Christina Aguilera has prominent mammaries

October 1st, 2007 // 150 Comments

  1. wow

    i will be stoned for saying this, but britney was always a prettier girl.

  2. Rusty

    What? Did she use a 3/4″ “Sharpie” pen to do those eyes?

  3. emile

    Ronald McDonald is… ALIVE? Stop the press! He didn’t die of coronary combustion, as we all thought. He’s hiding in drag! What would Elvis say?

  4. lambman

    When Amy Winehouse has less severe eyeliner you’ve got a problem.

  5. YUMMY!


  6. my comment

    She’s the MOST unsmiling mother-to-be I’ve ever seen.

  7. meli mel

    yea shes ugly. lol
    that felt sooooo good to say!?
    Am i black hearted?

  8. Big Mama

    Is that “Puff-the-Magic-Dragon” on her maternity dress.

  9. is she really preggy??! or she’s just replaced her silicon into a new one??

  10. suckers born every minute


    being pregnant isn’t like doing ecstasy. it’s not all grins and giggles. it’s a pain in the ass most days. i’m sure she’ll smile more once it’s out and not kicking her organs every five minutes.

    breeding is overrated. it’s corporate america’s way of enslaving the masses. yeah, keep breeding hungry little chubby consumers so you can spend the rest of your life trying to cater to their needs and trying to make up for your own sad childhoods.

  11. double stuffed


    i’d rather be ugly and rich than “you” anyday and i’m sure christina would agree.

  12. Arden

    The eyelashes are A LOT. I like her . . . but they are just yucky.

  13. veggi

    I’m back….I know, I know, who cares…..but……………………. is reporting that brit lost custody of her kids….. SHOCKER!

  14. Mango

    sssshhh. Now all the people who felt sorry for Paris on the Letterman thread will come over here and write about how they feel sorry for Britney.

  15. MrSemprini


  16. MissPMS

    lmao I just read that Shitney Spears lost her kids.

  17. dan

    I’m so psyched – for the brawl among Xtina’s real-life gangbang posse to determine who the father is while Mr. “I Like To Watch ‘My Wife’ Get Repeatedly Tripled Penetrated by Her Dance Troupe” giggles and masturbates in the backround. Goddamn what a show that’ll be.

  18. jane doe

    britney just lost her kids…its on

  19. BunnyButt

    I finally figured out who her husband looks like: Tony Shalhoub’s character in “Men in Black”. I mean, look at the guy in pic 15, then look at this:,%20Tony

    The resemblance is uncanny!

  20. You All Suck Cock

    Jesus Christ, what’s the deal with that shaved ferret walking upright beside her?

  21. eeks

    OMG, she is so ugly! Do you see the 3 tons of make-up that is on her? And orange sprayed tan? And white bleached hair? That baby would be less toxic if conceived on Chernobyl’s grounds. I love the fucking visible shading on her beak, to make it look human. What a possum she is!

    That baby is going to be a FUCKING UGLY RODENT!

  22. Guy

    You would think with all their money the husband could afford a chin and jaw implant because of his NON EXISTENT CHIN AND JAW. That and getting his ears stapled back.

  23. steve

    dam she fine is fuck too, why she gotta do this. first time i saw her man, he must have an 8 inch dick hahah

  24. Jess

    Dayum!!!! There’s a M.I.L.F.!!!!!!

  25. Hey veggi, how were your marys?

  26. joe

    WOW! Those are niiiiceeeeee

  27. dana

    too much makeup .

  28. What'Better

    Is the Milk from real boobs like Christina’s better than the milk from fake boobs like Heidi Montag’s. The Fish must use his lustful feelings for Christina to motivate and put the wood to Heidi. Then when both are with child, the Fish can have a contest among his readers and the winner gets to drink the milk from both and tell us which tastes better.

  29. rea

    What has she found in him?? He’s extremely ugly!
    She has nice boobs, hands and feet.. and could tone down the makeup just a little. But the guy……. Oh my..

  30. Superevil

    Am I gonna have to read about brits kids getting taken away tomorrow?

