Christina Aguilera gets plastered

March 9th, 2006 // 60 Comments

  1. sanantonio

    Her husband isn’t that ugly at least he isn’t no k-fed. He looks like he truely loves her, if it were britney drunk, k-fed would probably would take care of brtiney like this. He probably just take her to the car & leave her there to sleep and go back in and party.

  2. Swordman

    Christina and Britney, drop the zeroes and get with a hero

  3. Jacq

    Hey, that’s probably been each and every one of us on at least one occassion. Yes, she looks tranny, the Sharpie eyebrows and Gewn Stefani lipstick don’t work for her; on the other hand, she’s been this famous for so long and these are the first pics that I’ve heard of of this nature. That’s not too shabby, better than Ashlee, Anna Nicole, Courtney Love (I guess you can tell where I’m going with this). As much as we are haters around here, I think that she seems happy with him – maybe it’s my cough syrup talking, but I can’t fault her for that.
    P.S. Still, what’s up with the BALD SPOT?

  4. hermanita

    She is very pretty. I hate the hair, but she’s still a beauty. And I can’t blame her either, if I had her housband I’d be drunk and passed out every single night.

  5. Tom Pierce

    She’s full-on hot. You guys would cream yourselves if a chick one-tenth as hot paid any attention to you. Stop whining.

  6. LaydeeBug

    She look hideous and witch-like in every picture. And I see she still doesn’t have a clue on how to dress. Platinum blonee works on Gwen, NOT on Christina.

    Yeah, where’s her husband? Did he dump her ALREADY?

    She got the worse genes from her parents, the trashy Irish genes and the ugly Ecuadorian genes, not to mention the tacky blue-jeans. (just said that cuz it sounded kinda cool)

  7. LaydeeBug

    Oh, THERE’s the husband. And her boobs look have their own time zone.

  8. nichole

    Remember, long ago, when we were all six years younger and she actually cared about her appearence? No? Here’s a reminder.

    Better hair. Natural boobs. She can sing “Beautiful” as many times she wants, but the only person she’s convincing is herself… maybe her husband, too.

    If she were less of a skank and a lot more likable instead, she’d be a mega star because she actually has some singing talent.

  9. Nicole

    I think she’s doing pretty well for herself. I don’t see what’s so wrong with her.

  10. cheetaqueen

    I liked her look better with her self titled cd. she looked more natural and less overmanaged looking. Overdoing yourself is bad cuase it takes a long time to redo it in the morning. Not everyone has hours to get ready like she does.

    She needs to lighten her load of makeup!

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