Christina Aguilera forgot her underwear

November 21st, 2007 // 140 Comments


Christina Aguilera gets out of her car at Amalfi restaurant in Hollywood allowing photographers to snap a shot of her pregnant crotch. I can’t tell if she has underwear on or a roast beef sandwich. It’s not really important. All I know is that soon a baby will come out of there, and then Christina Aguilera’s vagina will be dead to me. Ah, the circle of life. So gross, yet so magical.

Unless you work at a pantyhose factory or Quizno’s the pic above is NSFW.


  1. BaconMessiah

    Beef Curtains

  2. veggi

    Maybe they gave her some heparin and the fetus is oozing out.

  3. veggi

    ok, so here we go again, huh?.. pretty lame troll..

  4. FRIST – new post! Unless you want to keep looking at this pictur

  5. trollsaresooooolame!

    Jesus. Jimbo isn’t even here today.. hmmm, retarded trolls…… imagine that.

  6. evinrude

    #43 Hey, kiss my ass, jagoff, some of us get tired of lazy morons like you who need everything spoonfed to you because you can’t be bothered to look up the simplest thing. That’s not conversation. Or maybe it is on the short bus. Good luck in the real world, dicksmack.

  7. AAAAAAAAHHHHH Trolls!!!!!..

  8. El Sueno

    Veggi–the real Veggi–is my common-sense heroine.

  9. veggi

    60- awwww….

    frist, new post! and it’s our favorite fuckup!!..

  10. Looks like she’s smuggling a hot turkey sandwich in those stockings. Must have celebrated Thanksgiving early.

  11. steve


    Those are some of the hugest vagina lips of all time. I’m gonna be sick.

  12. Scott

    She’s frickin pregnant!!!! Why in gods name is she flashing her crotch now. So trashy and desperate….Nothing like mom snatch!

  13. Shallow Val

    36 – you are the BOMB. I haven’t heard FUPA in like ten years. HAHAHAHA

  14. endoftheshityear

    nothing quite so delectable to a man
    as a dilating pregnant cunt

    ..except maybe an ulcer-ridden vulture carcass lying in a desert somewhere

  15. Shallow Val

    NSFW – Not Suitable For Work (fa chrissake!)

  16. The White Urkel

    What does FUPA mean?

  17. Shallow Val

    66 – INdecent (rolls eyes)

  18. Shallow Val

    Thank you 69

    It means FAT UPPER PUSSY AREA. You know that part under the bellybutton that women LOVE to show when they wear pants that are too tight on the waist.


  19. Ted from LA

    And she, she herself, flashed the roast beast!

  20. WOW! That was UGLY…

  21. skim

    you guys are retarded. she is obviously wearing tights, and what you think is “roast beef” is actually the non-see-through part of the tights that covers up your crotch.

  22. Pebbles

    That’s just gross taking a picture like that when a woman is pregnant.

  23. GJ

    Is this real? She doesn’t even look pregnant in this pic.

  24. Helen

    71 – lol, in Norway we call that bun pussy.

    Don’t know why, but it sounds fun.

  25. schadenfreudelicious

    # 69…aka a ‘gunt”

  26. I think it’s crowning.

  27. lili

    for once britney has something over christina; a better lookin vagina.

  28. I can see it’s nose already……….

  29. TheListener

    NSFW = Not Safe for Work

    Christina’s definitely wearing pantyhose and I think she looks better downstairs pregnant than Britney has in several of her no underwear shots. But that’s just my humble opinion.

  30. Pilatunes

    Well, at least part of her is not plastered with make up.

  31. 10-is

    it’s hard to tell. but if its truly a crotch pic, i’ll be alittle upset. i dont want christina to be part of that paris-britney-lohan crotch team. but i highly doubt she’d go pantyless.

  32. i think i just barfed a little. on the other hand, those things are so easily photoshopped in. she might just be the victim of a nasty internet scam. muhahahah.

  33. AssBandit

    Yummy. Wish the tint wasn’t blocking what could have been a great shot.

  34. michelle

    is that even human?????

  35. roughdaddy

    dont waste my time superfish,,,theres nothing to see there…

  36. leelee

    That’s where babies come from?

  37. zz

    people should just stop gettin out of cars. lol

  38. She don’t wear underwear…

  39. myohmy

    Got lips?

  40. Shep

    Brightened it up to help everybody out a lil.


  41. Micky Mc

    @90 – somebody told Britney that, now she just goes to the drive-thru.

  42. papa

    looks like dog meat

  43. post-teens

    (sigh)….. christina always stands in britney’s shadow…..

    brit became a star first – xtina followed
    brit had babies first – xtina followed
    brit showed wierd poon – xtina followed

  44. lumpy

    unless her vagina is opaque with a nice pearlescent sheen, those are hose

  45. She’s hairy? No, she just shaved her pussy…

  46. ddy

    I don’t get it… why do people hate Britney and like this fool?
    They are exactly the same.
    Christina Aguilera looks the same, if not WORSE than Britney.
    Her hair is complete shit, probably fake too. She has always wore clown makeup, is ugly, etc etc except Britney’s actually going through a shit time and Christina’s meant to have it together…..
    Classy my arse.

  47. Walizalawongaai

    Flappin’ ass elephant-ear peachka lips!! EEEEeeeuuuuuuwwwww

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