Christina Aguilera forgot her underwear

November 21st, 2007 // 140 Comments


Christina Aguilera gets out of her car at Amalfi restaurant in Hollywood allowing photographers to snap a shot of her pregnant crotch. I can’t tell if she has underwear on or a roast beef sandwich. It’s not really important. All I know is that soon a baby will come out of there, and then Christina Aguilera’s vagina will be dead to me. Ah, the circle of life. So gross, yet so magical.

Unless you work at a pantyhose factory or Quizno’s the pic above is NSFW.


  1. mabbo

    #99, I couldn’t agree more. Both are slags with horrible music that nobody listens to anymore. Only Xtina is the better singer and Britney the better dancer. I also find it funny how people claim “Xtina is ‘classy’ now, so she wouldn’t go pantyless”. Buhahahahahahaha. Uh, wasn’t this the chick who only a couple years ago was walking around in ass-less chaps and grinding on stage with every pointy object she could find? Puhlease. She’s a self proclaimed slut and proud of it. And yes, Xtina has always predictably followed Britney’s personal and professional moves. Whatever Britney does, Xtina will do a year later. Look at Xtina’s hair in this photo…it’s full of extensions and bleached beyond recognition and the clown make up is a staple of the Xtina mold. Bleh.

  2. zz

    wait, can someone PLEASE explain the “unless you work at……or Quiznos” joke??? What does Quiznos have to do with it?

  3. makemepuke

    I did some computer enhancement and redigitalization using the pic of her “Britanny”and discovered that inside Christine’s vagina was a small hippopotamus named “Mike” who draws pictures for a living and is protecting the real fetus who is apparently some kind of hybrid cross between a monkey and little dwarf named Nigel.

  4. cindy8833

    Old news. I’ve seen this pic on her personal blog at a couple of days ago. This is the 6th pics of her latest ablum.

  5. nick

    # 102

    the thing about quiznos is referencing her GI-normous PUSSY. and the fact that it looks like it could be used in a sandwich. AKA MEAT CURTAINS. AKA CATCHERS MITT. AKA HUGE NASTY VAGINA

  6. zz

    # 105

    ooooh. ugh, yeah. it is nasty.

  7. Exyank

    Didn’t Xtina say something a few months ago about there being ways to get out of a car without flashing? Hmmm…

    I do agree with others here, though, that she may or may not be wearing panties. It’s really hard to tell with the tights and the tinted window and so on.

  8. 93. Shep – November 21, 2007 5:21 PM

    Brightened it up to help everybody out a lil.

    thanks aren’t you thoughtful, although I have to say you just blinded me.

  9. There is nothing, I mean really nothing that is for real on your body AND MIND. I even think your pregnancy and PUSSIE are FAKE!!

  10. linda

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  11. Tahlia

    These are photoshopped.

    She has underwear on. Whoever edited this is a sick fuck.

  12. El Sueno

    Hmmm, orange pregnant panty liner: that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

  13. Sarah

    Why is it that just because a photographer takes a picture at the wrong time that makes Christina obviously “dirrty” again? What makes it 100% sure that she wanted anyone to see her? A lot of people don’t wear underwear and no one would give a damn if she wasn’t famous. Just leave her be; photographers like this are just money-hungry parasites.

  14. scrappy

    i will never look at roast beef sandwich the same way EVER again. *GAG* mother fucker.

  15. carly

    I’ve noticed that the people on here CRAVE upskirts but when the actually get to see somthing they freak out and say it’s disgusting.


  16. Kimberly

    Yeesh, Jordan Bratman really did a number on that thing. It’s deflated now.

    Well, now Christina can show this picture to her kids and say, “That’s where Daddy stuck his ‘magical wand’ to cast a ‘baby spell’ inside Mommy. Nine months later you came out of that exact same hole!”

  17. Tu Le

    Pls clear the star to see picture clearly!

  18. tiinaXx


    preGant Pussy..



    SHE IS PREGNANT, at least BS wasn’t!


  20. LOL! Be careful next time!

  21. Well… she looks hot in that way…

  22. claire

    oh Christina what HAVE you done?

  23. b

    Christina A maybe a slut, but she’s a slut in control of her own life, unlike Fatney Spears.
    Shitney is fattter than Xtina is and xtina is pregnant.

  24. anonymous

    It’s time for these papps to stop focusing on the vaginas of these celebrities-it’s disgusting. They obvioulsy do it on purpose.

    Yeah some wowen don’t wear panties, so it’s not difficult for some man who follows you daily and looks at your ass to realise it. It’s time for this nastiness to stop.

  25. makemepuke

    I’m pretty sure the fetus in her uterus is the product of genetic engineeering, there is no way a totally hot star like Christina would have sex with the inferior man she is supposedly “married” to, I think he is a stand in guy and the truth is that she wants to create a whole new species of human made from cloned embryos …..this is exactly what Tom and Katie did and so far their spawn has survived…ummmm, of course i could be totally wrong about this.

  26. sarah

    wow she has a nice looking vagina for being pregnant .. my vagina did not look anything like that when i was pregnant, but she sure looks beautiful still..

  27. Fairy

    First of all she is wearing flesh coloured tights and secondly its kinda sick that papparazzi would attempt to take pictures of a pregnant women’s crotch.
    I’m sick of people saying she’s copying Britney by having a baby what are you 10yrs old or something.

  28. lol


  29. josselin

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  30. Anne

    Don’t worry, she’ll probably have a C-section. Women don’t actually “give birth” much anymore. They have baby-ectomies.

  31. don'tpanic

    Wtf why did you remove it?I wanna see too!

  32. Fu

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