Christina Aguilera at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards

February 12th, 2007 // 82 Comments

  1. Lowlands

    (50)Is for sure a troll.

  2. Lesbianesque

    #48 – yea biassho, behave yourself or I’ll have you banned again! hahahahahahahaha!

  3. Pikachelsea

    What a revolting shade of orange. I don’t even know where to start with the hair.

  4. biatcho

    Yes, you had me banned. You are great. Funny thing is people apparently never told you that fat people never win so why don’t you follow your fat friend ANS and kill yourself as well.

  5. RichPort

    Geez, Biatcho… my brain is fried and I can use some chicken and some weed… meet you on 158th and Ft Wash?

  6. BarbadoSlim

    You mean the bulldyke-esque had somebody banned?

    what a punk-ased move, lame lame.

  7. A

    look at the ass on her

  8. biatcho

    Rich – i’ll be at Caporal Chicken with a dimebag & Colt 45.

    B’Slim: While Bull Dyke likes to think It has some power it’s actually just all in its head. God forbid someone goes on vacation and doesn’t log onto the Superficial while their tanning. When It goes on vacation It can’t go tanning because people constantly report beached whales & try to throw It back into the ocean. Must suck to be ghostly white & fat!

  9. Lesbianesque

    #54 – biassho yea, no. Put down those tiny fists of fury, I’m not going to fight you any more. I’m so far out of your intellectual league it’s like we’re not even playing the same sport. Run along and play with your little group of faux friends, and try not to get in trouble again. Ta-ta.

  10. RichPort

    Biatcho, you’re the fucking best. But I drink Private Stock. Are you still biatcho_numero_uno? If so, I sent you a message.

  11. biatcho

    Ah yes, the intellect of a sandflea you have fats.

    Of course I’m biatcho numero uno! Not to be confused with fiatso numero uno, AKA Lesbianesque.

  12. schack

    and i thought biatcho, richport and barbado were all the same person, logging on with different names…

    i suppose i still don’t know that for sure, but what does that mean to you fellas that i would think that?

    let me guess: i’m a fat lesbian or you’d still hit it?

  13. Mrs.Sack

    Why Why Why does her hair never move?

  14. mwatkins

    God she looks great!

  15. wtfiswrongwithppl

    Okay, I happen to think she’s an amazing singer and about the ONLY celebrity who can pull of being a slut one minute and LOOK decent the next.

    She’s really pretty and has probably the best female voices out there.

    WTF who am i kidding… just look at Britney Spears compared to Christina Aguilera. Which one would u pick??

  16. kathleen170

    You make perfect sense.
    She looks pretty in the second picture… and then you click on the third and she just looks retarded. her one eye looks smaller than the other (drugs? …probably) and her eyebrow is screwed up and in most of the pictures her skin looks not only orange but just flat out GROSS. i’m opting that she washes her face, buys acne cream, and refrains from using the tanning bed much longer. i’m all for a nice golden glow, but this is just nasty.

  17. LyraBelacqua

    First photo looks like Scarlett Johansson gone horribly, horribly wrong.

  18. RachelSunshine

    where the fuck is that husband of hers

  19. cayana

    She should go back to the red lipstick.. the light pink is way too pale with that burnt umber tan she has on.

  20. irapback

    #57 I know right. since when christina had an ass? I’m really getting sick and tired of this whole booty trend thing. I blame it on rappers. I mean its like everyone is sticking their tiny asses out these days.

  21. licklick

    The Barbie Doll haircut is a scream!

    Her taste comes from her asshole, which is directly positioned behind two skinny and completely sexless butt-cheeks.

  22. biatcho

    uumm, shack… I am hardly a “fella” but I could put an irish beat down on you if I had to. Unless you are the fat lesbian you sound like, because then I am afraid I can’t touch you for fear of turning gay by association.

    Now run along to 1st period and make sure you study hard for that math test in study hall. And stop daydreaming about the cheerleaders, I promise you they will never give you the time of day. Just like your parents.

  23. nicole

    you people are dumb. well most of you. I think she looks beautiful but as they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Whatever, despise what you say, she isnt doing drugs because first off, she didnt look like she was high, and second off, she wasnt doing a “courtney love” loll.

  24. woodhorse

    But who punched her in the face? (twice) Her cheeks are blue.

  25. woodhorse

    Do her and Tara Reid share the same clothes? That is one fugly dress and trash earrings.—people with more money than taste…..

  26. GeannaSparrow

    There’s something I really can’t understand. Last year, I made a huge mistake. I dyed my hair, twice in a month. Exactly 30 days apart. (Dyed. Not bleached) And not even two weeks after the last dye, my hair was weak, breaking, and I pretty lost half of the amount of hair I used to have. Hadda cut it down, a few inches, so it’d grow healthy, again. Now. Can anyone tell me why this bitch that uses about 1265465416512564 bottles of spray, curls/straightens/blowdries in ONE day. And that probably has to bleach her hair to WHITE, about five times a week, so her roots dont show… STILL HAS HAIR?! What the fucking HELL?! I’m telling you. She’ll be bald, by the time she hits her 30′s.

  27. 23apples

    At first glance, I thought she looked really good!! But upon closer inspection I realized I had been fooled.
    -I don’t understand the hair. What is going on? WHY is that going on??
    -Her skin color is really gross and unnatural. She should know better than to get a spray tan 2 minutes before arriving at the grammys!
    -The eyebrows.. I’m guessing theres makeup there to make them appear larger and fuller, but.. it looks stupid because.. you can see where her real eyebrows are and where the makeup begins. Its just unnecessary!
    But, I do think her eye makeup looks good. It makes her eyes look pretty.




  29. stuckinaneffinpothole

    yea she actually looks decent in these pics except for the orange skin

  30. Liz Krome

    I’m almost confused about this girl anymore. I mean her latest song is actually playing on the radio… I want to wrip it out of my car everytime I hear it. What happened to the bad ass pierced and grungy Christina? I think I almost liked that more. Now the only thing to question about this chick is what color her natural skin tone is…

    WTF is the fun in that?!?

  31. please, can’t most people just stick to regular lipstick colors?

  32. missxtina

    you are beautiful, no matter what they say…

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