Christina Aguilera: A Side We Hardly Knew

April 1st, 2009 // 69 Comments

Ask anyone – man, woman or child – what’s the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Christina Aguilera, and I guarantee the answer will be “huge awesome breasts.” So imagine my surprise to find out she actually has a nice butt. That’s like discovering your Xbox has a vagina. Or if you’re woman, discovering that, well, your Xbox has a vagina. We’re not so different are we, guys and gals?

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  2. Kate

    I can’t understand why you are so opposed to celebrities in their everysay routine? They cannot be super-mega-sexy all the time – they also need to have some rest! As for Christina as a singer, I try to follow her work and download for myself (using ) the best (as I see it) her songs.

  3. Anon

    I don’t like her eyebrows in #2 but she looks good.
    Not as orange as usual.

  4. Dan

    Nothing spectacular about this gypsy.
    Now give me back my tears!

  5. Odrama

    She looks like a marital partner or genetic offspring of Hulk Hogans.
    Damn that Hulkster makes some rounds.

  6. The myriad ways I would defile this chick are not only vulgar, but barely legal in most states and US territories.

  7. pooptoot

    Where did her boobs go?

  8. WTF, why does the writer like this one

    she is really ugly and her body looks like crap, why are we so picky about people that are a million times hotter than this troll.
    she looks like AIDS walking with bare legs and no makeup

  9. ugh

    her rat face has a bunch of dirt on it and she has a flat ugly booty, why does her hair look like a wig. kim kardassfhdsj makes this chick look like 3 cent hooker from detroit.

  10. Nate

    She looks like a fuckin puppet. Her hair looks like yarn and her whole grill is beat. She seriously looks like a post-op tranny. I never found this girl attractive but she seems to be getting fuglier with age. When did orange become the new tan??

  11. #59 – That’s good news because I only have a nickle to spare… c’mere Christitina…

  12. Parker

    I’d probably plant some seed in that butt.

  13. CakeSnifferer

    Another different side to these shots is that she was apparently able to sneak out of the house without Chinless tagging along. That doesn’t seem to happen too often.

  14. Smarg

    Where is her ugly-ass Jew husband at??

  15. testing

    she looks fantastic!

    She is sooooooo pretty but usually covered in clown whore make-up and huge pushed up tits

  16. gypsybrother

    dude, you think that is a nice ass?! you’re so white! hehe…

  17. Jenni

    Christina is hella f’in hot! Love her since her genie days.

  18. segurosquiallday

    She is a hot pice of fucking ass…she has in my prespective a hot fuking body…and she is talented something the other bimbos dont have.

  19. Rogue Cuckold

    I would love to watch Christina being banged by her black lovers! Then perform any tongue duties required!

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