Christina Aguilera is post-pregnantly hot

February 6th, 2008 // 210 Comments

Christina Aguilera made her first post-pregnancy appearance at a West Hollywood Best Buy yesterday. Wow, lactation is awesome. Even better she had a C-section. You know what means, fellas. Huh? Yeah? But, no, seriously, what does it mean? I know nothing about the birthing process. All my dad told me was that a stork shows up and steals your wallet and testicles. Which explains why he attacked a pelican with a broken beer bottle during my first trip to the zoo. Fortunately he set me in the tiger pit beforehand. He even gave me a raw steak to play with. Love ya, Pop.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. #48 Kegals + no kids = really tight vagina..

  2. She looks tired..

  3. kkkk

    #46 I doubt she will breast feed, so, chances are, the boobs will stay the same -

  4. awesome111person

    Is it even possible to breastfeed when you have implants?

  5. mamadough

    those boobs look hard enough to smash a vase on. that would actually make for a nice afternoon, smashing fine china at her tits.

  6. Hallery

    #51 Lots of women without kids have big vaginas. It’s more of a genetic thing than a childbirth thing.
    If you have a vaginal birth and do lots of kegels, you will be fine. Ask my husband!

  7. awesome111person

    Is it even possible to breastfeed when you have implants?

  8. What’s up FRIST??

  9. mamadough

    *at=on. fuck.

  10. awesome111person

    Is it even possible to breastfeed when you have implants?

  11. what implants?

    #53, I think she probably is breastfeeding. When women don’t breastfeed, they give them drugs that dry the milk up. Her boobs wouldn’t look like luscious, delectable watermelons if that was case.

  12. awesome111person

    Fish, fix ya fuckin comments section! Dayum.

  13. Ted from LA

    All this vagina and breast talk is making me hungry.

  14. whatever

    @51 – Nice.

    @55 – I was wondering the same thing. I’m sure you can, but I can’t imagine how painful it must be to have your boobs get even more stretched out with pregnancy on top of implants. I’m sure she’ll need additional surgery afterwards to get rid of all the stretchies. Not that she can’t afford it.

  15. mgmt

    Hey Bob in accounting ~ I must say that was effing hilarious dude. Thanks for the laugh.

    Oh and Christina rocks

  16. jules

    HEY #39 I TOTALLY AGREE ~ Christina has more talent in her little pinky toe than anyone (including me)in here. Who cares if her make up is a little much? All you haters are just jealous and Christina has been a victim of jealousy all of her life, unfortunately. She has her head screwed on RIGHT, she has a wonderful mother and family. She’s going very far.

    Also, gotta say that her job of John Lennon’s song “Mother” is unbelievable! Way to go! AND she’s in the new Rolling Stones movie “Shine A Light” front stage with Mick Jagger! Tell me the girl ain’t got talent and I’ll say: Get a life haters

  17. 38

    And to think she’d like to work with Bjork…

    Don’t you dear taint my beloved Bjork wench.

  18. RENEE...

    ick, could she look anymore plastic? She looks like she was doused in bleach and powder and stuffed with silicon. I think underneath all that she’s a cute girl; nothing spectacular, just cute. But she does have a powerful voice, I give her kuddos to that. But all the same I don’t dig her music.

  19. LM

    No one is gonig to taint “your” beloved Bjork wench! Christina KNOWS talent, obviously that’s why she would like to work with Bjork. TWO TALENTED WOMEN WORKING TOGETHER Dumb***

  20. @57 Thanks Hallery. Your husband won’t mind if I ask him how tight your vagina is? Can I ask him about your boobs too? Anything else I might be interested in that I should ask him??

  21. she looks good

    She’s looking fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    But C-section is not good. It’s not very good for women, can lead to a lot of problems including not being able to have kids again, and leaves a big gross scar right above the pussy almost impossible to get rid of.

    Giving birth the natural way is always so much better and healthier for the woman and her health, no doubt about that.

  22. hermit crab


    many women have to have their vags slit to accommodate a vaginal birth. my aunt has a scar from where they sewed up her vag.

    read about rectovaginal fistula and you’ll understand why vaginal births are wack.

  23. hermit crab


    many women have to have their vags slit to accommodate a vaginal birth. my aunt has a scar from where they sewed up her vag.

    read about rectovaginal fistula and you’ll understand why vaginal births are wack.

  24. @73, Hermit Crab, why are you checking out the scar on your aunts vagina? That is a little sick!!!

