Christina Aguilera at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards

February 12th, 2007 // 82 Comments

  1. GeannaSparrow

    Yay for Oompa-Loompa hair.

  2. justme


  3. icyprincess2

    I, for one, love the new look…so much softer

  4. justme


  5. Someguy

    Thank you (see my comment from stupid freakin’ Tyra). I now need to go clean up my pants.

  6. elain

    why is she such a weird color? like a cross between orange and ochre.
    I myself am pink.

  7. daguz

    ^ I love the line at her forehead where they missed the orange (tan) color spray. It goes well with the #1 oompa loompa hair.

  8. RichPort

    I’d like to give her my Mister Marmalade…

  9. whackjob

    I myself am black and blue, but only because I love pictures of freakishly-colored saucy celebs so much.

  10. cookiepuss

    lets see…
    fake bleaced out hair
    fake tan
    fake colored contacts
    fake boobs
    2 lbs of makeup
    stripp rag clothes
    and she’s still one ugly girl

  11. Joshingya31

    I’d pumper in the dumper!

  12. Mandi Rewis

    She is still dangerously over-tanned, but, I’ll give her props, at least she is headed in the right direction.

  13. molldoll213

    okay, i am willing to get blasted for this one… but this chick is like a guilty pleasure for me… for all intensive reasons you should not like her because of her, well, whorey past, fashion faux pas, et al… but her voice is bloody amazing so i cant help but effing love her!

  14. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Is there anything real about this girl? Um, besides the mole on her chest?

  15. Pointandlaugh

    she’s incredibly beautiful.

    a shame she’s with that PUTZ.

  16. BarbadoSlim

    Yet she still manages to grease up my screen…

    someone please dip this bitch in a vat of de-greaser.

  17. meee

    what the fuck is with her eyebrows?

  18. not in your face i promise

    that’s so cute! i love it when the maid plays dress up.

  19. meee

    by the way, cookie puss, her eye color is actually real. but she still sucks balls. cisco adlers balls.

  20. Monkeypoo

    I would do her like they do on the discovery channel, but only after I visited

  21. shakeitout

    i’d tap it.

  22. NitneLiun

    What is that marking on her left arm, just below the elbow? Did she survive Auschwitz?

  23. Troller

    I hope she got a discount on that dress – with all the puckers and ripples in the fabric – it looks like something I once bought from the Budweiser delivery guy.

  24. Niecy

    The dress looks great but she really needs stop tanning. Her skin color is a little scary.

  25. renestel

    God some of you guys will bang anything we know, we know. Does anyone with any fashion sense have a big problem with the granny panty hose colored sash on that dress!!?? eWWW Save some money on the orange dye and buy some fashion advice


    Wow, painted on tan?

  27. Man she is gorgeous.

  28. dancehallcrasher75

    Who dropped their BRATZ DOLL on the red carpet?

  29. chlyn

    If I walk around with my eyes half closed, will I look sexy too, or just drunk?

  30. schack

    She is quite pretty. The hush-hush nose job was a really good idea. It used to be very triangular and wide across the bridge. Now it’s tapered and streamline.

    But she needs a new stylist. That dress is a big YAWN, and if it weren’t for the bioluminescent skin and the white hair, you wouldn’t look twice at her.

    How about, pale skin, honey-blonde hair (so it’s not white, dry, dull and crunchy) and a pink dress.

    I hate this new look. She look’s like a norman rockwell painting of an oompa loompa.

  31. schack

    her voice is powerful, and she has great control, but her delivery, for whatever reason, winds up being terrible.

    if you ever put one of her songs on in the backgrounds, her voice just sounds like some 13 year old practising the trumpet.

  32. O.K.-she needs a good scrubbing with a hose,
    vats of soap and lots of water but she’s still
    an amazing talent! I wonder if ol’ Brit-Brit
    tried to put the lesbian moves on Xtina-maybe
    that’s what broke up the friendship?
    She was so fab last night!

  33. sigmanu


  34. D'oh Eyes

    I think I can hear her pores crying out for some oxygen…lay of the spatula a bit there, Christina.

  35. 86

    Could her skin be covered with any more makeup and fake tan? The baby hairs around her face are the same color as her skin.

  36. Proteon

    I agree that pose is RIDICULOUS! EXPRESSIALLY if you are terrified of nice looking womans ass.

  37. ch474

    I hate fake tans. Fake boobs I’m OK with, but never fake tans. Besides, someone barfed on her shoes after the Grammy press interviews last night, so she’s smelly for more than just the usual reasons.

  38. RichPort

    #34 – Auschwitz much?

  39. A.V Phibes

    She’s like the opposite of Britney…since she got married she’s been looking much better and more tasteful.

  40. A.V Phibes

    She’s like the opposite of Britney…since she got married she’s been looking much better and more tasteful. Of course, Christina didn’t marry a hobo.

  41. Clete

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… she might be beautiful to Stevie Wonder. She needs to cover up those frightful legs (I have seen better shape legs on a coffee table) and that freakishly elongated torso.
    The face underneath the makeup she applied with a trowel might be average…who knows.
    She has a face & body for radio. Not to be totally negative her voice can be nice.

  42. Booger

    Maybe it’s because of her old Dirrty look, but she just looks like a porn star who tried to get glammed up for the Woody Awards

  43. biatcho

    I suddenly have this urge to spackle any holes in the surrounding walls with makeup.
    Cheap makeup. Like Avon type shit.

    And #34 – sorry that this chick decided to marry someone else besides a rabid teenage fan such as yourself but you gotta chill & lose the trenchcoat.

  44. RichPort

    Biatcho, what the hell happened to you? I thought you were attacked by sharks.

  45. Sdvora

    Ugh, that dress. Baby pink and mocha brown together — nice. Baby pink, mocha brown…and electric blue? How could she possibly look in the mirror before leaving her house and think to herself: “Damn, this is a hot dress!”?

  46. Boogiez

    Is it me or does X-tina look more and more like an Oompa Loompa with each red carpet appearance? She needs to lay off the [spray] bottle and peroxide. Jordy’s clothes must all be covered in orange sef-tanner.

  47. biatcho

    Hey Rich! Yeah sorry I was not eaten by fat lesbians or anything nor was I banned from the site due to fat lesbians who take themselves far too seriously.

    I was away on a much needed vacation!
    This place still sucks ass I see!

  48. Lowlands

    You can actually see this blond girl has some latina blood.Take a look at photo 3&7,in ratio with her tiny body this girl has quite a huge ass.Or maybe it’s photoshopped…

  49. Lowlands

    You can actually see this blond girl has some latina blood.Take a look at photo 3&7,in ratio with her tiny body Christina has quite a huge ass.Or maybe it’s photoshopped…

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