Christina Aguilera “Ain’t No Other Man” music video

June 20th, 2006 // 66 Comments

Why won’t any of these pop stars let me direct their music videos? Sure they might complain about the nude pillowfight scene at first, but they’ll thank me later when they win the Academy Award for best scene ever captured on film.

NOTE: Yeah, they’ll actually create a new category for the Oscars just to accomodate how awesome my music video would be.


  1. cruzin333

    Personally, I’m sick of Christina Aguilera. Her and her damn gumby legs.

  2. rmeno

    It’s a terrible song….total waste of time

  3. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    How noir. Wot’s with “X’s” retro fetish? Totally ridiculous, because trailer parks weren’t even invented yet.

  4. waterranger

    umm, christina should get over herself and this whole 50′s obsession of hers. I kinda like the song though, its catchy.

  5. Metabolic

    all these Aguilera videos are self-indulgent poo

  6. waterranger

    and why is this news? we dont get a posting every single time somebody makes a new video?? although, everyone should check out Lily Allen’s video for Smile, its brilliant!

  7. endometriorama

    whatever happened to baby jane?
    what a bunch of overproduced garbage.

  8. MissKristen

    BOO that sucked

  9. kandyk0119


  10. It’s 2006, why am I looking at trombones? Who the fuck came up with this travesty, the same guy who brought us Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal? I understand an artist going back for influences, but the frigging ’20′s?? With Britney supersized, Mandy and Jessica focusing on movies, and Ashlee no competition to anyone, THIS is what Christina drops on us? She has absolutely no one standing in her way from the vaunted crown of sole pop princess superstar, and she regurgitates this two-flusher?? As an aside, upon seeing Ms. Bratman’s latest video Britney promptly descended into a quivering mass of cheeto-dusted, tear-stained hick fuck once more.

  11. jFp

    I wish she would just shut up and make a porno for me.

  12. #6 — I agree. Hell, if this is the place to promote artists’ videos, then you should check out this one. It’s so hip and cool and awesome and rad and not gay at all:

  13. Hara

    1. Why do i feel like I’ve already seen this? Beyonce’s Baby Boy with Usher? It’s not bad in and of itself, but totally unoriginal.

    2. I love how she keeps all her backup dancers brunette and masculine looking so she stands out in comparison.

    3. I like the song but she totally could have kicked this up a notch. Pop is in the toilet at the moment (as of the last 2 years). Talk about wasting a golden opportunity.

  14. waterranger

    ahahahaha @12 that just totally made my whole day! That video always makes me laugh, because of its non-gayness of course.

  15. Hara

    WTF number 12. . .

    I was JUST watching this video for the first time with my friend the other day. I’d forgotten how gay the Village people really were.

    ps. maybe the video X-tina (what a gay name) reminds me of is Usher’s Caught Up… or maybe Chris Brown’s Gimme That. Seriously, I’m kind of Over them all using the same director, set, and backup band, and makeup artists.

  16. andrewthezeppo

    I think the song’s hot, and the video fits. Yeah its a little bizzare that she thinks its the 20′s or 40′s (not the 30′s cause you know the great depression is so last season)

    but the girl can sing, and it’s better than anything Jessica or Britney ever did

  17. Ms. Dilligaff

    Meh, she’s alright I guess, but she’s no Connie Chung! Take a look:

  18. I’m not a fan of superpop vocals, but I like the music in this song. Christina’s hella hot too.

  19. Courtney

    Hey, #9, sweetie, Marilyn was popular in the 50s. But you totally put her in her place, for sure. So brilliant. Any other incorrect pop culture references you’d care to make today? Also, what’s ‘chaulk’? Is that like a combination of chalk and caulk? Lastly, your caps lock key is located on the left-hand side of your keyboard. Thanks a bunch. Much love!

  20. spamnews

    I like it. the reaons, by the way, you are seing trombones is because they are on the backing track. try to synch up your audio and video sometime and have a listen. Duh.

  21. #20 – No shit moron. The comment about trombones was that they had their time in the ’20′s and Big Band era, we don’t need them back. And before you go off on how they are necessary for Xtina to do her retro thing, reread the second sentence.

  22. limper

    The best part of this video was the big sign that said “ARLEM”, which I assume stands for Harlem in New York City, and not Haarlem in the Netherlands. I guess it’s vital to the concept of the video that people know it takes place in Harlem and not Chicago or St. Louis.

    I like the idea that there are these big lighted signs all over New York that tell you what neighborhood you’re in. Like if you go to East Flatbush there are billboards that say “EAST FLATBUSH”. Xtina should do a series of music videos around this concept.

  23. spanglish

    Why does she always have to flirt/make-out with the camera?She may have guy fans that think she is hot, but most of them probably hate her music and are not going to pay for any X-tina merchandise (except maybe posters), so she needs to give it a rest already! She has a good natural voice, but she is always too over the top and it totally turns me off. Plus, I like music that I can actually sing along to and not Olympic, hitting-notes-that-only-dogs-can-here singing.

  24. spanglish

    here/hear – whoops!

  25. spanglish

    We need trombones for marching bands, damnit! Where would those nerds be without trombones? Trombone players everywhere are jumping off cliffs like lemmings!

  26. JungleChik

    #23 I agree. I find it ironic that she’s singing “Ain’t no other man” yet she’s posing in lingerie and shaking her ass for the world (and all of its pervs included) to see. Her hubby’s gotta luv that.

  27. spamnews

    #21. Thanks for the update. the 20s you say? gee that was a long time ago – shall we do away with all the instruments ‘invented’ or used way back then’ (By the way the big band era was in the 40s, but let let that go for the moment)?

