Christina Aguilera changes her look

July 27th, 2006 // 136 Comments

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Christina Aguilera has been doing the Gwen Stefani thing for so long I’ve almost forgotten how stunning she can be when she wants to. She was spotted leaving The Ivy looking like she did three years ago, before turning into the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe and adopting an entire wardrobe of see through clothes. Which is bad news for her husband, because you can see him sulking in the background like he knows the divorce his imminent. Although the daily reminders that he looks like a giant mole man and is the biggest mistake of her life might’ve given it away too.

More of Christina and her new look after the jump.


  1. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Is there a new game here at the superficial that I wasn’t told about? Who can be the biggest fucktard and have as many repeated posts as possible?? I might as well get started. I usually do pretty well in fucktard olympics.

    Christina is HOT! I’d eat her cornhole and ask for seconds.

  2. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Is there a new game here at the superficial that I wasn’t told about? Who can be the biggest fucktard and have as many repeated posts as possible?? I might as well get started. I usually do pretty well in fucktard olympics.

    Christina is HOT! I’d eat her cornhole and ask for seconds

  3. Jane, Stallion, Pinky and Kirdylee…you’ve all been called out by Hannoush just now. You may want to retort.

  4. duds

    Christina is sexy as hell and not only can she do what she wants, wear what she wants, but the chick can sing like no one else!

  5. bunnyhugger


    too fucking funny, oshie. i think i hurt myself on that one!!

  6. bunnyhugger

    is anyone else a little freaked out by the t-mobile ad?

    what is that fucking blue thing? the result of a wookie and smurf experiment?

  7. CruisingForCock

    Too funny. Honey, there isn’t a breast that your son or husband would not mind seeing.

  8. TOPAZ21

    what the fuck’s up with the multiple posts?

  9. strong

    her husband is the “every man” hero of 2006. God bless him

  10. Amber

    She looks really good. Goes to show that only looking semi artificial does a girl more good than taking the look all the way.

  11. i liked it better when her clothes were translucent at best!

  12. Binky

    You know you’ve arrived when your idiotic comments from one story – move over to the next one… Repeatedly..
    It seemed sort of ‘cute’ at the time…
    bUT…Then again… it could be a tech problem.
    Or something.
    Perhaps I should be getting out more.
    ( Grasshopper – If your career started out in the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ – be prepared for a few detours – Confusedious )

  13. Fugurself

    #89, Osh you and Zanna are two of my favorite ppl in this fucked up world. I laughed so hard that I had to fire my boss. Now he is asking me if I can stick a gerbil in his ass. Keep the laughs flowing. I heart you.

  14. cgood

    How did she have time to douse her body with self tanner before getting in the car? I’m surprised they didn’t get a photo of that.

  15. A

    she is a beautiful women with nice glowing skin tone

  16. Sheva

    Just goes to show you that not being entirely naked can be very sexy. And Christina is generating more hard ons with her clothes on than ever.

    Score me in that camp too. She looks great. I like a chick who is looking great and unhappy and miserable because she is talented and wonders why she married some dude.

    There’s a divorce coming just aroudn the corner.

  17. Nikky Raney

    sweet she looks normal

  18. BarbadoSlim

    Who the hell posted this? Reads like a PR release.
    Stunning my ass,
    She looks like a Chola that just finished her prison conyugal visit wit’ her baby-daddy.

  19. spatz

    118 finally a voice of fucking reason. stunning? give me a fucking break. she looks like an average girl wearing way too much make up that should lay off the gwen stefani thing.

  20. RichPort

    I would hit that like a red headed stepchild. Hey to each his own. Some of your are chubby chasers who deplore petite chicks. Some of you like chicks you can pick your teeth with, like Nicole Richie. And some of you pretend to like chicks but are secretly thrilled that Lance’s lance is officially on the market. Whichever… if you’re hetero and have a pulse, you’d hit it too, extra make up and all.

  21. hopeless_screenwriter

    #71. I call bullshit. Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck-a-doodle doo! I dare you to ban me from your fucked up site, SF guy. Fucktard!

    And if I want to share my love of funky male genitalia with the world, and publicly worship the manaconda, in all its forms, then I dare you to ban me for that too!

  22. @107 – I like how the woman in that article says that the “breast is a sexual thing”. she must have forgotten the REASON we even have them IS to feed babies. The rest is just a bonus.

  23. keep…hitting…refresh…..but no….new story….can’t…hang….on…much….longer.

  24. bootface

    i bet she has big nipples

  25. rolson

    I told ‘Fugurself’ that he likes the cock and he said I was right. FLTC!

  26. atomikblonde88

    she looks like shes afraid to show any sign of emotion because she doesn’t want to make any wrinkles from expression.

  27. atomikblonde88

    “classy” doesn’t really come to mind when I think of her. “chaps” and “layers of pancake makeup” do.

  28. atomikblonde88

    actually I don’t know. the outfit is kind of cute.. but I think she needs to tone down the hair a little bit. it screams pornstar

  29. SalineSweaterPuppies

    What is with her channeling various movie icons from the golden age of cinema? It’s like she’s having some sort of identity crisis after she woke up one day and realized she looked like a $5 hooker on a bender….man, her husband sure is ugly.

  30. Bibi

    she looks almost normal. remember when she had those crazy eyebrows

  31. This site sucks. What happened to the original Superficial writer??

    Perez is the new shiznit!

  32. Danklin

    I see a dirty carpet in a Rolls. Someones been slacking at getting their car cleaned. Oh yeah, Christina’s hot too.

  33. twzzlrgirl

    I don’t know if she is horribly unhappy with her rodent husband, a stuck up b****, or just had some teeth knocked out, but I have yet to see her smile.

  34. MollyPoo

    Dang, girlfriend is looking GOOD! I’m jealous of her fabulousness.

  35. hamacus

    She’s still Skank-a-Licious and I’d hit it 4-sho!

  36. thisisntwhatyouhopedfor

    she can look good. just… not when she tries to too much.

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