Christina Aguilera at 2006 MTV Movie Awards

June 5th, 2006 // 285 Comments

  1. herbiefrog

    lol babe :)

    down pat

    lol :)

    well you have to go through it
    just dont ask how fit we are :))

  2. TrannyGranny

    Guys, there is nothing wrong with Tennessee.
    Sure the houses are built badly, the land is polluted, brothers and sisters are fucking and having children, it’s got the highest mental retardation rate in the states, the governor was caught having anal sex at a rest stop in the early 80′s, missionaries from Africa go there to teach starving children how to read and Kentucky is building a wall to preserver their quality of life from the people attempting to escape TN…..wait, maybe there is something wrong with that place.

  3. herbiefrog


    …only in your head babe :)

    lol b*tch :))

  4. herbiefrog


    so let that be a warning :))

  5. jane's eyre


    Make me want to move there pronto.

  6. herbiefrog

    yes we got that impression
    its just a switch

    you need to get a life and
    read some other boards

    …if you want to unswitch

  7. herbiefrog

    you would
    by what we

    lol etc

  8. Wool Chuckery

    cross-eyed prune face

  9. herbiefrog

    probably shouldnt say this
    but al*ana
    i said
    you would look after her
    that sort of thing ?

  10. herbiefrog

    didnt realise
    you were
    the s

    lol babe :)

  11. herbiefrog



    did you ever consider
    that they weren’t right ?

  12. ptprez


    it’s the girls that do that when i fuck them… i don’t get it???

  13. herbiefrog

    just so you know

    scissor sisters


    enjoy :)

  14. kitty_kat

    Okay, this is seriously getting weird. Her husband needs to sit her down and tell her that she isn’t Marilyn Monroe!

  15. Pepe Roni

    Pathetic that she’d rather gain publicity now by imitating someone from a way-gone era than by actually being productive and releasing a listenable cd. I used to think she was way better than Shitney but now I don’t think I’d hit either of ‘em with Natalie Portman’s dick.

  16. Fawlty

    She’s pretty damn hot. But has anyone noticed how bolegged she is? She always seem to try and hide it by putting one foot directly in front of the other when she walks… but she can’t fool me! It’s probably from all the impossibly dirrrty sex she’s had.


    @266-Yep, I’ve noticed that big time. She always wears chaps, knee socks, or boots when she can. She is pretty bow-legged. I’ve noticed that with Stephanie Seymour ,also. But I think SS is more knock-kneed. You won’t find too many pictures of her legs that are full on frontal without being bent or crossed.

  18. shocktart

    look at some of those closeups…DAMN she’s wearing a lot of makeup! she’s been doing that “blonde bombshell” marilyn monroe red lipstick thing for years now…time for a change christina. id even rather see you in assless chaps than this drag thing you’ve got goin on, really

  19. LickyLicky

    If you want to look like me, baby
    Then you hafta paint this way
    Buy some Spackle by the gallon
    To fully dry, it takes a day
    If you want to look like me
    Slather, scrape, and then re-do
    Add on a few more layers
    Then paint it pink, red and blue

    Put your weenie in my cornhole, baby
    Gotta shove it the right way, honey
    Put your weenie in my cornhole, baby
    Good, good, good luck gettin

  20. iza_hoe_and_you_Know_it

    damn she is looking more like a tranny than ever i wish her mum could see this oh wait she can. what the fuck is she doing i liked her better when she didnt know what red lipstck or etiquitte is (i hope i spelt that right

  21. Fa Cube Itches

    Hey Licky – long time no see. :)

  22. LickyLicky

    He, Fa! Same here, man. I’m swamped with everything; good to know someone missed me!

    I need a drink, a massage, and a nap… in that order.

  23. Bambella

    You might not like the way the girl looks but hey at least she can sing which is more than you can say for a lot of the other girl singers out there.

  24. Brak

    -> unzips pants <-

  25. skankyskank

    If I had the choice of living my life as of now, or being forced to fucking her 5 times a day for the rest of my life, I’d go with the latter.
    She’s so fucking disgusting and beautiful at the same time… She’s my angel.

  26. HarryNipples

    “‘Scuse me, isn’t this where the International Porn Slut Wannabe Awards are tonight?”

    Can someone please just get this slut a stripper pole and be done with it???

  27. raggatt

    It looks like Christina and Parasite Hilton learned their posture from the same coach.

    “C,mon now! Hands on hips, elbows splayed waaayy back, head turned, mouth open and – most important – hips, cooch and tits thrust waaayy forward! That’s the ticket! Sexay!”

  28. AnnoyingPseud

    Madame Tussaud’s wants their wax dummy back. It’s the first made that has bendable arms like Gumby so that it can be positioned at various events and appear, at least to the screaming retard ‘fans’, as if a real celeb is on the red carpet. The real Xtina died several years ago of mercury poisoning from spraying all that gold/silver glitter on her skin. The guy who married the Dummy Xtina reported that the sex with the waxy mannequin was almost as good as that he had with Paris Hilton. Except the dummy made of wax moved a little more. And he prefers no movement whatsoever.

  29. joshdastud03

    Listen up you tone-def idiots…Christina Aguilera is fabulous! She sounds amazing and looks even better! You will all be blown away by her new 2disk album coming out Aug 15th! Christina…’Do your thang honey!’

  30. Chrissy87

    She is nothing but a wannabe, at first she was a Britney wannabe and now she is a Marilyn wannabe.


  31. Isn’t there some kind of dark network voodoo by which a person’s MAC address can be found?

  32. becca11

    whoever said hatchett face from cry-baby was right. plus shes got some fucked up knees and bow-legs. and everyone hates her except for lil’kim because shes weird as shit.

  33. parkinsoplayer

    Her songs are better than the way she looks nowedays. She kinda looks like a transvestite.

  34. cayana

    She has the fakest smile I’ve ever seen. Pic #1 looks like she’s about to rip some guy’s head off and chew it up. And check out the sneer in Pic #7.

    The dress is hot though. I want that dress.

  35. luminousgodiva

    she needs to take out those clouded colored contacts. her skin in multi-colored. compare it to her hairline, scalp, and ears. gross! her blush was applied into her hair. wtf is that stuff on the inside of her arm? it looks like a male and female symbol that she drew on herself in kindergarden. she in no way looks like marilyn. christina’s boobs are mis-shapen and her stretch marks are very unatractive. why do little girls want to look old? if they have talent they shouldnt need to prove something to others. i would tell that to mariah as well!

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