    BTW the reason this vid is ‘important’ is that this is the 1rst release … uh … musical release she’s had in four years, apart from the stuff she did with the likes of Herbie Hancock, who apparently also uses trombones in some of his music and should be discounted.

    #20 try to pull your musical head out of your ass and open your ears to stuff beyond what people cram down your ears – there is plenty of wonderful music being made in all styles with all sorts of ‘ancient instruments’. Seriously. Your comment paints you as a very very ignorant person. happily, there is a cure. open your mind, and your ears.

  28. spamnews

    take two:

    #2*1* try to pull your musical head out of your ass and open your ears to stuff beyond what people cram down your ears – there is plenty of wonderful music being made in all styles with all sorts of ‘ancient instruments’. Seriously. Your comment paints you as a very very ignorant person. happily, there is a cure. open your mind, and your ears.

  29. spanglish

    Drums have been around for way longer than the trombone. Should we throw them out, too? I’ll just beat on something that’s been invented recently – like Ashley Simpson’s nose or Aguilera’s boobs.

  30. Jimmy Jamm

    Damn, Firt of all trombones are one of the best funk instruments out there, Check out Fred Wesley and if you can’t respect that then you stink.

    Second of all did anyone who didn’t like this ever like any X-tina songs ever before? She is a pop star. Thats it. They are there to make pop music music that is cheesy and will not be lasting most of the time.

    Third I think it is a pretty catchy song.

    I know were here to make fun of people but seriously you all need some more wit.

  31. Jimmy Jamm

    FIRST of all

  32. krisdylee

    she shoulda stuck one of the trombones up her hooj.

  33. MissKristen

    Her husband is ugly. I wonder what she sees in him. He seems like a huge dork. He could do better than her, though. She is a hoochie.

  34. BarbadoSlim

    @27 Maybe YOU should gently remove your head out of Xtina’s ass. Then, while you are washing your mouth to remove the taste of her poo(optional); ponder the fact that HER brand of pop is the manure of the music the world that’s being rammed down people’s throat via payola and the control exerted by the radio station conglomerates and record companies.

  35. BarbadoSlim

    *manure of the music world*

    My bad grammar doesn’t change the fact that you like Aguilera’s poo.

    good day to you.

  36. #27 – I love how you people call anyone who doesn’t like a particular brand of music “close-minded”. Are you so far left that you cannot conceive of a thing called personal taste… or freedom of choice? I am sure you love every form of musical expression out there, that there is not one single note someone has composed in which you do not find merit. I, for one, do not want to hear trombones, or Jew’s harps, or accordians, or bagpipes in my pop music. You’re entitled to your views, just don’t act superior because you love everything – certainly not that new single.

  37. Punkin

    #22 In order to keep with the “ARLEM” sign, East Flatbush would have to read


  38. Jordan

    You know, I thought the trombones were a nice touch. And this video was much better than most of the crap that’s been put out lately (Mariah needs to realize she’s been dead for a while and go dig herself a hole and all of those so called R&B singers that instead just whine and whore themselves up in their vidoes are not real talents) Christina has a nice voice…better than Britney or Ashley, and this is a step up from her Dirrty days. I think it’s a good video. And anyone who feels like bashing any of my opinions rudely…I don’t care. :D

  39. FeverDog


  40. BarbadoSlim

    @38 Nobody’s going is going to “bash” any of your opinions Jordan. Your post was well thought out and articulate, let’s give’im a hand folks******

    However your opinion doesn’t change the scientifically proven fact that Xtina is a dirty little midget that really overplays and overfunkifies(word?) anything she sings.

    UH-E-UH-E-UH-E ad-nauseum.

    that shit needs to stop, and that goes for all these “R&B” people STOP IT already.

  41. ellaminnowpea

    @6 – yes! Lily Allen ROCKS!!

    You can listen to SMILE on her MySpace page:
    or at:
    The video of “Smile” is AWESOME!

  42. JollyJumjuck

    Ah for fuck’s sake, “Video no longer available.”

  43. Enrique

    So, I couldn’t actually watch the video, because the skank realized someone was violating her copyright. Nonetheless, I can say with certainty that the video was about as valuable as a warm bucket of hamster vomit. Keep in mind, that’s only if the video was her best yet.

    As for the song, the vocal track isn’t actually all that horrible. However, the music doesn’t match it well. Perhaps she’ll come out with a remix that puts the vocals to a modern dance beat, and it will stop sucking ass so much.

    Until then, this song is still a big ol’ pile of poo.

    …. I’d still fuck her though;)…

    ….if I wanted my dick to fall off!!!

  44. Pearly

    The video is “no longer available” and I’m actually glad. I always hated her “voice lesson” style. Too many pop stars seem to think that is the right way to sing and it just sounds shitty…

  45. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    Me??? I’m down with the messakins and that accordian and tuba stuff they crank out .. now that takes talent!!

  46. Netzpolizei

    Why post this video in the first place anyway?
    It’s pretty obvious that such a violation of copyright won’t stay undetected for long.

    Besides, I would d…ate her.

  47. Sister Morphine

    She’s worlds better than Shitney and her inability to sing live. Christina may oversing, but at least she sings. I’ll take that over some miming half-wit anyday. And yes, I’ve seen them both in concert, so I have some personal perspective on that.

    And why are we bashing her choice of husband? Did it ever occur to some of you that she married him because he loves her and treats her well? Maybe she didn’t want to marry some Hollywood hottie just to end up divorced in 2 years. I give her kudoes for bucking the trend and marrying someone dare I say, normal.

    And yeah, her music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a lot better than most of the crap out there right now.


  49. To_Bill_Braskey!

    i still think shes sexy

  50. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    @36 – Keep fighting the good fight, sir! Superior people love everything! Indeed!

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