Christina Aguilera is pregnant – who knew?

September 13th, 2007 // 126 Comments

  1. havoc



  2. taboner

    i want to marry the superficial guy

  3. wedge1

    I don’t know why, but when a woman starts looking like a mommy I get a perpetual hardon.

  4. Lexoka

    Ooooooh, so thaat’s why she’s got a huge belly…

    (God her husband is ugly!)

  5. jrzmommy

    So she’s, what, 5 months along….out of 40-42 months or 25 lunar weeks or some shit?

  6. Dr Phil

    Well, she’ll be pregnant a total of 10 months, more or less (depending on whether she gets her kid circumsized).

  7. jrzmommy

    #6 are those lunar months or Jewish New Year months? And it also depends on whether she breastfeeds the kid, get’s a c-section and is a stay-at-home-mom, too………might as well throw out all the buttons.

  8. Those are some nice looking tits.

  9. Italian Stallion

    She looks like she doesn’t even like to be seen with this penny pincher………

  10. thanks for the update tranny.

  11. No problem FRIST!!!
    I try to take care of my friends.

  12. Guy

    Someone needs to learn how to fucking focus the camera.

  13. That kid be really ugly(see the husband) or really hot.

  14. nerf

    Ahh… she is pretty.

  15. Chauncey Gardner


  16. Miss Manners

    The kid will look like a monkey’s ass (dad) in heat (orange/red; mom).

  17. Man, I hope the kid doesn’t look like that rat-faced husband of hers.

  18. whatever

    Did that guy sell his soul to Satan? Because I can’t think of any other way a guy as ugly as he is could have landed a chick like that.

  19. why?

    $$$, as career insurance, that’s why. Like Selma Hayek.

  20. Riotboy

    (o)(o) One more boobie post and we’ll have a trifecta today!

    /c’mon Superficial!

  21. Tim

    She’s lucky. Every day, when she changes a poopy diaper, she’ll see the face of her husband.

  22. ssdd

    Where is her husband from?….Iraq? Iran?…….. he’s got the Mr. Potato Head / LightBulb Head going on …. hence the full beard UNDER the chin Lame .. LOL…

  23. I really don’t think she’s hot, or pretty, or special.
    I’m more into Sandra Bullock (sp?)

  24. pointandlaugh

    she has an awesome rack.

    her husband is a complete ugly retard.

  25. How come SHE’S never on here? She too old for you people?!?!?

  26. Fuphdog

    ahhhhh…..that’s what i come here for…..

  27. nagger please

    The husband is lucky he’s a rich jew.. He is so effing ugly. The man doesn’t have a chin.

  28. @25 FRIST she lives down in Newport Beach. You can stock her like that other lady that tried to run her over

  29. yolonda

    Christina looks great! She looks alittle sad tho in these pics or maybe just not feeling well.

  30. haw haw haw

    Just yesterday there were pictures of Sandy Buttock.

  31. At least she’ll be a better mother than Britney, J-Ho, Nicole Richie etc
    For Brangelina haters

  32. lambman

    Good for her, at least one celelbrity realized nobody cares about their baby!

    Ug, I just wish we could go back to a time when pregnant actesses were considered vulgar and kept out of sight.

  33. BunnyButt

    She looks SO much better with less make up! Damn, wish I had a rack like that. Oh, wait. I do.


    God I hope the baby looks more like Christina instead of that “thing” that impreganted her!

  35. wedgeone

    #3 – I know why, but when a troll stops trying to be me, I get a perpetual hardon.

    So if it’s a boy, they’ll have a bris. If it’s a girl, they’ll have a quinceñera 15 years from now. Either way, this kid will be partying like Paris Hilton. On the parents’ bankroll.

  36. wedgeone

    Sorry – I know there’s no new Paris news, but I can’t help myself, I just gotta name-drop that heirhead!

  37. S4R4H


  38. #1 wedge

    You must be sitting in your parent’s basement wearing our your F5 key just waiting for me to post a comment so that you can ride my wave.

    Imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I must be pretty desirable, since you so want to be me.

    “There can be only one”.

  39. Andrea

    Why do media outlets feel like its a necessary for celebs to officially announce their preggers? Its kind of obvious when they start to get bigger…maybe she’s just being normal person and not being an attention whore like all the others in lala land

  40. nina

    i she drinking coffee?

  41. nina

    is she drinking coffee?

  42. Ted from LA

    #40, your post #41 was redundant.

  43. Pikachelsea

    Good grief, her husband looks like he got about 149 collagen injections. And then had his lips stung by a swarm of bees. And then had a lip-off with Angelina Jolie, and won.

  44. Sarah

    Somebody put an APB out for bratman’s chin. How can he buckle a helmet?

  45. Jeans

    I have to say that i love how in love her and her husband seem. It is nice to see someone not care about looks as much as love….hmmmm maybe i should take my own advise :)

  46. Ted from LA

    I wonder how her husband puts a pillow case on his pillow???

  47. T

    Does she go anywhere without 90 lbs of makeup troweled onto her face? She’s gonna end up just like Britney.

  48. LQ

    Mr. Peepers anyone?

  49. woowoo

    where the hell did she get those boobies? and i mean even BEFORE all this pg crap. she used to be teensy. so are they fake? or did she just get fat… in her chest?

    wait, why do i care?

  50. anna

    I love her, but she always has on waaaaaay to much makeup.

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