Christina Aguilera has huge breasts

June 25th, 2007 // 117 Comments

Christina Aguilera showed up to her “Back to Basics” Press Conference in Shanghai sporting some gigantic boobies. Which doesn’t really prove if she’s pregnant or not, but definitely proves that I enjoy looking at her chest. I mean, uh, her brain. Her beautiful bouncing brains. She looks smart.


  1. awesome

    oh yeah and to those saying she has creases in her boobs – it’s a shadow! believe it or not, they use lights on talk show sets. with like light bulbs and shit.

  2. Letz for 1 zecond forget
    about Chriztina, everyone
    knowz that zhez the bezt zinger around.

    Superficial needz to do a
    page on (Men)..not anyone
    zpecific, but :men in general:
    all racez…
    therez alot to zay about them:
    and I’ll juzt bet that it waz
    a man who decided that FUCKERZ
    waz considered a BAD WORD, and
    juzt becoz I like the word….
    everyonez like all offended by
    it, fuck, U got

    and I have alot more that I can
    blame the man for…on and on….
    thoze fucking men…………..

  3. i have nipples bigger thanthose breasts, those are tiny titties

  4. i wanna have my milk!

  5. techclerk and I like guys tittays better than girls and we like to lick men’s butts.

  6. 55

    Quit bragging,everyone knows how perverted the techclerk is. He has had this problem for some time now.

  7. Fuck****

    Juzt zaw Pariz walk outta
    jail at 6:00a.m. fuck:

    the bitch iz back….
    zhe waz clapping her handz
    like a little baby,
    zo overjoyed…

    now zhe’ll order
    cupcakes for breakfazt..

    everyone ztart hate=n.

  8. StoneRose

    Damn! Those shoes! I *need* those shoes!

  9. StoneRose

    And *holy blush brush* Batman! Talk about make-up overload!!!

    Anybody got a chisel?

    she went walking zo
    galently into the
    crowd wavying, while
    acting like zhez on a
    katwalk..running into
    her mommyz armz while
    zhe waitz by the car…

  11. Hand, Slapping

    57 WTF?
    My first post on Super– and its YOU–
    Fucking “Paris out at 6:00am?” What COAST you twat?
    …you Lie to get attention on TOP of the

    You have been PWNED by:
    Jimbo, Frist, Phowstus, AFJ, Stallion, even fucking MIA–
    Just for using goddamn ZZZZ
    NOW you fucking LIE? Just to draw
    Fucko, tired of it. Why should I take this off my RSS just -coz- YOU interfere with MY entertainment?
    It’s 4:19 -literally- here in Sunny California–
    so PLEASE will the Regulars smack this.
    Danielle style.

  12. #61=tell it to the hand, bitch..
    I am not lying: at 6:00a.m. on the
    East coazt of Florida..every fuckin
    news channel showed Pariz walkin outta
    fuckin jail..I don’t give a fuck,fuckface where U fuckin live…should of tuned into
    The Today Show, bitch…U missed it..
    Zo, FUCK u…….

  13. miss oblivious

    Send in the clowns…she’s such a natural beauty, isn’t she? Big, fake gozongas, 10 pounds of makeup, bleached fried hair, painted on eyebrows. Ich. I just want to scrub her down w/ a brillo pad and unleash the true beauty underneath all that gunk, because I know she has some potential, she’s not an ugly girl. She just likes to dress up as one.

  14. poorlycutpaperdoll

    so she had boob job?? Awwwh I’m so disappointed if it’s true. Becuz someone told me years ago that christina just use breasts cream.

  15. Lowlands

    The quarter coin hasn’t fallen yet in its place but how does she match ‘Back to Basics’ and suddenly bigger boobs??

  16. Lowlands

    It would be more appropiate for her to make this ‘back to Basics’ tour flat-chested.

  17. Sauron

    Today i’m in a generous mood.Which babe would like to have a boob job??I’ll pay.

  18. mr gossip

    Christina Agulera is freakin hot as we all know. but what im think about right now is how no one who works at thesuperficial has to show up early, i need to get a job here. its like 10:30 before the 1st update. oh well if i could i would too

  19. djthecat

    The victoria’s secret “secret embrace” bra… now i have a crease, too!

  20. Hand Slappin…
    zince your zo fuckin ztupid;
    that would be 3:00 a.m. Californiaz
    time….for Pariz=z releaze…bitch

  21. mafme

    They’re already of a decent size, but they’re also pushed up. Look, no bottom or side boob… just cleavage. It’s very weird looking.

