Christina Aguilera injures arm on fan

caguilera_ritsparis.jpgChristina Aguilera’s right arm is in bandages after she got into a fight at a nightclub with a crazed fan. She’s been advised to wear a sling, but decided to wear a black bandage instead at a recent fashion show in Paris, France. A source says, “Christina hurt her arm after a scuffle with a drunk fan at a nightclub. It’s nothing serious but her doctor told her she should wear a sling until it heals.”

There’s something incredibly awesome about Christina Aguilera injuring her arm while beating a fan to death in a night club. I don’t know the details of what exactly went down, but I picture Gary Coleman running up to Christina for an autograph and then Christina replying, “No way, bitch,” and then just start wailing on him with her fists. I think I could die happy if I knew that Christina Aguilera injured her arm while beating Gary Coleman to death in a club.