Christina Aguilera is pregnant

June 20th, 2007 // 96 Comments

A source has confirmed that rumors Christina Aguilera is pregnant “are definitely true.” Page Six reports:

“She’s been telling friends,” said one snitch, who revealed, “she has to be three months now, because she’s announcing it.”

The picture above has nothing to do with the pictures below, I just thought you needed a friendly reminder as to what her husband looks like. Most women would rather make out with their dad than with this guy. How did he get her pregnant? I imagine it’d be difficult when every time you get naked for sex your wife goes running out of the room screaming.


  1. Farley


  2. Pokemon_Johnson

    former mmc girl…who cute…

  3. RUSerious?!?!?!

    I Love Christina! XOXO Congrats on the baby! XOXO

  4. Pokemon_Johnson

    on E! last night they had a special showing Christina, Britney, Timberlake, and a few others were all Mickey Mouse Club kids…

  5. Victor

    Son of a bitch, I fuckin wanted to get her pregnant, I wanted to shoot my massive load in her.

  6. reggie


  7. Waffleholic

    That thar is the face of the luckiest man on earth. I’d give up my rugged good looks in a second to have Xtina as a baby momma.

  8. jrzmommy

    zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz

  9. WowJustWow

    She’s still cute.

    And she will be a much better parent than Briney or Angelina will ever be.

  10. Italian Stallion

    Why does this jew always look unhappy? I’m not a praying man, but I will be praying that this child doesn’t end up with “daddies nose”. Unless of course the kid wants to be the worlds biggest coke head. I figure Lohan will be dead by then……….

  11. Damn. Little monkey jew babies to come….

  12. Where is everyone?!? why is the west coast 3 hours behind?!?! dammit!!!!

  13. I think the bullies at my elementary school used to hold that dude down and piss on him.

  14. Italian Stallion

    @13 you went to school with R Kelly, you’re like famous or something……..

  15. Why is everyone surprised. Women dig guys, no matter how ugly who are rich and have power. Plus if he has a thick 10, of course she would latch on.

  16. RoboHobo

    @13 Yo Bern, that guy went to Tulane — if yuo didn’t already know that, you could probably tell, due to his obvious short-New-York-Jew-ness.

    I think he may have been a senior when we were Freshmen.

  17. raff

    The first I thought of when I saw a pic of her husband was this:

    Damn jug-eared freak…

  18. Pass the dutchie please

    Oy, this schlub looks just like one of the guys in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. You know, the one where Bugs is stranded on a small boat with the two goons with the 5 o’clock shadows. Everytime they look at eachother or Bugs, they morph into a hamburger or hotdog some other foodstuff because they’re hungry. Yep, he’s one of those dudes but instead of becoming hamburgers, when he and Christina look at eachother, they morph into dollar signs.

  19. kix

    I don’t care how ugly he is… she is still way uglier– damn Oompa Loompa.

  20. jrzmommy

    Prediction: The kid will be born with enormous red lips, a hook nose, orange skin and an anemic goatee.

  21. hollyj

    @10 – He has a big nose, but it’s not like Christina has a cute little Denise-Richards-button-nose. She’s got her own giant schnozz goin’ on. Look at that sucker.

    That baby’s nose is doomed. I just hope it doesn’t cause the baby to get lodged in the birth canal.

  22. jus'stupid

    She’s prego? Damn, what a bad girl. I think she needs me to spank her.

  23. Italian Stallion

    @21 lodged in the birth canal?? Damn I didn’t even think of that. That’s fucking hilarious. Here’s to wishful thinking……


    I think that Christina need to drop this whole 40′s look shit! I think that she wear to much makeup, and When she wear panty hose, it llok’s like her cat is suffocating! EWWWWW! I’m not sure how this baby will come out, I hope that since the father is ugly as hell, and Christina is half decent, that maybe it will come out in between! Who fucking knows!

  25. Gerald Tarrant

    Down here we call it Jewlane, not Tulane. This guy proves the reason. Of course he didn’t go to Goyola.


    typo(it look’s like)

  27. sharpeidude

    Jumpin’ Jesus! He looks like the poor mans version of Ringo Starr.

  28. WowJustWow

    Didn’t realized that Superficial was a Nazi hangout.

  29. jew

    Look at the picture, he does look like a Mickey Mouse in its 30th. He found his Mimi after all. They totally fit each other.

  30. Jimbo

    @5 Victor who wouldn’t you fuck?

  31. Teddy

    I think he looks a little like David Duchovney

  32. Damon

    Good I hope their baby has a nice big nose. Big noses are so damn sexy, I’m glad she didn’t chip away at hers like other hollywood stars.

  33. Victor

    #30 Jimbo, I wouldn’t fuck your skanky sister.

  34. Ewan

    Hes ugly, get over it. Looks arent everything you know! All ill say though, he must be a REALLY nice guy, and REALLY good in bed, lol.

  35. Teddy

    Does Chrsitna always walk around with her back arched like that? It looks like someone is pullind her shoulders back and punching her in the kidneys at the same time. Also look at her face, it almost looks like a freeze frame from a bad porn.

  36. Italian Stallion

    @28 “Didn’t realized” I didn’t realize that the Superficial had retards posting………

  37. WowJustWow

    It was a typo, you knuckle-dragging Nazi moron.

    Shove it.

  38. yolatengo

    will the baby glow in the dark?

  39. jrzmommy

    37: more like a stupid-o. Get it…’re stupid….stupid-o. HAHA!!

  40. WowJustWow


  41. lambman

    Wait she got married first and then became pregnant? Is that allowed?

  42. Italian Stallion

    @40 Jew……..

  43. WowJustWow

    Nothing wrong with being Jewish.

    so grow up. Thanks!

  44. Italian Stallion

    @43 I know, I’m just kidding. You guys have great hearing. I dropped a penny once in a loud crowded restuarant. Next thing you know two big nose jews were fighting over it. I didn’t even realize I dropped it. Oh, and yes there was two of them. It was after all half price burger night. I was just there for the Red Stripe……….

  45. #25 – Yeah, Jewlane was always really clever … wonder if the 40 foot menorah they threw up around the holidays had a part in that (and never any Christmas tree).

    Hadn’t heard Goyola — we always just referred to it as, “That Religious Community College That Rents Land From Our School.”

  46. Jimbo

    @33 how did you know my sister is skanky?

  47. Pass the dutchie please

    It doesn’t take a Nazi to criticize Jews, it only takes a Nazi to do something about it! All kidding aside, us Goyem are facinated at the ability of Jews to non-forcibly separate the average Goy from his money and put it in his own pocket.

    Couple this fascination with the fact that the smallest population of any racial phenotype controls and owns the most resources…..The cause of this phenonenom must be Biblical in proportion!

    Besides, it’s not like Jews are the most kind and generous race of people on the earth. Compare that to the humanitarian efforts of the current Christian nations of this earth, as well as Catholic Charities, and other Protestant evangelicals. Yes, they’re preaching the Gospel as well as helping those in need but at least they follow the Old Testament by assisting others ‘not like them’ (see the passage on the Good Samaritan).

    As referenced in the manifesto above, Jews invite their own criticism!

  48. Sauron

    I need a human body for reincarnation.But the body must have killing looks,which is not easy to find.I highly doubt if this yet to be born body is something for me.The mother is looking allright but the father looks like a Hobbit.Lowlands,this is my last offer.In exchange of your body i give you my visa goldcard and eternal life!

  49. Victor

    #46 Jimbo, well if she is anything like your whore mother, then she must be really skanky.

  50. Lowlands

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