  22. havoc

    Definitely doable.

    I would bang that from every angle with the money shot right between those sweater puppets…..


  23. #61=glad to hear U live
    in Califucknfornia….
    I zee they have zmall
    Earthquakez everyday..
    can’t wait till the big
    one fuckz U up, bitch.

  24. Snatch

    kelli was up bright and early to watch her hero get out of jail. I hate Paris, but at least she can talk without using those words. At least kelli’s young. Those words get boring. Now, giving kelli a donkey punch, that’s something that her mom’s boyfriend does with a smile.

  25. Snatch

    Oh, and kelli, I’m glad you live in Florida. They have hurricanes, like, every month. They will bury your stuffed animals.

  26. djthecat

    WTF is going on with Kelli? Seriously…

  27. Snatch

    I believe she is developmentally disabled.

  28. Jillbondie

    I really, really wish Krazee fuckin Kelly would stop posting her ghetto wannabe posts. You’re white. Get over it. The z doesn’t make you a thug.

  29. miss oblivious

    Stop feeding the krazi and maybe she will just go away! She is obviously feeding off of all this attention and enjoying it. And she’s obviously either a junior high or high school student, because now that summers here she seems to be posting non stop. Lets all just ignore her! Stop feedin’ the Krazi!!!

  30. Jillblondie

    My new mantra:



  31. Snatch

    Ya know, Miss & Jill. You’re totally right. I just wish there was an “ignore” button..

  32. mizz cutez

    the bitch on #1 bitch u hatin on my girl christina u poor az shit talkin bout her

  33. mizz cutez

    the bitch on #1 bitch u hatin on my girl christina u poor az shit talkin bout her

  34. cosmetologist

    Did you notice that she has no real cleavage. It looks like someone stuffed two grapefruits in her chest and pushed them together. I think she got her boob job for cheap in China. Next time she should pay for a good surgeon in Encino or Beverly Hills.

  35. I like fuckin Hurricanez..
    we have partiez every time
    therez one…18 yrz. of them
    don’t fuckin scare me, bitch.

    but the ground opening up to
    zwallow U, now thatz fuckin
    funny zhit…hope it getz ya,bitch..

    #78=yea, wizh in one hand and zhit
    in the other..that won’t change
    a thing, bitch.

    you fuckerz hate your old bullzhit
    lifez..and oh yea, don’t have a
    zummer job, thatz why I waz up early..
    I can zleep whenever I fuckin want to..
    go back to work, I’d fire your azzez if
    U played on the computer all day like U
    bitchez do.

  36. jrzmommy

    When I see her boobies, I hear that HUH OOOGAH noise in my head.

  37. Rylee

    she’s preggers





  39. Snatch

    I have always wondered about breast feeding and fake boobies.
    Is it possible?

  40. djthecat

    yes, it is possible. graphic, but possible.

  41. lisag

    I think her pregnancy is causing her boobs to swell against the implants she’s always had.

  42. LeeLee

    Those eyebrows are HILAAARIOUS.

  43. samgrl

    Every girl here knows that all it takes to achieve those breasts is a push up bra and some bronzer to draw cleavage. They are just pushed together to make them look bigger

  44. Solaera

    She’s always had big boobs for her size – she’s just really pushing them up with a great bra.


    Bullshit. Do a search for some older Aquilera photos. She was pretty flat-chested early in her career, a baby B cup at best. Those giant boobs she has now emerged sometime in 2004.

    She wears so much damned make up. Gross.

  45. It would be nice #77 not to talk about
    mentally disabled people. You people are
    so rude. All you try to do is trash people
    who are different. Sounds to me like alot of
    you are really different,so I guess I should
    be slamming you.

  46. I knew she have fake boobs!!
    all of them are not real! ugh..

  47. hamacus

    Oooooooooh yeah!
    Thank for the Mammary’s. I wish I were that straw. I would sooooo do her. Better than Brit or Hohan anyday.

  48. hamacus

    Actually the mic is more appropriate….ummmmmmm…and about the same dimensions. Love her two handed technique. Who says she has no talent?

  49. lambman

    She’s talented and attractive and not a drug addicted, alsoholic, club hopping skank…what more do you want?

  50. Sheva

    Remember back in the “genie” days when Christina had no breasts. These are indeed the wonder years.

    In other news, this is post 100 and someone needs to give krazikelli some cock to suck. She’s getting cranky, again.

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