Christina Aguilera has huge breasts

June 25th, 2007 // 117 Comments

Christina Aguilera showed up to her “Back to Basics” Press Conference in Shanghai sporting some gigantic boobies. Which doesn’t really prove if she’s pregnant or not, but definitely proves that I enjoy looking at her chest. I mean, uh, her brain. Her beautiful bouncing brains. She looks smart.


  1. first! funky bitches!

  2. that bitch only has big breast….becasue she paid for them! I think that they are going to get grossly bigger, because she’s knocked up with “Mighty Nouse” baby! He looks boring as shit! I bet you that her pussy stink….wearing those panty hose, and cheap looking heels!

  3. fire canabis

    This is the first time, I’ve seen Christina A. Looking ok! I guess she must be pregnant! CONGRATS TO THE WHORE!

  4. ^^UR Stupid^^

    I really don’t understand the deal with being the first to post something. Do you win a prize or something? It’s freaking -LAME-O!!

  5. Norway Sara

    okay, what’s with the painted face yet again? can’t she be normal for a change. i hate to see what’s under that if she puts this makeup on for an improvement… *shivers*


    HEY BITCH!!!!!!! I know that you are jealous because I beat your fat ass…on being first! I think that you are lame! Next time get the ho ho’s out of your ass, and beat me to the cp! LONELY BITCH!

  7. bonkers

    WTF is up with that humungous crease in her breasts in that shot of her leaning forward? Thos things don’t look right at all, I think she should get a refund on her boobies.

  8. bonkers

    Picture #4. Big, BIG crease. I don’t have creases in my boobies, do you?

  9. Binky

    Pic #4 is a bit disturbing.
    Maybe she can sing… or something.

  10. PIL

    She is totally pregs…
    The “first” thing is, in fact, lame..
    No, I’m not jealous.. I just have better things to do than standing in front of my computer waiting for somebody to post something.. but that’s just me, maybe I should get a life, haha!

  11. Fatty

    fucking whore!

  12. Binky

    Pic 4 seems to indicate she has some sort of Ying-Yang symbol thing on her chest.
    I guess it is around the solstice…but – can’t these entertainers get a few ‘normal’ interests ?

  13. Fatty

    Pic 4 is where she caught DOWN SYNDROME!

  14. Kristin

    Looks like a shadow, not a crease.

  15. What’s with the red lipstick all the time? It’s not even fashionable with what she’s wearing. I would like her to be pregnant though.. she seems to be getting along well in her marriage, so what the hell?

  16. Reality Check

    She is 100% prego that is why her breasts are so big she is at least at minimal 4 months prego I know I went from a B-36 to a C-34 and never went back “her hubby will enjoy that benefit”!

  17. RebJam

    Those are recently acquired plastic/saline additions. .that’s NOT due to a baby .. puhleeze. .when will MEN learn how to tell the difference, it’s not that hard (oh but wait fake ones are HARD). .if they’re organic boobs, the tissue doesn’t start just above the bulge but goes all around the chest . .

  18. Wanky

    bbbbbbbbbbb bbbb bbbbbbbb! bbbbbbbb bbbb bbbbbb!! *sucking nipple*

  19. victor vacendak

    Huge breasts and otherwise ugly face and body (look at those knees)…

  20. silverdollar

    about the 4th picture, maybe she’s wearing one of those adhesive bras?

    or maybe it’s just a freakish shadow/crease/something.

  21. silverdollar

    about the 4th picture, maybe she’s wearing one of those adhesive bras?

    or maybe it’s just a freakish shadow/crease/something.

  22. silverdollar

    about the 4th picture, maybe she’s wearing one of those adhesive bras?

    or maybe it’s just a freakish shadow/crease/something.





  24. Kris

    I think it’s just the lighting.

  25. That’s the best Scarlet Johansen makeover yet.

  26. brad44

    rat-faced drag queen

  27. frenchie

    Oh ok. Now I know what happened to Dee Snider.

  28. tromba1

    Someone needs to assemble and post a C.A. breat anthology from Mouseketeer to now. What would be great a an analgous Britney Spears titty histography.

  29. renfro420

    her legs crack me up. she is always in paint. she married her husband so he can stand next to her and make her less ugly in pics

  30. MeatSack

    yowza, dem’s some tasty jubblies…

  31. T

    First of all, WTF is w/the eyebrows? Now lets mention the fake tan, whoreish red lips, 3 hours worth of makeup and the fake ass blonde hair.

    Love the dress, tho and the Louboutins.

  32. T

    Oh yea, and her fake titties are disgusting. She’s ridiculous….

  33. Jolene

    Nice makeup…for a tranny, I guess

  34. Mia

    Too much makeup.
    Gross. And big fake boobies.
    Whats the big deal about her? Even Brook hogan looks more natural than this…

  35. Mia

    I’m sure some guy posted pictures of is kid’s birthday party instead of Christina’s press conference. Thats a fucking clown. I’m sure this ridiculously large ring can throw water.

  36. EatenNSmiling

    The boobs are mostly fake, and they might be bigger due to pregnancy (look at Selma’s!!); but notice that her dress is almost an empire waist… which means there’s no waist-line to speak of, which could be hiding a baby-bump!

  37. nagger please

    She really cakes the makeup on. I wish her ugly husband would do the same.

  38. Filthy crack whore !

    //just kidding. She looks hot.

  39. Anexio

    Okay, hypothetical situation time…

    Let’s say I’m being held at gunpoint and I have to choose whose face I HAVE to blow my load on.

    My choices are simple, Britney or Christina.

    Who would you choose?

    I choose Brit, of course. The original is still the best.

    Last bitches!

  40. Reality Check

    You people are so lost she is prego and the boobs are like that because of a push up bra!

    “made by wonderbra and thats why its called wonderbra”

    Her dress is a good style it hides the baby bump really well!

    You all are just haters Christina has beautiful eyes and the baby will be cute as a button hater rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssss!

  41. Julie

    I love Christina Aguilera. I would motorboat those tits anyday!

  42. Random Fan

    She’s definitely pregnant. Bigger breasts with veins that show are the proof. Her veins never showed before, even when she didn’t cake on the self tanner. Now XTina has yet another reason to cake it on. Blech. She’s so much pretty with her naturally fair skin and more natural makeup.

  43. Rachael

    She’s always had big boobs for her size – she’s just really pushing them up with a great bra.

    She is one sexy bitch. I had my first proper experience with a girl in the weekend and it was great! Now i want to do with Xtina (ha ha wat a dreamer!)

  44. velveethra

    Seconding the vein thing. She’s got a little genie in her bottle for sure.

  45. HeavenScent

    sheesh that stripey costume makes her look like some kind of crack whore waitress…..the red lips/nails thing is getting old….she looks like she’s going to take a bite of that microphone!! cant imagine what the Xtina spawn will be like *shudder*

  46. sucksbagofidkcsparishilton

    I don’t give a fuck how big those funbags are. Aguilera is a fucking diseased bitch who likes pulling on her jew husbands elephant ears while his 1/4 inch dick is trying to find her disease hole.

  47. zhe needz to get thoze
    puppiez out in the zun
    and get them tanned…
    I’m zure they get bigger
    later on, ztill lookin
    like little dirty pillowz.

  48. awesome

    well the veinyness proves they’re real. either she’s pregnant or has a really good bra. i’m going with both.

    ps aren’t they supposed to use makeup to cover those veins up? they’re not exactly hugely attractive.

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