Christina Aguilera is pregnant

June 20th, 2007 // 96 Comments

A source has confirmed that rumors Christina Aguilera is pregnant “are definitely true.” Page Six reports:

“She’s been telling friends,” said one snitch, who revealed, “she has to be three months now, because she’s announcing it.”

The picture above has nothing to do with the pictures below, I just thought you needed a friendly reminder as to what her husband looks like. Most women would rather make out with their dad than with this guy. How did he get her pregnant? I imagine it’d be difficult when every time you get naked for sex your wife goes running out of the room screaming.


  1. MrSemprini

    Sure, he scares me when I’m not expecting it. Yeah, he puts me off my lunch. But, Xtina seems to like him, so I’ll just let it go. After all, my wife loves me and you lucky ladies know what I look like!

  2. Woodie

    She’s so hot.

  3. Shelby

    She’s looking much less orange lately.

  4. haters on superficial

    Bigots are failed human beings.

    That naked Jew you pray to should be very proud of your ‘enlightenment.’

  5. Lowlands

    (48)Lord Sauron,i hope you don’t mean with eternal life a vampire life?

  6. gigi

    I think they’re cute together, like a princess & her frog prince… and he really *is* cute, sorta like the little dude who just got bar mitvahed that’s so makeoutable….

  7. theoriginalmilf

    I know love is blind, looks aren’t everything and all that other yada crap…but damn, Christina, didn’t you at least do a little peek-a-booie at the man before vowing to spend the rest of your life waking up to him?


    I’m telling you, she LOVES this guy. He probably can’t figure it out either, why some rich, famous babe wants him as her husband, but what the heck! I like him. Better him than some coiffed, brad pitt mannequin – better him than all the boy-singers she’s put up with over the years. Yup, I can see it…

  9. 47 Will Go to Hell


    Initially I thought you followed Jesus, until of course, I read more of what you said and realized that you could not possibly be because otherwise Jesus would have to come back to earth and suffer again just to clear YOUR sin of intolerance.

  10. woodhorse

    20: Don’t forget the extra huge tricycle with an ooga-ooga horn.

  11. woodhorse

    #47 That’s not the Jews. That’s the Gypsies. Most people in Florida are actually kind of nice.

  12. Who. . .gives. . .a. . .shit?

  13. El Rafa

    Congrats Christina!!

    @13 I love the pics of the “large” ladies. I met Summer (the slightly gothic girlie) a few times when I was living in Miami. She’s actually a complete bitch, but damn is she hot=)

  14. star69

    Man, everyday I get more and more curious about this guy!
    He has got to have the biggest and thickest rocket on the planet. And I want to see it and maybe have an hour or two with him.
    But making babies with him is a whole different ballgame.
    I wouldn’t go that far.

  15. Look people!!!! christina is going out with howdy doody. C’mon christina find a real man.

  16. @41.. shes already married.. get with it.

  17. Terry C

    I really dont get this. Can someone tell me what she see’s in that ugly baboon. I mean what does he even do anyway, you know, it would be even worse if he actually did nothing then i would then start to understand that he musta drugged her or some shit. That or gave her some sort of “love potion”. That would explain why she married him and got pregnant by him. Maybe he gave her LSD – I heard it makes you hallucinate!

  18. gigi

    omg! are you serious Jules @ #66?? obviously Lambman @ #41 was being sarcastic as hell in his/her observations, making a dig at the skewed order of things these days when it comes to relationships & bringing life into the world…. how did this elude you? funny you mentioned ‘get[ting] with it’…..

  19. Big Mama

    How the hell did he get her. He must have a really big dick and/or a very long tongue.

  20. star69

    I’m telling ya, he’s got something not visible to the immediate passersby.
    It’s hidden in his pants.
    The biggest pocketrocket on the planet and he probably vibrates too. He has to be battery operated because I see no life in those weird, puppy dog eyes.

  21. Tinkerbell

    if he’s ugly it doesnt mean that he doesnt love her. why is that people like the author of this site think that if she’s beautiful her husband has to be handsome? i mean…not every couple is hot like Brad and Angelina which i totally admire. but come on…you really need to find something interesting…dont you ever say congrats or smting? well…congrats christina!

  22. tonycatman

    Can we get back on the anti-semetic theme.

    I love it when people who don’t care wind up the over sensitive.

  23. tonycatman

    Does anyone think it is ironic that the social group who are most likely to practise eugenics are Jews ?

  24. star69

    If being a Jew means being equipped with a monstrously ginourmous penis that actually vibrates and can turn corners and shit, then I’m ready to give a try to a Jew.
    Just as long he doesn’t try to do me through a sheet though. That would be kinda annoying.

