Christina Aguilera allowed to vote despite pregnancy

November 14th, 2007 // 68 Comments

Christina Aguilera attended the nationwide launch of Rock The Vote at the Kitson store in Los Angeles last night. You know what makes me love democracy and America and freedom? Pregnant chicks. If you couldn’t tell by the Paris Hilton posts and now this one, I’m feeling very patriotic today. I think I deserve my own monument like the one they made for George Washington. But obviously bigger and with a moat. Maybe add some machine gun turrets on the sides and a Civil War cannon on the top. Yeah, you got me. I want it to be an exact replica of my penis. Right down to the handicap-accessible ramps.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Getty Images

  1. Vince Lombardi


  2. lidiya

    now with more layers of shellac than a stradivarius.

  3. FAT PIG

    she looks so bloated.

  4. Shallo Val

    Still ugly, still a horrible dresser. Still don’t care. Nuff said.

  5. lux

    Her makeup looks hideous. What’s with the pink frost Wet ‘N Wild lipstick?

  6. although pregnant, still hot.

  7. Big

    nice try jerky

  8. I’m surprised she can vote. Not because she’s pregnant but because she’s a dirty mexican.

  9. Nice pointy tits

  10. this is what the nagging bitches have caused

    “nice try jerky”


  11. holla@meh

    she looks like a fucking idiot with all that makeup on and HOLDING her stomach. like LET IT GO. its not going anywhere. (see pic #6) haha

    p.s. however, her shoes are super hot.

  12. Quick, someone steal her lucky charms……..

  13. First!!!!!! yay for me!!!! I made it at last thank Allah!


  14. First!!!!!! yay for me!!!! I made it at last!


  15. get naked

    UGLY drag queen rat face.

  16. granada

    By the time her kid reaches its early teens, her face will be aged some 7-15 years due to all the makeup she’s always wearing (and it doesn’t even flatter her!).

  17. theShizaan

    I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure the amount of makeup on her cara will cause enough toxins to enter her blood stream and cause her baby to come out looking like a mix between Liza Manelli and Liz Taylor.

  18. veggi

    I don’t blame her for all the makeup. Spic acne is the worst, because they’re so naturally greasy.

  19. Garnia

    I think all the makeup toxins will make the baby will look like current-day Michael Jackson.

  20. Dumbass



    Her makeup must require hours from a team of special effects experts like the ones who worked on Star Trek.

  21. AJ

    Uh, yeah, she’s got tons of makeup on (what else is new?) but of course she always looks great. Cute dress, love the shoes, and she’s rockin’ the belly!

  22. She’s still trying to look and act slutty. That’s a little disturbing at this point. Her kid’s going to grow up with an aging slutty embarrassment of a mom. Except if they move to a hispandex neighborhood. Then she’d be the classiest mom around.

  23. lzh

    “Frist”, really, she is acting slutty right there, blowing a kiss? HA.

  24. Solaera

    God. Someone please slap some of that spackle off of her face. I think there is still some pretty under there somewhere.

  25. my comment

    She’s still pretty.

    But I do see some cankle development there.

  26. veggi

    ak. troll. don’t you know I would never say spic. I would never fucking ever say the word spic to fucking anyone. Spic isn’t a word I use. I wouldn’t say spic. Spic isn’t the type of word I woudl fucking use.

  27. Geoff

    Someone oughta use some SPIC and Span on her face. It’s probably dirt from squeezing under the border fence.

  28. jennay

    I still think she is a pretty girl and looks wonderful pregnant!!

    However, what is wrong with her arm by her armpit in the main picture?

  29. Crotch Kicker

    Sarah Michelle Geller “It’s just not skanky enough.” But seriously, what would be skanky enough for this whore. We get it, you fuck. Or you had a hippopotamus rammed inside yourself

  30. #22 was not me.

    As for Christina, anyone else think she’s starting to look like a younger version of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife???..

  31. WHAT! She’s pregnant, get the f*ck out ;)

  32. loser

    #12…Gotta love a good pair of Christian Louboutin’s! They’re hott!

  33. BunnyButt

    Anyone notice how much the husband resembles her armpit in the first photo?

  34. hate her

    she looks like boy george and her legs have always been fugly.

  35. steve-o

    she looks like walter cronkite

  36. George Best

    could she have any more makeup on. Ugly skank.

  37. kitty_kat

    And here I was thinking she would go for a more natural (read: less clowny) look now that she’s pregnant. Jeez, does she ever go anywhere without sixty pounds of makeup on her face?

  38. Debn8r

    I think she’s beautiful, but she doesn’t need all that makeup.
    Kinda cute her husband’s holding what looks to be her purse though o_O

  39. Vince Lombardi

    I think we know who won the “Emmitt Kelly” eBay auction. Honk your big red nose if you got that one!

  40. kitty kitty

    #39 of course he’s carrying her purse. he’s a troll and somewhere a bridge misses him. he’s SO fortunate that she lets him stuff her holes with his kosher cocktail weenie.

  41. jenna

    I actually think pregnancy becomes her! She´s been looking a whole lot better the last couple of months. The only times here I´ve found her beautiful! ;) Otherwise I´ve found her just plain…and sometimes even ugly depending on what make-up she´s using…!

  42. lalaland

    anyone else thinks she’s lookin more and more like a drag queen these days?

  43. 23apples

    NOW I KNOW WHY SHE MARRIED THAT GUY… he’s the only one who could get close to her makeup-caked face and not vomit.

  44. sdf

    She’s a spic whore, pregnant with an ugly Jew’s kid, who needs her bondo just to walk out the door.

  45. Lexoka

    “The Washington monument is stupid, it looks nothing like the guy. It’s more like a tribute to Bill Clinton…”

  46. KamUK

    Xtina – Alan Titchmarsh called – he wants his trowel back.

  47. D. Richards (Lover.)

    I was flipping through pornography thumbs last night, which inevitably lead me to a scat (Dung) Oriented website. So, I click on all the right links and, voila (!), women shitting on each other. The stand-out was this woman sqatting over this other woman’s chest, naked. She pushes, and farts a little, then (!), ejects the most perfect turd right on to the prone woman’s naked flesh. Perfectly between her breasts. What a rush?!

    Now I know what you’re thinking, “Dick’s a creap.” “What a fucking sick-o.” All that shit (no pun intended). Well, you’re right, yes, I did feel a little something for the Doo. But, check-it. The reason I mention that boring fucking story is because, when I saw Aguilera, she totally reminded me of excrement.

    What-a piece of shit Christina is. Ha!

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