Christina Aguilera debuts new video

October 28th, 2008 // 78 Comments

This is Christina Aguilera’s new video for “Keeps Gettin’ Better” directed by Peter Berg (Hancock), and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s no “Womanizer.” What it is, however, is a case study in how to shoot a video when your star still hasn’t dropped the baby weight: “Great. What can she do? It’s not like we can have her sit in a chair pushing buttons the whole time. Or maybe…

NOTE: What in the hell is up with the “superhero” costume towards the end? It’s like she’s Catwoman’s retarded sister who’s always carrying a toy gun from the dollar store. Michelle Pffeifer is probably rolling in her grave right now.

EDIT: Embedded a new video. This is the “official” YouTube version – which means it’ll be pulled in about five minutes. Whee!


  1. j

    and already dead

  2. Kim

    Ok The video has already been pulled from Youtube! Great!

  3. 1938

    No longer available. fuck!

  4. BitterJava

    Ok…seriously, when did youtube suck so much monkey-ballz? You can’t see anything anymore cuz of the stupid ‘copy write’ crap….

  5. amz

    still copying Britney.

  6. Soandumbut

    Oh Xtina instead of using your superpowers to change wigs please stop the digital revolution 2/9/09 so I don’t have to buy the effing converter box.

  7. Whitey Hatin' Coon

    I’ba’bee bettin’ Joje Boosh cracka ass be responsimable fo’ dis shit.

    Whitey alwaze bee tri’n to hode back da Black Man!

    5000 yearz of Slavery by da hanz of da Whitey in dis cuntry, datz wut I’m'a’be tawkin abowt!

    When my nigga B’rock Obomma gitz in da white hous, n’I gitz my free money, I’z goona git paid bich!!!

  8. Jade

    She looks best in blue hair I guess.

  9. Captain-Insano

    I can’t believe I wasted ten seconds watching that.

  10. jo smo

    Why do they even do vidio? seems like a waste, they don’t play on mtv or vh1 Am I missing something?

  11. ying yang my wang

    crosseyed, bowl-legged little midget slut!

  12. Slave Trader

    Fuck this monkey loving ho.

    And I thought she only dated guys with “Flava’”, then she gets hitched to this dorky looking little jewish nerd?

    Fuck this little twat, she tries to act all sexy and shit, her motions are anything but sexual, she looks like she’d be an annoying fuck anyway, trying too hard or something. Like fucking a robot that thinks it’s black….Everything about her is annoying.

    Go back to your monkey’s bitch.

  13. JANE

    Wow that was really awesome ! By awesome I mean WORST video ever…

  14. Rosie Eats Taco

    Michelle Pffeifer RIP I miss her :(

  15. krys

    britney’s video actually beats this by far..shocking

  16. restingonlaurels

    that was a great three minutes of waiting for it to end. in the corvette, she looks cross-eyed. and when she’s wearing the cat suit, she looks like that crazy clown from metalocalypse.

  17. Why dont the FBI use this eye pollution to torture Jennifer Hudson’s killa

  18. k

    Yawn. poor christina always in britney’s shadow.

  19. likin it

    this song is pretty sick.

  20. Two Cents

    sounds familiar…I haven’t quite put my finger on what song this reminds me of but only sounds like the 99 cent version of “Womanizer”.

    lol Number 8.

    GO BRITNEY!!!!

  21. Lo

    Hah, she’s dressed like scorpius!

  22. kk

    Yeah, Brit’s better – Michelle Pfeiffer isn’t dead you idiot!

  23. Danklin24

    Umm..Michelle Pfeiffer isnt dead. wtf?

    This video needs nakedness. Hop to it Christina. You’re lookin hot except for that hair.

  24. oowhisperoo

    cmon, let it slide. she gave us dirrty!!!

    mmm dirrty.

  25. omaxem

    It sounds like a rejected Goldfrapp song, and the video is just plain crap. I had no idea she was broke and couldn’t hire real producers and video directors anymore.

  26. The Realist

    It’s full of suck and fail.

    I weep for today’s youth who get off on this… stuff.

  27. thisvideosucks

    holy lady gaga rip off batman!!!

  28. pelps

    nice vid! indeed!
    still remember she played the hot cougar on ” ” all sexy young men simply went crazy about her back then!!
    wondering is she going to make a come-back? gonna wait and see!!

  29. super bitch? more like, super fucking lazy. i miss it when she use to bedazzle the shit out of her whooha.

  30. k

    Horrible video to a decent song. It’s like a cheap Minority Report/Toxic rip off.

  31. jennifer hammond

    I never understood why everyone thinks she is such a talented vocalist. I find her voice very annoying and all she does is scream and grunt and hold a note for an hour while screaming and I dont like any of her music. Britney is much better than that tranny Aguillera at least you can dance to Britney’s music.

  32. pokey

    she looks like an evil cocker spaniel in that freeze frame…

  33. HoLy

    I find the video kind of cute and I like the way she controled everything in the videoclip. Yeah the part where she’s on a chair pushing some buttons! :P

    But of course, I prefer Womanizer (Go britney GO)

  34. Mike Hawk

    she keeps talking about it getting better, but it never does….

  35. The song is turdrific but the video is a straight up pile of poop. I like that they apply the same “slimming” technique on Christina here that they used in Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” video.

