Christina Aguilera gets nude for Ze Germans and other news

May 11th, 2010 // 31 Comments

- Amanda Seyfried has minge on her foot. [Dlisted]

- Jessica Biel allowed to kill another period drama. [Lainey Gossip]

- Tila Tequila’s music actually has a fan? [TheFABlife]

- Anne Hathaway apparently gets moist for criminals. Have I mentioned I illegally download movies? [PopEater]

- Rihanna almost has a nipple slip. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Marisa Miller in the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen in my life. [HollywoodTuna]

- Natalie Portman is in a movie with Ashton Kutcher but hasn’t killed herself yet? How in the fuck… [Popoholic]

- Tyra Banks is writing books now. Of course. [StarPulse]

- Kristin Chenoweth’s war on Newsweek gets backed by Glee. [Just Jared]

- Jenny McCarthy’s vagina is everyone’s for the taking. [Celebslam]

- Jaime Pressly got another boob-job. [The Blemish]

- Eric Dane is Matthew McConaughey now. [PopSugar]

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Photos: GQ Germany

  1. my life on the ROUGH list


  2. RD

    It may have taken a full year or so for her to recover her figure, and she was smart to hide until the right time. Smart Girl.

  3. UGH. How annoying is that Popoholic site with their noisy ads? I refuse to go there until they get rid of that shit.

    (Guess I told them, eh?!)

  4. Poopy Pants

    Can these no talent cuntz (aguilera,spears,cyrus, pussy dolls, gaga) just perform in the nude already? Or even go thru with their orgies that they have in all their vide-ho’s?
    Oh, there such bad girls and dangerous, yea right! kill em all!

  5. jason

    Miley Cyrus is hotter. I’d rather bang Hannah Montana than Christina. Selena Gomez is pretty hot too. Christina is old now. Used up. Probly not that tight. Tits’ probly sag. Miley and Selena have great, young tits. And probly nice firm asses instead of saggy bags of water like Aguilera.

  6. She's an attention whore

    Pure attention whore; that’s the only explanation for her stripping like a dumbass for this cover…

  7. R

    This woman is a fucking GOD.

  8. Nerd

    I only check the site out because it’s connected to geekologie.

  9. over this

    she looks like a rat and is bow legged – but you can’t tell in this picture. she has always had low self esteem.

  10. Der Commisar

    “Ze Germans”? Don’t you mean “DER Germans”? It would be “Ze” FRENCH…

  11. Probly not tight. SAG probly Tits. Miley and Selena have big breasts, young. Probly Nice asses and firm sagging bags instead of water as Aguilera.

  12. KumaTenshi

    Jesus Christ, Jenny McCarthy has the saggiest tits I’ve ever seen on a woman her age.

    Those are some serious granny tits there!

  13. joyce james


    You Probly smart very not. SHRUNKEN probly Brain. Your constructions sentences of bags sagging water doubleplusungood. Meds find and continuing education adult classes take soon.


    @ #5 Jason (pedo) Stop saying that you want to have sex with a kid!


    This is one fine ass MILF

  16. Mr. Nice Guy

    If your granny’s tits look like Jenny McCarthy’s I want to do her, great set of tits!
    Christina Aguilera looks even better!

  17. Bellatrix

    Shes channeling Lady Gaga and she shouldn’t because she can’t pull it off.
    Lady GaGa owns the ‘weird for the sake of weird’ look – Christina is all about sexiness and dare I say tartiness.
    She’s been out of the game for a bit and now others have filled in the void. She’s just gotta find her own niche in an already saturated market. Good luck to her.

    @ #10 – Obviously you’ve never watched Snatch.

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  19. captain america

    ……………SHE WANNA START A WAR or what?

  20. Darth

    Instead of all the other copying artists! Finally somebody who’s original!

  21. Nero

    How do you recognize the true artist? You recognize the true artist on her/his ‘signature’.Which is always original ofcourse!

  22. cellphone

    Are there ‘artists’ trying to copy her?! Stop doing that!

  23. starmaker

    How long is she in the industry!? Why is it always that juniors are copying seniors!? Is it the lack of talent!?

  24. Rhialto

    We can only encourage pantyless art folks! This is deep,thoroughbred and original piece of good ol’ pin-up art noir!

  25. mamamiasweetpeaches

    You know, where Im from Christina Aguilera is “someone who USED to be famous”. Shes not even relevant anymore. In the past three months a “new” song would pop up on the radio every once in a blue moon and my daughter and her friends would just reach over and change the station. They laugh when the DJ says “Heres the new one by Christina Aguilera”. Who wants to hear the “new one”? Like someone else pointed out theres a whole new crop of these chicks releasing singles. she got lost in the shuffle .

  26. balhder

    Yeah. Who? Christina’s career is over. She’s so boring now, such a cliche. In a world with Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera is irrelevant. Everyone is riding the Disney Jailbait train nowadays as well so these hasbeens don’t have a chance. Nobody cares how naked she gets, we’ve seen it already.

  27. hot poop

    @jason selena gomez? she has no boobs what is she an a-cup – she has a pancake flat ass – no hips – noodle arms stick legs… unless you like girls who look like 12yr old boys go for it.

    @micro sd card – same reply for you too

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  29. Joe

    Christina like to be naked. I watched video where sh? cooking naked with her husband

  30. Chris

    A shame that she got lost in the shuffle and young girls don’t bother with her anymore, instead opting for the talentless clones.

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