Christina Aguilera at VMAs: How did I miss these?!

September 9th, 2008 // 133 Comments

In my haste to pretend the VMAs never happened (Which they didn’t, and I’ll fight to the death anyone who says otherwise.), I somehow managed to completely miss Christina Aguilera displaying her ginormous rack. The Superficial regrets its error and wants to assure our readers we’re dedicated to high-quality boob-related journalism. Now that that’s over with, awwww yeah!

Someone call Bob Woodward at the Post. He just got served.


  1. rough daddy

    shes not making music, shes just running around in slutty outfits being a cocktease!

  2. TMZ

    I like her makeup this time.
    I’m surprised………..but the rest of the time she looks like an 80′s clown

  3. tp

    Brook Hogan??

  4. KG

    I’ll tell you how you missed them: Because you were repulsed by the hideous face and not-so-hot body attached to those boobs. Please do us a favor and don’t grace us with any more pictures of this, frankly, unappealing skank.

  5. Kevin

    Daddy like.

  6. god she is trying to look like some sort of martian superhero these days…from the planet BOOBula.

  7. havoc

    Isn’t that Brooke Hogan? Hulk Hogan?

    Or maybe they’re all interchangeable!!!!


  8. yuck

    Linda Hogan?

  9. PoohEater

    You are all gay. I would hit that so hard, whoever pulled me out would be the king of England.

  10. e

    Morticia meets Cirque du Soleil?
    Mom-boobs are HAWT!

  11. halloween?

    she looks kinda fat. 9 you must be a goth.

  12. what a freak

    they aren’t as big anymore. look at pic #3. The top is padded and alil too large..
    She looks like a drag queen
    Number 9 is Eddie Murphy.

  13. doh! i dont care what all you haters say.. that not might not be a conventional look, but deeeyam, it give me some dirty ideas.

  14. WHAT!

    Elvira has white hair now

  15. Smile

    God, she is hot. I’d definately tap that.

  16. missywissy

    Halloween is a comin’!!!! Or as Christina would say “oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Taaaaarriiiiiiiiyiyiyck oooooooooooooooooor Taaaareeeeeee -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah” (trick or treat)

  17. s

    Mix between Linda Hogan and Donatella Versace.

  18. no why

    thats weird. her boobs look smaller and she looks fatter. no more milk?

    she looks like a sneaky tranny.

  19. shanipie




  20. sick

    what the hell is that

    15- you’re into that weird magic game stuff aren’t you>?

    Why don’t we see pics of her at the beach in her bikini?
    Prob cause she would look like a bow legged goblin and scare everyone away!

  21. ebb

    ‘sneaky tranny’


  22. Uncle Eccoli


  23. huh?

    they aren’t very big in the more forward shots. they have gotten smaller. and she is a freak i am over this witch looking ugly

  24. Nina

    did nobody else watch her singing onstage and gasp at the horror of her awful camel-toe-y stretchy pants that made her hips look friggin ginormous…maybe the boobs were too mesmerizing

  25. stizzef

    She looks terrrrrrrrrrrible. Like a younger, less haggard (but barely) Donatella Verace.

  26. yes I saw that

    Nina -
    I saw, her hips looked fat and she lip synced. She didn’t even dance that much, she just squatted low twice.

  27. X to the Y to the Y to the Z

    @ 21

    The reason why we never see beach bikini shots of her is because that requires…..
    how shall I say this -> it requires her to NOT wear her makeup. She is so high maintenance! Its starting to get fucking annoying. I understand if you love makeup and all, but fucking every moment we see her????
    All she has to do is show off her nasty titties WITHOUT makeup and guys won’t even look at her fugly face. Shes so dumb- she needs to listen to me.

  28. ahhh

    she looks like the bad octopus lady from the little mermaid

  29. she got that brooke hogan/forbidden raccoon look

  30. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit. Every….single……negative…….. comment on here is written by a jealous women.

    Shut the fuck up and accept the fact that men are attracted to blond skanks with big tits and lots of makeup.

    Fucking hell, you’re THAT fat housewife that glares at her husband when they show the cheerleaders during a football game.

  31. Megan

    I love Christina Aguilera. Beautiful,face,body, and voice. the first thing I thought when looking at these was “thats Linda Hogan”? She should have kept longer bangs. But she is still amazingly beautiful.

  32. It's me fuckers


    Your taste seems in need of improvement. And you shouldn’t speak of your wife that way. It isn’t her fault she’s repulsed by your 3 incher.

  33. wow

    31 = one of those men that confuses drag queens with women.
    I’ll take my hot little beach bunnies, you take your rat faced drag queen.

  34. Deacon Jones

    Yeah man. It totally reminds me when I was in South Beach and I was getting it on with these two chicks. yeah, it was fucking amazing.

    They crammed a huge dildo up my ass until I cried. Then I grabbed their dicks and jerked them off.

    I’m so fucking hot just thinking about that again.

  35. mimi

    I love the Superficial, and most of all Fish himself!

  36. lisa

    halloween already? :(

  37. whatever Deacon

    every fat girl i know loves Christina. Maybe I’d hit it if I knew it was disease free, but like someone above said, I couldn’t take that creature to the beach, and I wouldn’t wanna be seen in public with it either.

  38. fun fact

    # 36 wins!!!! hahahaha!!

  39. Karen

    Wow~ I dont know what size Mae West was in her hey day, but Christina looks like she is Mae West’s size or by passing her. Christina is growing! Maybe that is why she isnt smiling?

  40. Oveta

    Lately her pics have made her look beautiful (I never thought so before), but this look was bad all over. Dress, makeup, hair – all awful.

  41. Joe C

    She looks like shit. She’s had her moments of looking hot, but now she looks like a reject from the Hogan family.

  42. Lizzard


    Brooke Hogan just called. She wants her look back.

    Your Fans.

    Seriously, I thought she was Brooke hogan when I was “NOT” watching the VMAs. But then I remember Brooke is like 7 ft tall and needs to adjust her jock strap before getting into a dress like this..

  43. Kaybee

    Just why, exactly, is there such uproar about the fact that Christina lip-synced? She doesn’t really need to prove that she can sing – she’s done that shit time and time again. It’s good to see her taking a go at choreography… she didn’t do too badly considering the fact that she’s just had a baby. As for the Britney comparisons… Just a while ago, Britney was being slaughtered by the media for her (lack of) mothering skills, but now that she’s picked up three VMAs, she’s being treated like fucking Jesus? Get real! Christina is one of the few people who can actually be called artists – reinvention is part of her artistry, and Britney’s music hasn’t been much other than breathy vocals of late.

  44. Oveta

    What’s on her left arm near the inside of her elbow?


    They be shrinkin down to just the silicone parts…too bad.

  46. sla

    From a distance she looks like Donatella Versace.

    She would look so much better if she would let some of her natural self show. She is an attractive woman and doesn’t need to put on makeup with a trowel, overdo the tan and make her hair look like something from Malibu Barbie.

    And the dramatic eye makeup makes her look squinty.

  47. Fumus


    I rub one out on you.

    CA looks hawt…pic number 9 is amazing. If you stare at it long enough you can see heaven…TITTTAYYSS

  48. deacon jones is an idiot

    Wow, you must feel really stupid now.

  49. Fumus

    Also picture number 3 is sexy…but I have question…

    What is that plastic looking shit on her chest(bottom left boobie)?

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