44. jrzmommy

    Hey TT……….it seems as if there are a lot of us awake…..except for the Fish dude.

  45. @92
    I bet her wedding ring is stuck through her right nipple.

  46. You got that shit right Jrzymommy.

  47. Redneck

    Apotheosis, must suck to be you right now.

  48. jade

    she looks great
    there are new pics here
    she’s now really showing off her baby bump

  49. @98
    Why? because his wife caught him?

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