Christina Aguilera is a wonder of nature

June 16th, 2006 // 285 Comments

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I’m looking at Christina Aguilera’s legs and I’m pretty sure the way she’s standing is physically impossible. Her left knee looks inverted, which I guess happens sometimes when your weight drops below 32 lbs. She looks like she’s trying to do a cowboy impression but is dressed totally inappropriately for it. Like new age performance art or something. You know the kind. They put on panda suits and then pretend they’re milking a cow. It’s art. You wouldn’t get it.

More of Christina in a see through shirt with really perky breasts after the jump.


  1. LilRach

    #240 – i will take that as a compliment! cheers buddy!

  2. Iambananas

    Wow, Ha. This is funny. Child like infantile people with no lives just logging on to see if I have posted. Get a life instead of checking back to see if I post anything.

    This is enough… you thought I was annoying before? You have no idea who I am.

  3. ptprez

    o.k Iamprez bitch…

    you don’t know who i am..

    i’m not some high school wanna be…

    you might be cool in french class, but this is the real world punk..

    bring it on bitch, i’ll just slap it back like your gym teacher did when he made you blow him for a passing grade…

  4. ptprez

    i know…maybe you’ll pretend you’re me…

    why don’t you pretend you’re not a faggot…

  5. Dragulf

    She is still taller than Tom Cruise!


  6. ApacheRose

    pt–check your hotmail.

  7. One_trick_pony

    252 You love it, admit it.

  8. Ariana

    I think ptprez should let me give him head.

  9. Iambananas

    I will not be a gay ass clown.
    I will not be a gay ass clown.
    I will not be a gay ass clown.
    I will not be a gay ass clown.
    I will not be a gay ass clown.
    I will not be a gay ass clown.

  10. This is sad…even though “we” say we will rise above it, the ‘regulars’ keep feeding it.

    With all due respect to everyone I love here, what the fuck, you are helping to ruin it. that’s why me and T are reduced to hooking up, getting married and touring the country in a corndog stand.

  11. Well, I take back that last comment. No one here can take the credit for our NASCAR cordog love. That there is fate. And that’s why my man is out there right now putting bottle rockets in my beer bottle and telling me to come out and see.


  12. mommy_long_legs

    damn, I had to log in and remember my password just to get on here and say I wish bananas would just go away. I have never read anything as stupid, childish, or idiotic as what he/she/it keeps writing. Please, please…just go away.

  13. WorldWideWendy

    how does that song go- ‘banana’s is shit…shit is banana’s…’ something like that. I like Edna though- I like it when people pray for me- It means someone is taking care I get into heaven. God knows, I can’t get in there by myself.
    Big hug for Edna.
    Big Kiss for shit-ana’s.
    Big hello to all the gay arse clowns.
    You know who you are.

  14. WorldWideWendy

    Anyway- her legs are what we in the business call ‘riders thighs’ and it does not involve the riding of horses.

  15. Edna Bambrick

    God bless you WorldWideWendy! The golden gates of heaven will welcome you with open arms while the fiery pits of hell consume those posters who do not follow His word.

  16. she was never attractive to begin with

  17. peep

    she looks like she is getting into her pimp daddy’s mobile, looking to make a few bucks…those shoes look like shit…they don’t look sexy with the denim rolled up….she looks like a cheap hooker that could possibly have a penis.

  18. krisdylee

    Well, if I’m gonna be consumed by the fiery pits of hell, at least I’ll be warm. Man, I hate being cold. Sucks (lame)bananas.

    Happy fucking Monday all. I’m going to Tranny and Zanna’s place.

  19. spatz

    uhh are you kidding? no new story? i guess suprefish guy is just bitter cause perezhilton and got featured in Entertainment weekly! if you posted more than two stories a week maybe you’d be on that list too!

  20. Moonmoth

    She’s always had those bowed legs/rickets legs. She was clearly malnourished as a child. Blech.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    @267…As a part-time pimp, one of my career goals is to make this Ho on one my “ladies,” and when that day FIIIINALLY comes, I will pray to the Lord so he may take my pimp hand and MAKE IT STRONG!, so I may teach this Ho, her place.


  22. BarbadoSlim

    SHit make that: *one of my “ladies”

    DAMN!! nigga! you need to put an edit on this bitch shiiiiiit.

  23. BriBri

    Is anyone else besides me wondering when we’re going to get a new story?

  24. spatz

    no youre not. and it was a pretty good gossip weekend too. britney and kfed pretending to be a happy family frolicking on the beach. hello!!

    i bet the next story he posts will be a really lame Paris story.

  25. punkrocky

    HAHA! shes a midget!

  26. Wish he’d get on it. I really need to see Britney frolicking before I can properly begin my week.

  27. jane's eyre

    Geez. This sucks. No new stories to report? Are you trying to tell me that Britney hasn’t endangered little SP over the weekend? Really? I find that hard to believe. I sure miss TC posts. Those were fun.

    Oh yeah, and Christina looks like Woody in drag from Toy Story.

    “You’ve got a friend in me, you’ve got a friend in me…”

  28. NunoH



  29. Krisdylee….we’ve got videos from yesterday…

  30. pinky_nip


    Lovin’ you and Tranny’s shit. BTW, My grandpappy used to farm that land where MIS is and sold it to “them race track folks” years ago…

    I was about 15.0 minutes from you this weekend visiting my dad for Father’s Day.

    You whore! I could have had some fun with you & the the lil’ ones.

  31. Pinky you crazy bitch!

    I’m glad you are loving it…you know, I thought I could “sense” your presence around there! I said to T, “don’t you sense some EXTREME estrogen and sexual energy around here” and he was all like, “yea, actually I do..” Then we got it on.

  32. mommyd_23

    god you people are stupid.. it’s the way she’s walking and the way her pants are flaring out that make her legs look like that… the photographer must have been taking tons of pictures of every move she was making. That’s usually what happens with celebreties.. they have tons of pics taken of them so anything that seems to be out of the ordinary is captured on film for everyone to pick apart.. and yes christina is a small woman.. but that is a BIG and Expensive car DUH!!

  33. SagaciousSteph


    Um, yeah many previous ‘stupid’ people have already said that’s it’s just the camera angle, and discussed Xtina’s height to point of actually looking it up, (5’2″), and the size of the car, (quite large). Of course none of that factual information matters as we are going to disregard it to make jokes about her being bowlegged midget with an artificial leg anyway because it’s funny…and it’s what we do here. DUH!!

    “I reject your reality and substitute my own!

  34. BarbadoSlim

    Yeah, huh #282? the site where you put your head up celebrities’ rectums is THAT way:


    good day sir.

  35. chief

    why the pic is removed ????

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