Christina Aguilera gets plastered

March 9th, 2006 // 60 Comments

  1. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Wow I never realized how pretty she was. She’s what you would call a “classic beauty”, elegant and refined.

  2. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Nice tits, too.

  3. fearsarewishes

    Nice drunk tits.

  4. HughJorganthethird

    mmmmmmm slutty and drunk. Reminds me of my ex-wife.

  5. CheekyChops

    Did she just get her breasts reloaded? They look HUGE!

  6. Topaz Vamp

    She’s in London – of course she’s drunk.

  7. Grphdesi23

    At least she has a male companion to walk her home……..

  8. Grphdesi23

    This story is about as original as ‘Lindsay Lohan does Coke’ or ‘Tara Reid gets drunk’

  9. Lizardqueen

    What an ugly rack.

  10. Binky

    She seems to have a quite few male companions, and one guy doing ‘Walks Likes an Egyptian” (At least she got rid of a few piercings.)

  11. Leyna

    it’s just the shirt she’s wearing that makes her boobs look extra big

  12. Saucie

    The poor girl needs those beer goggles to sleep with her ugly husband. Give her a break!


    …plastered, grabbing her crotch, with a shit eatin’ grin on her face. Mmmm, classy.

  14. suzy

    one of those companions is her husband! he’s the one with the scruffy beard, in the black blazer– so i guess he likes her wasted

  15. The Devil

    Drunk and happy – a good combination for her husband.

  16. bella1218

    the male companion is her husband…she has become more attractive though. that or britney has lowered the standards.

  17. amma

    Awww, you know, she’s so pretty and can *really* sing. So she gets drunk while out with her husband once in a while…so what?
    *But*…what is the deal with her grabbing her crotch in the last two pics???

  18. Captain Awesome

    Look at those beautiful, pickled tatties.

    Unleash those beasts.

  19. night

    Well, she had breast implants when she was a little heavier. Now that she has lost weight and her boobs have remained the same size, they look huge on her.

  20. SuperSpence

    She’s pretty? She wears more makeup than the Joker? This has got to be like having sex with a younger Tammy Faye. Yeah, I’d hit it, but I’d probably have to squint the whole time.

  21. They have nothing better to do….

  22. mamacita

    Ooooooo-wow, a totally legal consenting adult getting drunk with her husband. How scandalous. To top it off, she even looks super cute in all the pictures! She is looking awesome these days. Not much of a story there, although, I suspect that the reason she has her hand on her naughty spot is that she probably has to pee.

  23. xaputa

    Hehe she still looks better then a sobber dressed-up Briney

    and that makes me smile

  24. nbk

    Am I the only one thinking she is going bald in that first pic? That’s a lot of scalp!

  25. Alex, I’ll take F%$#@^-up Celebrity Lookalikes for $500:

    Who is Bette Davis from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

  26. Craig & "em"

    This is totally unexceptable. You’ve got her boyfriend (or whatever) being all protective, her bodyguards covering her sensitive eyes from the camera and no boobies poppin out. This isn’t the way young celebrities conduct themselves when they’re drunk. If everyone would just follow the Tara Lohan Hilton Book of Conduct…this would be sooooo much a better world!

  27. Cuore56

    Hatchetface from the movie “Cry Baby” looks AWESOME

  28. Jayne

    one of the most ugliest couples EVER.
    But if she finds happiness with her husband without resorting to getting knocked up, I wish her well.

  29. Sheva

    Nice drunk fake titties. Man I sure like my titties drunk.
    Then they move around a lot. Then I get dizzy. Then I fall in face first and get a concusion.

    I hate when that happens. Damn you drunken fake titties to hell. Damn you all.

  30. ribbit25

    Her husband must be so proud….he probably took her home and banged her six ways til Sunday….

  31. miadm2002

    At least she had the sense not to drink and drive.

  32. andrewthezeppo

    Wow, she’s prettier drunk and falling down than Britney was styled up for the Grammy’s.

  33. tess

    Maybe she finally realized that she married a fugly midget. So now she’s trying to forget about the mess she got into (terrible looking future kids…) by getting drunk.

  34. becca11

    i think shes a bow legged rat faced runt

  35. Dee

    what a mess…..damn wish i was there…mustve been fun

  36. QOTD

    She’s gotta be drunk to lay down with, whatever the hell his name is! Shit he looks like he fell out of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down. God that’s just uuuuuuuuugly!!!

  37. Pez_D_Spencer

    17 – Um, see the Paris Hilton story above, perhaps?

  38. gogoboots

    Oh how cute she’s smiling at the camera in the last ones…ohhhhh, ahhhh lookit the pretty lights! Hey, we don’t see many drunk pics of her anywhere, I forgot she did that shit too. Wow, so many celeb drunk pics, this is great!

  39. Jacq

    WTF is up with that bald spot, Xtina? What hair she does have looks nasty.

  40. hafaball

    Oh come on, she’s actually the prettiest of all these “stars.” As it’s said so often on these posts…I’d hit it. :D

  41. lolpop

    #1- Yes, you must be on crack. A classic beauty? She looks like a transvestite and always has.

  42. jemfysh

    Yeah, I’d say this will go a long way to boosting your new “sophisticated image”, Christina…

    …women in the 1940s were always rolling out of clubs in the wee hours and falling down drunk in the streets…

  43. abazaba3

    hafaball, andrewthezeppo, mamacita, amma, and anybdy else that thinks Xtina is attractive should have their dicks and balls cut off. She’s the nastiest, dirtiest, filtiest, most VD infected whore in the entertainment industry. You people are idiots.

  44. RP

    #43–that means that paris should self destruct any second now

  45. She got up one morning and look at her husband, and was like look how ugly, and I was happy….and that’s when the drinking got started..

  46. Sassy

    Too much surgery.

    She’s starting to look like Alicia Douvall.

    Tragic. Minger.

  47. mamacita

    #43 Um, actually I don’t have any dicks OR balls, so your comment falls sadly flat. I guess that makes you the idiot.

  48. Mr. Fritz

    Numbers 20 and 27, LMAO with your comments. As the saying goes, “You can’t polish a turd”. I have never thought she was attractive. Yes, she has a good voice, but she looks like a tranny.

  49. Swordman

    Hmmm, i would give Christina a pass on this. Look at the visogoth monkey boy she married. She has to get trashed just to consumate her marriage vows. She should wise up though. She married an agent for christ’s sake. In Hollywood their is a rule, don’t marry an agent – they will screw you whether they marry you or not

  50. NaughtyBits74

    I agree with Swordman. I think she realizes “what” she married. LOL. Visogoth? LOL.

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