Christina Aguilera has prominent mammaries

October 1st, 2007 // 150 Comments

  1. mkell

    Wowzers! Go-go Gadget Bazookas!!

  2. Those are some huge titties! They could feed me for a week

  3. mac

    Someone should tell her Halloween isn’t for another couple weeks….lose the mask. Yikes.

  4. jrzmommy

    I think Tammy Faye Baker bequeefed her false eyelashes to Xtina.

  5. adeliza

    I couldn’t get past those fake eyelashes. Good God. I wonder how much time each day she spends putting that face on, then taking it off.

  6. TS


  7. bubba lubdubski

    gotta love the little “demon seed” bedazzler on her belly. suppose that says something about how she feels about her half hottie, half sasquatch offspring?

    honestly, I can’t believe I noticed the bedazzled tummie…..I think that tory spelling image turned me to into a queer eye guy. thanks fish…bastage.

  8. Amber

    She would look so much better without all the makeup. She is beautiful without all the “fakeness.”

  9. Christ on a Crotch

    Horrible tacky half a fathead. Bitch always looks like a fucking clown; someonw, anyone, MAC, Liz Arden, Estee Lauder, please show this woman how to put on make up, PLEAEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!!!

    She looks so decent when she has not a stitch of makeup on. Natural and even has freckles.


  10. She does wear more make-up than me.

  11. FagHag

    Damn I bet those are some fine ass titties.

  12. Hey Val! Do you think she is prettier than me?

  13. BAM

    i could care less about the fake eyelashes, wtc is going on with the black eye shadow. it looks like she applied roofing tar to her face.

  14. Shallow Val

    TT, nobody holds a candle to you, sweetie.

  15. Not even to drip hot wax on my balls?

  16. Texas Tranny

    would you hold a candle to me? in my eye? for hours? please!

  17. I hate fucking trolls…………..LOSER.

  18. Texas Tranny

    Your trolling will do no good.
    Everyone (or most) here knows me and my personality and knows I wouldn’t post such lame-ass comments.

    What makes a troll tick? I don’t see the motivation.

  19. LL

    Christina and Amy Wino should teach other women how to apply makeup. So, so pretty…

    Man, there are gonna be epic stretch marks on those when it’s all said and done. Also pretty.

  20. shut up 15, 16, and 17! I’m the real TT! I’m the only gay one that can reach my level of gayness. Stupid trolls! You just shut your mouth!!!!

    People like me here cause I am gay and I shave my balls.

  21. no # 8

    she looks like a bow-legged rat without all the makeup.

  22. jrzmommy

    TT’s Troll……it’s not like you could possibly come up with something that would embarrass TT…I mean…..he’s openly a cross-dressing dude that likes to fuck guys and enjoys chicks, as well….what’s left to say that he hasn’t said already? Right, TT?

  23. Koko

    Looking at her husband, and then at the stunning hotness that is Xtina, I keep hoping that on the magic day, her little baby comes out and looks like her big studly black bodyguard instead. LMAO

  24. Remember The Alamo

    While it is true, I do shave my balls (and everything else) I’m not gay, dick-for-breath.
    Everyone knows I swing both ways. I’d lay down damn good money that I get more pussy in a week than you’ve had in your whole life.

  25. shutthefuckuptt

    right TT? right? oh dear. what a loser.

  26. she picked her husband

    she picked a super ugly husband so he wouldn’t leave her when he saw her not in drag.

  27. veggi

    24- who are you and who are you talking to? I’m lost. But I’m used to that……

  28. jrzmommy

    looks like someone (#25) woke up on the wrong side of the gutter today.

  29. Jrzymommy,
    You know it.
    I’m an openly honest person, nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.

    Can you say that, troll?

  30. Shallow Val

    12 – Heck no, man. You’re pretty; she’s pretty ordinary.

  31. Come on #25,
    I’ll bitch slap you so hard……………………….

  32. she is hot if

    she maybe appeals to my inner:
    puerto rican
    trailer park inhabitant
    high school drop out
    homeless man
    gay man
    she looks like a rat faced clown.
    too short, fugly legs.
    ….. p.s she thinks her voice is better than it is.

  33. Shallow Val

    TT – I didn’t write #14. It’s some loser troll.

  34. MANNY

    yeah shes def that ugly short girl that trys to be hot with makeup.
    i’ll take petra nemcova anyday over this big nosed wigger runt.

    yeah shes def that ugly short girl that trys to be hot with makeup.
    i’ll take petra nemcova anyday over this big nosed wigger runt.

    yeah shes def that ugly short girl that trys to be hot with makeup.
    i’ll take petra nemcova anyday over this big nosed wigger runt.

    yeah shes def that ugly short girl that trys to be hot with makeup.
    i’ll take petra nemcova anyday over this big nosed wigger runt.

    yeah shes def that ugly short girl that trys to be hot with makeup.
    i’ll take petra nemcova anyday over this big nosed wigger runt.

    that new woman on the view has big tits too…… if thats all you care about why not ogle her.

  35. ssdd

    What a CLOWN. She will scare that baby the first gimpse it gets of that SHIT.

  36. Is she still pretending she’s not pregnant?

  37. PunkA

    What does that guy have on her? Photos of her with a goat? I mean seriously, there is nothing worse than seeing her with him, so he must have mind power over her. I just don’t get it. He must be hung like a donkey.

  38. UGH

    this bitch looks like an UGLY ASS CARTOON WITCH!!
    shes f-cking sick
    those tits look sloppy, wear a bra you rat-faced hoe-bag

  39. I’m gay and I suck big black dicks and love a hard one up my gay asshole.

  40. veggi

    hahaha! the texas tranny troll is kinda funny…… well, shit, nothing else is happening to make me laugh today.

  41. Hey veggi,
    Must be a slow day.

    What troll? Do I have a troll? I don’t see one. Would that be TTT?

    Tee Hee

  42. spam i am

    god, you bitches stink of envy. you’ll never be half as successful at anything like these two are and you’ll die alone on the same piss stained mattress in the same broken down shack you were born in. i’m sure if they find time out of their perfect, pampered lives they can look down to see what you little hater ass bitches have to say but that’s not likely. they are too happy living it up to be worried about trash like you all. get a life.

  43. Uncle Eccoli

    That lipstick is horrible. She looks like a prostitute.

  44. veggi

    see ya fuckers. I’m goin to lunch. which is 2 bloody marys and 17 cigarettes.


  45. #42

    shut the f-ck, do you realize what site you are on you fool? you’re supposed to make fun of these people. your trash for defending that stupid uneducated ho.

  46. oh yeah

    you can say people wont be as successful as these two, and you could say that for every celeb , i guess you measure success by richness. these ugly fools have contributed nothing to society. they are useless.

  47. Heather


  48. all of that makeup

    all of that makeup almost hides her insecurity about being ugly and hated by her peers that actually meet her.

  49. Trish

    WTF???? Back off on the make-up. She looks like a clown. She tries too hard and isn’t a glowing prego person by any means.

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