Christina Aguilera has pumpkins, too

October 12th, 2009 // 37 Comments

While others basically assaulted small children in the face with their breasts, here’s a more modest Christina Aguilera taking her son Max to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch yesterday. Although she also brought Jordan Bratman which I’m sure left many a child awake at night for fear of the Mole Man hiding under their bed. Or worse, marrying them. AAAAHHHH! Sorry, that scared me, too.


  1. Rockin'

    Smokin’ hot!

  2. Rockin'

    Smokin’ hot!

  3. Randal

    Christina, it’s great to see you still sending in pictures to The FISH for your fans. I’ve been one of the biggest since you burst onto the music scene and continue to follow your lucrative career.

    Hope both you and the family are doing well and thanks for stopping by.


  4. weed

    i want to suck her mammaries

  5. zuzuspetals

    She appears to have natural skin color and not her usual bizarre shade of oompa loompa orange- is that right, or is it just the lighting? I for one love to see her looking natural and *not* trying so fucking hard to look sexy. She much more attractive in those photos than in any others I’ve seen.

  6. mmm… they look so snuggly soft!

  7. Why is it these celebutards don’t believe in giving their children a haircut?

  8. JADE

    See thats what a mother wears to get a pumkin with the little ones. Not like skanky Shawna Sands, who wears that to a pumpkin patch? Wait didn’t she “pump-kin”? Yea her step-son, enough said.

  9. Zeuss

    You do know she had a double-mastectomy last year, right?

  10. Venom

    I agree with #5. She looks so beautiful w/o the tranny make up on. If only she’d keep the more natural look…

  11. JADE

    @9 no your thinking of Christina Applegate.

  12. vlynn

    christinaapplegate had the mastectomy

  13. Me

    She looks so hot without all the clown whore make-up on, someone please tell her for christ sake!

  14. We really need to see more of her pumpkins – she’s been keeping them under wraps for quite a while now and its starting to piss me off.

  15. CakeSnifferer

    Thank you for not putting any photographs of The Chinless Wonder (no, Jord-o, the chessy beard does not disguise your freakishly weak chin) up here. Crop if you must, but I can’t bear to look at that.

  16. Andie

    She looks like a mom. And she brought her husband. I think this is great. FINALLY, we can see somebody that seems at least a little bit normal. You take your kid to the pumpkin patch, you dress in jeans and a t-shirt. Not to mention this kid has a mommy and a daddy. And they DO THINGS together.
    I don’t care what anybody says about her husband: they seem happy to me. This little blurb made me happy. You know she did an interview about her house (which is WAY out there decorating-wise) and she actually let her husband SPEAK? Amazing. A woman that actually shows her husband some respect. How very refreshing.

  17. Taz

    I’d love fuck her like a mad man

  18. wow

    she lost a lot of weight. she looks amazing.

  19. Fuck this happy wife with a husband and kid shit. I want the slutty girl I loved back.

  20. Renee

    Wow..what a change.. and for the better. I can’t believe she left the horrendous makeup and cheap looking attire at home that she usually wears. She’s not an ugly girl, so I never got why she wore so much of that horrible makeup. She looks very natural and cute here and someone should step in and tell her to keep this look. She looks like the girl next door type now. Her son looks just like her husband.

  21. Iujuu

    she looks beautiful without makeup
    i love her

  22. I’m not going to lie to you, I just rubbed one out.

  23. Stupid hair


    At least she didn’t give her son the stupid trendy faux-hawk (or even mohawk) I see all the young moms giving their hapless children these days.

  24. I’ve always been a fan since the Genie In A Bottle days. It’s like she’s reverting back.

  25. Ein

    o wow she looks awesome! Let’s hope she doesn’t get close to make-up.

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  27. Turd the third

    She is pretty much the exact total opposite in all ways of both Lohan and Spears…I think that says alot right there.

  28. ricaty

    I found private video where she cooking naked with her husband

  29. Her son isn’t cute. He would have been cute if she had a kid with another man, because her husband is so ugly. It made her kid look like he has down’s syndrome.

  30. Christina makes being a mom sexy. That’s one gorgeous girl! I’m glad she got rid of the whips and chains and is now plaid and denim. The new sexy!

  31. But Christina is looking sot in orange gogs..

  32. Darth

    I didn’t almost recognize her,she looks a bit different.Even her legs seem to be straightened out

  33. Galtacticus

    She’s lost everything and she’s living now as a single mom in a hay barn.

  34. lilu

    Yay, Christina. Talented as fuck, successful, beautiful and a happy wife and mother. You go, girl. I wish I had your life.

  35. Justina

    She works hard and plays hard… I’m in love with the story of a beautiful, talented woman by the name of Christina Maria Aguilera # 1.

  36. Eva

    #29 hit the nail on the head. Ugh, he inherited his father’s downs jaw.

  37. Rogue Cuckold

    I would love to watch Christina being banged by her black lovers! Then perform any tongue duties required!

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