  25. Ted from LA

    Here’s my plan. I’m going to go up to Christina and offer her $5 to kiss her disgusting fake tits. Of course she’ll agree to the proposition. Once I get my face in there I’ll blow like one would on a baby’s belly. Now, the startled Christina will no doubt say, “What are you doing?” And that’s when I’ll tell her I don’t have $5.

  26. Ted from LA

    It’s not sick. They’re a close family.

  27. Ted, What part of LA are you from?

  28. Hallery

    #74 Sounds like your aunt had a bad doctor. Vaginal birth is not wack. What’s wack are unnecessary c section surgeries and the misconception that vaginal birth will ruin vaginas. Vaginal size is determined by genes. If you are fat and have poor muscle tone, your vagina will sag too. If you exercise the pelvic floor muscles, they can become stronger than they were prior to vaginal birth. If all else fails, there’s vaginal rejuvenation surgery. FYI, for all of you men, your balls are going to sag when you get older and your pubes will turn gray so STFU.

    #71 Wouldn’t you like to know.

  29. Auntie Kryst

    @39 & 67 I don’t dislike Christina. She’s got a good voice, but you know what I fucking hate? The word “hater(s)”. Use real curse words like fuckers or you assholes, anything. Just don’t use that dumbass word. Ultra douche move to use its varients, h8tr and haterade. You OK with that girls? Oh, and remember your parents’ permission slip for the field trip tomorrow.

  30. Cindy

    #80 – admit ur hatin Xtina. I c u here all the time bein a h8tr. U luv ur haterade but its bitter so take it outta here.

  31. Hallery, Yes that is why I am asking. Or you could save us some time and show us me pictures..

  32. kimmy4lsu

    implants?! i can tell you people for a fact that your breasts can get several cup sizes larger when you have a child, especially if you decide to breastfeed, even for a little bit. i had almost no breasts until i had my son, breastfed for about a month, and 4 years later STILL have way larger breasts than i had before my pregnancy. just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she ran to get implants….ESPECIALLY if she’s still breastfeeding….

  33. Hallery's Husband

    Sure, I tell her she’s tight, what the fuck am I supposed to say? It’s like working a spoon inside a serving bowl. I’ll tell you who IS tight – our daughter. And she’s a deep sleeper. Note to diary: jackpot.

  34. combustion8

    whos the guy with the big tits?

  35. Ted from LA

    I’m not from LA. My name isn’t Ted either. Although I am white, I have a much less white name than Ted. And before the funny racists show up, my name’s not Tyrone either. Have you noticed that most of the racists on this site say, “I’m not a racist, but… and then they say something really racist.” I’d like to roll a 16 pound bowling ball right in their nuts.

  36. i have a college education and upper middle class parents, she is too ghetto for me.

    whoopi goldberg’s are even bigger than hers, i bet this wigger tranny bow legged freak is jealous of her.

  37. big boobs now, back to original size but saggy in a few months

    Her boobs are looking HUGE now that she just gave birth and is breastfeeding, but they’ll go back to their original size once she stops breastfeeding her baby, only a lot saggier and hanging. It’s always like that in every woman, don’t think that by any means her boobs are gonna remain that size (I think there’s no one ignorant enough to not know that).

  38. Auntie Kryst

    @81 I walked into that one didn’t I? Touché

  39. Milfy


  40. Milfy


  41. Milfy


  42. dude

    She looks like a tranny. Gross. (no offense TT)

  43. Ted from LA

    I can’t get in to the Britney’s released link to be a smart ass and it is killing me. I’ll bet she takes her kids to the zoo tonight.

  44. moobs

    that looks like some really sloppy seconds right now.

  45. whatever

    @83 – She had the implants way before she got pregnant! Seriously. She was 18 or 19 in the first picture and then suddenly in two years she “grew” 3 or 4 cup sizes naturally? Come on, now.

  46. Tommy Brendan this is Becca

    she looks like a retarded hooker with ugly legs.
    she has breast implants that have gotten bigger with her weight gain, if you are immensely impressed with this you are prob a really ugly virgin ,from the midwest or in MS-13.
    I saw a picture of her without makeup and I thought there was going to be a new Lord of the Rings where gollum got fat.

  47. Donkey Ass

    Less Makeup scary girl.

  48. Brownisnewblack


    Big tits are for feeding babies.

    Bit of a turn off actually.

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