  25. SlamBamWibbetyWHAMBAMBADAM

    lawlz what a bunch of dorks. OHH JEW HATERS SO SCARY! Get a life and stop being jealous of the tiny population of those people that own half of everything because they’re not lazy like you. Oh they also make half the movies you watch and act in ‘em too. YES THIS GUY IS UGLY! But so are you! Yay everyone happy? If one Indian is ugly does that make them all? Ok it does but THAT’S NOT MY POINT!! (I’m kidding, I LOVE the Indian telepeeps I get when I call Dell!!!)

    Sir Goy, #47, just don’t give Jews your money if you’re so inclined, my jesus buddy boy pal! Oh wait that’ll rule out lots o’ stuff you don’t want to give up, like mm zit cream. I have no idea if Jews invented zit cream but I know you’re a pimply faced dork with a tampon sticking out of your anooos! ZING!

    OH OH one last thing…THAT GUY YOU PRAY TO IS JEWISH LAWLZ111!11!!11! PWM3D

  26. SlamBamWibbetyWHAMBAMBADAM


  27. sandy

    oh please, I can´t stand this dumb talking about her husband any longer!!
    it is not only the face, clothes and a skinny body, what makes a person beautiful. you all should know: you might be beautiful on the outside, but when you are ugly inside, it always shines through…

  28. if Jewz R JESUS=Z
    chozing people…
    then Y don’t Jewz
    believe in him…

    Itz way too fucked can someone
    not believe in Jesus,
    but believe in God…?

  29. cosmetologist

    He has big ears and looks like Mickey Mouse, so it makes sense to me.

  30. Josh Lavarn

    I’ve seen happier looking Jews locked up in Germany’s concentration camps. Poor guy, I bet she’s a neurotic bitch. I bet they split in 2 more months.

  31. gee

    That guy’s lips could eat the world.

  32. Julie

    I love Christina Aguilera.

  33. Naomi

    yeah……he just must be a really nice guy. or has a large penis.

  34. dudeman

    there baby will be ugly. have you seen her without paint? shes got a big ass nose too

  35. gogole

    shes really insecure.. thats why shes with him, and thats why she is always in drag. shes also an ugly rat face without makeup. shes with him so she looks better in pictures.

  36. cacagurl

    The baby’s gonna come out with whore makeup already on its face

  37. John VanderHagen

    i think shes….HAWT
    like omgawd
    and like her boyfriend…is like such a doof
    but since he doesnt have a career and no knows who the hell he is, he will have lots of time to take care of the baby!



  38. yukadoozer

    what would be a good chimp name? That guy is ugly but her only stability-her folks are drunks fr. PIttsburgh. True Story.

  39. her husband probably has a big dick

  40. Jonathan

    I just want everyone to know that Christina probably looks 1 million times better than you. Maybe the make-up does make her look better, but she’s got the money to have make-up artists who can make her look that good. By the way, she is gonna be a much better mom than all those other trashy hoes out there (Britney). Give props to the girl who isn’t superficial and has one of the best voices in the industry. You go girl. You da bomb!!!

  41. wow, that racist nature of this forum. It sound like a bunch of insecure losers. Jesus was a jew so get on your fuck’n knees and pray bitch!!! And in regard to all the good Christians do is a fuck’n joke. The Catholic church is the richest religious group in the world get your facts straight stupid.

    Also didn’t North America start cause the stupid Catholic’s and Protestant oppress everyone there so they had to ship off to North America for religious freedom. Also

    Protestants = KKK = NRA
    let’s not forget that fuck heads.

    Catholic Church supported Nazi.

    Also fuck yourself you Italian fucks.

  42. Jessica

    People want to say that Jews control half the world
    yeah the only way they did so was buy stealling shit from everybody
    and Jesus was not a Jew get your facts right the dude spoke Aramayic not fuckinng Hebrew
    Jews denied Jesus and use the fact that Jesus was a Jew to get us to like them
    well Jews I see through your lies clearly

  43. fuckyourlove

    Im guessing Chrisitna Aguilera herself was a Jew thats why she married a fucking Jew

  44. Blue Moon

    Jessica i think you are about the stupidest Christian i have ever seen on a forum. Before you open your ugly stupid mouth you may want to first read the Bible, and even the Pope acknowledges that Jesus was a Jew, and even possiblily a Rabbi cause he was know to have taught in the temple mount.

    Christina is not jewish at all, she is actually Ecuadorian.

    Also you may want to read the Forbes top 400 richest ppl.

  45. Natasha

    Some of these comments are so hateful and shallow they make me sick, but even more sad. Celebrities are just normal people!! Why do so many people expect celebrities to live up to their SHALLOW ideals of the perfect people prototypes and elevate them to the level of gods. Now I’m not one to judge because I have never met them personaly, but they seem to be in love and because of that thay are beautiful. I congratulate them for their family to be!!

  46. Mz D

    Just wanted to say people really need to get a life- and by ridiculing Jordan because he’s Jewish you’re making yourselves not only look racist and ignorant… but kinda pathetic.
    Do you really think Christina and Jordan would care what low-level IQ brainless racists say about them? I bet they’d laugh…cos the joke’s on you.

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