Christina Aguilera has huge breasts

June 25th, 2007 // 117 Comments

Christina Aguilera showed up to her “Back to Basics” Press Conference in Shanghai sporting some gigantic boobies. Which doesn’t really prove if she’s pregnant or not, but definitely proves that I enjoy looking at her chest. I mean, uh, her brain. Her beautiful bouncing brains. She looks smart.


  1. sheva, do you want my cock? It was ok for you last night. You know that I go both ways,
    so bring those extra dicks with you when you come.

  2. kathleen

    She is 100% pregnant. I can tell not because of her chest….but because of the marks on her left arm. She has been having blood work done(the bruise) and the tape that they use in those phlebotomy offices always leave red marks above and below. Take it from a 7 month pregnant woman- SHE IS PREGNANT!

  3. Solaera

    Um, the marks on her left arm is a tattoo.

  4. mary jane

    god damn shes FUGLYYYYY.

  5. LeeLee

    102: thats a tattoo; not to mention it looks NOTHING like a bruise from blood work.

  6. ^^UR Stupid^^

    DAILY CUMS — ho ho’s…fat ass..seems someone has a body image problem. maybe sitting in front of a computer all day trying to be the first to post something on a blog can do that to you…and what’s up with “daily cum”? are you telling me that you WISH to cum daily because you are too fat and retarded to know how to?? maybe you should ask both your mom and sister, they seem to know how to make someone “daily cums”

  7. clint

    DEM is some RIPE IMPLANTS, ready for the pickin………………..

  8. Um….. Looks like a bruise from bloodwork and 2 red lines, maybe from a tape allergy. I have to agree with kathleen here. I am preggers to, as well as an R.N. and that was a bad needle stick bruise with bilateral tape allergies. If someone has a tattoo like that, I wouldn’t pay to have it done. Go to a dr. office and let them jab you.

  9. Michelle

    wow you are all so jelious .. if you have to get that worked up over some girl that has fake boobs then I wonder what you are like in the normal world look around you I bet 70% of all girls in the world now have fake boobs .. get over it I no Iam but then again I didnt need to get fake ones mine are nice and big! .. get more self esteam girls dont let other woman put you out just cause of there flaws!

  10. Madonna

    Ever see her in interviews? She’s really stupid.

  11. Michael

    I agree. She is one of the most beautiful women ever…I said ever!

  12. knocked_up

    I’m hanging my head in shame to admit that I know this, but the left arm thing is a tattoo. It says “Te Amo Siempre.” I’m into tattoos, what?!
    In any case, I think the boobies look preggers. The veins are what do it for me. My boobs got huge and started looking veiny right away. Oh, and I can get mine to look like that with the right bra and some bronzer.

  13. Satan

    Definitely pregnant from choice of clothes and boobs. My girlfriend is pregnant four months, boobs are enormous and very little tummy is showing. Her dress is something a preggo girl would wear.

  14. I’d probably do her.

  15. Amanda

    boobiessss ,she has only boobiessss i can not look at her ugly face and ugly body ,cheap chick,disgusting whore hehehehehe

  16. Tim


    What a beautiful set of juicy jugs!

    If you think her tits are engorged you ought to see my dick after looking at them!

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