Christina Aguilera allowed to vote despite pregnancy

November 14th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Christina Aguilera attended the nationwide launch of Rock The Vote at the Kitson store in Los Angeles last night. You know what makes me love democracy and America and freedom? Pregnant chicks. If you couldn’t tell by the Paris Hilton posts and now this one, I’m feeling very patriotic today. I think I deserve my own monument like the one they made for George Washington. But obviously bigger and with a moat. Maybe add some machine gun turrets on the sides and a Civil War cannon on the top. Yeah, you got me. I want it to be an exact replica of my penis. Right down to the handicap-accessible ramps.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Getty Images

  1. T

    49: You think you’re a sicko?
    Watch this…

  2. aja

    Why are her eyebrows that hideous grey color? it’s so weird…why doesn’t someone tell her????

  3. Crystal

    I LOVE YOU writer of this blog. Thank you for making my day OVER and OVER and OVER again.

  4. Tiffany

    Congrate! There are so many fans of her. And they set up the groups related to stars. You can even check out their sexy and beautiful photos, videos and blogs at

  5. nicole

    Wow, she wears TOO MUCH makeup!!!!! Ew, she always looks dirty.

  6. cookie monsta

    #53 wot the fuck is a congrate? #54 dontcha mean dirrrrrty?
    and everyone else rofl, rofl, rofl, shockin fkn makeup job!!

  7. A

    i love her skin tone, tan women are so beautiful

  8. Pilatunes

    Oh look, a maternity wear mannequin!

  9. Walizalawonga

    Amazing how she manages to look like a whore even while pregnant.

  10. FRT

    I heard that Criss Angel is the REAL pops…???

    Yep…he made his penis disapear and then reapear and it wasn’t in her rear!

  11. D. Richards (Scientist.)

    You’re absolutely right, #50. I am not a freak.. I am so thoroughly disgusted now, after watching the link you provided. I do, have an erection, though. Score!

  12. merry

    Oh , congulate her ! She will give birth to a baby. I have heard of that she met her wealthy husband at a millionaire&celebrity dating club not long before. I am not sure, but you can go and find the truth.

  13. John

    I suppose we’ll always have the Dirrty video.

    But she’s lost her appeal to me.

  14. Pilatunes

    When she wakes up in the morning and sees herself in the mirror, she screams ‘Holy shit, someone broke into my house! No wait, that’s me.’

  15. roughdaddy

    fat face

  16. Professor Farnsworth

    Sorry, she’s just not one of those women that are beautiful when pregnant. She just looks bloated and matronly.

  17. PostmortemG

    Whoa Christina, easy on the make-up, lady! The extreme close-up shots don’t help… every cakey layer is on display.

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