Christina Aguilera at 2006 MTV Movie Awards

June 5th, 2006 // 285 Comments

  1. tsarinaamanda

    Xtina’s fake tits look horrible. And for the love of Jeebus, COME UP WITH A NEW LOOK!!! The whole MM thing has been done to death by every untalented starlet skank for the past 30+ years. It’s old and tired. Please, define your pathetic, useless existence by coming up with an original identity, it would make you way more memorable and interesting.


    It’s like some people have no shame, or realization of how much they are hated. It just keeps on blithely posting it’s stupid, pointless comments, expecting us to actually RESPOND to it or something. It MUST be delusional, I cannot think of another explanation. I’m just glad you didn’t let it run you off…that goes to all of you regulars as well.

  2. Jacq

    #44 – That would be very “tongue-in-cheek”

  3. Moriarty

    Hey sweetcheeks — where’s my mail?

    ps MLTCA

  4. BigJim


    That video was some seriously funny shit. Do you do any of those moves in your performing?

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Great skanks think alike just look back at all the wannabes that have tried this “look” :
    Marilyn Monroe (the original talentless whore)
    Madonna “original sore” Ciccone
    Paris “carrier” Hilton
    Christina “dirty sewer”Aguilera

  6. BigJim…you just made me laugh because I was thinking about being naked doing some of those moves and it just made me laugh.

    And then I stopped and really..I wonder if it would work.

    BigJim, you wanna be my new manager?

  7. allison

    I have to disagree, Xtina is obviously trying her hardest to actually embody the same sort of look as some old hollywood starlet (gawd I am sick of that phrase “old hollywood” it’s the gays fault I swear) and I don’t think it’s marilyn monroe but someone more obscure because I’m sure she thinks she is being so trendy with this bullshit. She’s stuck with this look for awhile now, right? Also she does look haggard so it doesn’t work.

  8. know I think the ‘Everybody was Kung Foo Fighting’ segued into “keep on dancing on through the night” would be very appropriate in a strip club environment. And I’d do it just like he did…with the big smile and everything. I bet you I’d get the most tips EVER. And it would just be because i was one funny bitch that didn’t take herself so seriously.

    Jim, I’ll split the tips with you!


    Hey, #11, those lyrics are just as good as McCartney’s “love, love me do, you know I love you, so please, please, please. please , love me do”. LOL Anyway, Xtina looks like…well Xtina. Her voice is good but that song is just okay (IMO).

  10. Pearly

    I feel like I may have contracted something just looking at that picture.
    55-so true, and Madonna looked just as ridiculous.

  11. BigJim


    You can pay me in lap dances. If you want to see more of BigJim, send an email to

  12. Karibean

    I guess when you marry a clown you look like a clown. The SF guy is a little delirious huh 12″? I guess him thinking that he is that big is for his own amusement, is that in fish inches????? People can have such good imaginations, like Christina thinking she is anything but a mouseketeer. Whatever!!!!

  13. Fugurself

    I’ve already started to ‘bone up’ on Spanish; just so I can say “Boy, I’d like to bend you over a desk…”

  14. Fugurself

    1. Bag over the head (Medusa).
    2. Duct tape over the mouth (no talking points).
    3. Bubble gum in the ears so her brain doesn’t roll out.
    4. Bottle of Johnnie Walker (half for you, have to sterilize yourself afterwards).

    I could see it. Might even be inclined to invest in plastics afterwards.

  15. Ariel

    hi everyone! I’m new to this site! what’s the big deal about iambananas?

  16. PapaHotNuts

    Give it up, we know it’s you.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I am beautifuuuuul, no maaaatter what they saaaayyyy…
    You’re wooorrrrrds caaan’t bring meee-yeee down,
    whooaaa whoa whoaa yea yeahhhh
    so donchu bring me dow-wown
    Mmmm mmm MMmmmmm yeah eeeyah eyahhhh.
    Heee haw.

  18. Geno

    When is she going to do porno like McCarney’s wife?

  19. Jacq

    It isn’t that Jordan is uncircumsized – she just makes his penis crawl back up into his body.

  20. Ariel

    whoa..papahotnuts…I’m serious (if you are directing that comment to me that is) I really don’t understand the whole “iambananas” hatred..but I’ve read a couple of threads before and I get the whole hatred to that whipper person…are they the same person?

  21. hennes

    i thought the mtv movie awards were supposed to be June 8th? wtf? I’m confused

  22. Pinky..that picture of HWSNBN almost made me cry.

  23. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Ariel sucks. Let’s set her on fire and pee on her smoldering cremains.