  31. Buck

    Christina’s boobs are not real. Can’t you tell by the way they swing wide out to the side and the canyon between them? Implants, man. Implants plus the real boob swelling of pregnancy.

  32. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    So here’s what happens when your boobs start growing during pregnancy and you have a bag of silicone floating around inside. They may be big but the also look pretty fucked up. What an idiot to do that to her body. Take those sacs out woman.

    I can’t believe people don’t realize Christina got implants. She got them several years ago.

    #78. They both have implants. Christina’s boobs are ROCK hard cantalopes.

  33. rea

    OMG, haha check out the 2nd set, pic 3. The guy has crooked eyeballs!

  34. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    Messin’ with Sasquatch!

  35. LoveChristina

    Yes the eye makeup is a little heavy in these pictures, but it’s funny that no one mentioned that she’s wearing makeup was done for a photo shoot earlier that day. I’ve been a huge Christina Aguilera fan since “Genie in A Bottle” came out in 1999 and through her many changes, I’ve always had a huge amount of respect for her for not being afraid to do whatever it took for her to be comfortable with herself as an artist and indivudual while staying true to herself. I love the fact that she hasn’t let her appearance go in her pregnancy, unlike a certain junk-food and starbucks chugging, literally barefoot ex-pop star who married a “man” who left his pregnant girlfriend and first child to be “a better man” with her. Christina was smart and took her time, she didn’t get married or pregnant right away. We all make mistakes but one thing you can say about Xtina is that through it all, she never went crazy or ended up in rehab…she actually learned from her mistakes. I am so happy for her and wish her nothing but good luck in blessing with the birth of her child. Love you Christina, shake the haters off!

  36. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day




    COME ON PEOPLE. honestly implants shimplants a whore is a whore but at least know who has what. Especially when it’s this fucking obvious.

  37. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    ….and everyone in hollywood is a whore. So let the Christina lovers not go crazy I have nothing really against this woman. You know just wish she could try classy a la Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman instead of skanky a la downtown prostitute.

    But at least she’s not Britney.

  38. I_LOVE_TO_EAT_PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Preg pussy tastes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

  39. shankyouverymuch

    She is so HOT, can anyone please tell me WHY, Oh WHY, she decided to have a baby with worlds only JEW-DONKEYRAT! hybrid … WHY Christina, for goodness sake WHY … I’ll very surprised if the baby doesn’t come out with two heads or a tail or something!!! … WHY Christina WHY … :O(

  40. hippyyippyyai

    By the looks of #5 she has crabs too. Scratch scratch….

  41. Lucy

    She’s not wearing nearly enough makeup. And her natural eyelashes are stunningly long. I’m amazed.

    It’s like she used a Bozo the Clown doll instead of a mirror.

  42. blah, blah, blah

    Cruella DeVil! What the hell did you do to those puppies?

  43. adeliza

    Brittney just lost custody

  44. Smush

    Um, hello, Britney just lost custody of her kids today…get with the program and update superfish!!!

  45. Wally's Grudge Fuck

    Maybe she’s not smiling because her husband’s giant forehead zit gave her nausea

  46. Danklin24

    Why Christina dresses like this i’ll never know. The fake eyelashes, the clown makeup? Come on. She’s undeniably one of the most beautiful celebs and she makes herself look ugly. Oh and also, her areola are HUGE!

  47. Danklin24

    Britney losing custody isnt news. It was bound to happen and even stated here on this website but i didnt happen…until today, the greatest day ever…when someone actually realizes what a fucking imbecile and terrible mother Britney is.

  48. #96

    im denying it.
    rat faced
    wigger in clown makeup
    #91, those are false… i’ve seen pics of her without makeup…. in nature she has no eye lashes.
    it’s funny someone brought up she should be more classy like catherine zeta jones, charlize theron…. the looks like a goblin from the bronx next to them…

  49. apple banana

    too bad britney lost her kids. she was looking hott on thursday!

  50. j

    Damn, that’s alot of tit for that little guy.

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