    You singer gained a little weight? Just stretch the picture. No one will know! Horrible.

  36. Jackson

    She needs to just keep on looking like a cheap easy fuck on her videos.

  37. Alex

    She totally ripped off Lady GaGa. Omg. Does she think no one will notice?

  38. Randal

    It certainly isn’t a Womanizer song, so no worries on this taking top spot on the charts. Britney knows how to blend genius with musical talent, yet Christina can keep her torch burning, just not as bright as her past.

    Regardless, it’s a good song and has a nice beat to go along with her unique sound.


  39. Katherine

    How the hell is this copying Britney, to who ever said that…she released the song and the futuristic concept way before Britney…she just hadn’t made the video. Although Womanizer isn’t a bad song, I feel Britney fans are just exaggerating their love for the song because for once she looks decent and not obese and full of acne in the video, but why are there no shots of her from the front when she’s naked? Because her body is not all that still, years after having her kids. Christina barely had her kid and is already looking way better than Britney did two months ago. Britney might have a “better bod” now, but Christina is prettier than Britney at any weight, if anything all that makeup hurts Christina’s real beauty, with her less is more…but we’ve all seen Britney without makeup outside of her local Starbucks with more red circles on her face on her face than a pay-by-the slice piece of pizza from Me-N-Ed’s.

  40. Kate


    Christina has the ugly implants and a lot of her outfits show her ugly huge implant gap instead of cleavage. I still would like to know what she really looks like without her man in drag make up and bimbo bleach dye job. Brittney is definitely prettier than Christina.

  41. confused about katherine

    why all the anger towards brit katherine? Christina looks like a large and plastic oompa loompa everywhere she goes (not that I think she isn’t pretty underneath all of the orange goop). At least britney doesn’t walked out caked in makeup and is okay with not looking perfect at every moment. She’s just a person…
    Anyway, they are both more attractive than your average joe- or judy I guess- but I have to say… “Womanizer” definitely wins this contest. xtina has had some jams in the past and definitely has a more technically skilled voice, she just has never been the better entertainer or dancer (which in pop I would think is vital).



    I agree on that. Christina’s worst beauty day is still 10x better than britneys. Britney is plain, average. Christina is exotic and unique.
    In the past Christina has always done “different” videos. She is not afraid to push boundaries, dye her hair green, blue, purple whatever, or look like Marilyn Monroe,Grace Kelly, hollywood glam queen. She has the ability to pull off just about any look/style with those pipes! I have seen her live and she can throw it down, goosebumps! She can sing!
    while Britneys career has gone up and down and crashed, Christina has longevity and it “keeps gettin better”.

  43. Travis

    She looks exactly like Lady Gaga when she has the black hoodie on.

  44. MoFo


    How in the fuck can you tell what Christina looks like with all the caked on make up. She probably looks like a plain jane without all the crap. She is not afraid to look like a freak . Christina has the ability to look like a cunt whore or a man in drag; big deal.

  45. Kristen

    Natalie, you really think that “She has the ability to pull off just about any look/style” considering THAT video. Most of those outfits made her look heavy, and considering she hasn’t gotten back into shape yet I felt bad for her. And if you honestly think she can “pull off” the drag queen makeup look, you need to have your eyes checked.

    Honestly, they were both pretty and skinny girls before they had kids, so I don’t doubt she has the potential to pull a Britney and after some time (no one is rushing her) get back to what she looked like originally. But while Christina definitely has a better voice, there’s a reason why there are so many die hard Britney fans, while Christina has kinda been dead lately. When it comes to a ballad I’d pick Christina hands down, but when she’s pumping out the same generic synthesized pop that Britney is (ie, “Keeps Getting Better”), well honestly, Britney does it a lot better.

    And seriously, Christina has been looking REALLY bad lately with her choice of makeup. Like…clown scary. Can someone please take the eye liner and blue eye shadow away from her? I know she wants to draw attention away from her less than slender physique but that makeup is not the way to go.

    -Team Britney

  46. Jessica

    This song is a hell of a lot more tolerable than Womanizer.. god I seriously hate that piece of shit.


    45 AND 46:

    REGARDLESS of what choice of music to sing, clothes to wear ,make up/hair or video Christina chooses she has integrity to back it. She doesnt give a fuck about the nay sayers. She doesnt let anyone decide who she. She does things her way. AND that is admirable.
    My point is Christina is agressive and in control. Not bash on Brit but she always plays it safe and when she tried to be “Dirrty” she lost IT. They are very different kinds of people/artist. Christina takes risks and belts her heart out, Britney lip synchs and dances around in hot pants…

  48. Andrea

    el video de Brit es mucho mejor que este cristina simpre va a ser una imitacion
    y……………………..a que se debe que se vista de gato???? tiene alguna conotacion “encubierta”?????

  49. unique

    I personally think her song is okay, but the video was horrible. She could have done a lot better, on another note all I have to say is this FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CHRISTINA PLEASE DO A MADONNA AND REINVENT YOURSELF, STARTING WITH LOSING THAT UNNATURAL OVERLY-BLEACH HAIR COLOR! And lose some weight, you have money so should have no excuse for letting yourself go like that, its hurting your career.

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