  24. Dr.Rokter

    Christina Aguilera looks exactly like Hitler in these pictures.

  25. I just wrote that e-mail down, BigJim..expect an e-mail shortly….

  26. Ariel

    wow that’s really mature oshkosh. Especially coming from someone who has the name “oshkosh” kinda like what my 2 year old sister wears.

  27. Italian Stallion

    @67 It’s pretty sad that we know that, but would be pretty funny if it wasn’t and we just told someone new to FUCK OFF………

  28. Jacq

    #74 – I wouldn’t pee down her throat if her tonsils were on fire.

  29. MsPickle

    Ariel (or lamebanana, or whipper, or whatever), we know it’s you. So just quit it. You are in time-out.

  30. tsarinaamanda

    Oh god, it’s got yet ANOTHER name. Why won’t it just realize that we hate it and go the fuck away already? Why God, WHYYYYYYY???? Why hast thou forsaken us, Lord? I’m seriously about to sell my soul to the devil just so we can get rid of this oozing pustule on the ass of humanity.

    Tip to you, retard:

    If you want to fool people into thinking you are someone else, don’t make your first post a question about one of your split personalities. You sure have some fucking ego.

  31. Jacq

    #77 – How fucking old are you if you have a sister who is 2? Do your parents know what you’re doing? I bet you’re 14 and wearing only a bra in your myspace picture. Run along, now.

  32. Ariel

    yeah I really am new and thanks for telling me to fuck off. I found this website while I was bored at work the other day and found some of the comments funny and I felt bad for Feed_Me …and I really didnt get the whole “iambananas ” thing

  33. Ariel

    lol @ 82. I’m 21…my mom had me at 17. LOL and I dont have a myspace.

  34. M

    I never thought someone would turn their shower head in a spurting nozzle of glitter. Her skin matches her dress. How did the reflection from the camera flashes not turn into one large white glittery blur from the masses of specs covering her godforsaken orange *I mean naturally tanned* body? The things people do with their money.
    But shes a Fiiighter she’ll attempt a come back.
    Also, if you are going to have boob implants at least cover up the scar. * above her left boobie sticking out of her dress*

  35. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    79 – Would you pour somebody else’s pee upon her charred, lifeless body? Somebody being a dog or horse, perhaps?

  36. PapaHotNuts

    lol @ 84
    I’m sorry your mom was such a whore.

  37. pinky_nip

    @73: That dude lives in my town. Nice.

    @79: I wouldn’t pee on them PERIOD. Because they’d dig it. Golden Shower Freak.

  38. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey Ariel:
    LOL OMG LMAO LMNOP 12345 NMH STFU LOLOLOL BBQ ASDFGHJ BYOB 36DD SK8ER BOI whatev! u no! ur krazy 69 :) kewl!!!

  39. Ariel

    ok I am SERIOUSLY not iambananas/whipperwillow/fake feed me. I have commented on another thread and i told whipper_willow to fuck off at almost the same exact time he/she/it commented. Don’t believe me..go to the mariah carey thread

  40. DON’T FEED THE BEAST and the beast will go away and feed somewhere else! Ignore lameherbiewillowariel.

  41. Ariel

    aw papa…my mom may be a whore but I heard you might be my dad…then again, maybe not, my mom doesn’t go for guys that can’t get their dick up

  42. pinky_nip

    @92: You actually know who your mom is?!? Wow!

    BTW, LOL! :)

  43. PapaHotNuts

    You heard I might be your dad, but then you heard I might not be? Then you heard I can’t get an erection? Was all this from the same person?

  44. PapaHotNuts

    Pinky, have you been talking about me behind my back?

  45. Italian Stallion

    @92 Worst Insult Ever….he uses Levitra dumbass…….

  46. tsarinaamanda

    Can you imagine being such a fucking pathetic waste of space like Lameass/Whipped/Ariole? How sad and lonely do you have to be to spend all your time on the internet, posting over and over under multiple names, feverishly hoping for someone, anyone, to acknowledge your existence? It needs serious psychological help.

  47. pinky_nip

    Lots of guys can’t get their dicks up for ugly fatties with dingy t-shirts and cut-off sweatpants. With dirty feet who live in trailers and drink Boones Farm.

    Just a medical fact.

  48. PapaHotNuts

    And a penis pump

  49. Ariel

    Yeah well apparently my moms a whore so she couldnt remember all the names of the guys she fucked…come on now.

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